Monday, February 27, 2017

Soft vs. Bold

I made a card yesterday which was super soft in nature and a card today which was very bold in colors...two totally different looks:

I think red is starting to grow on me.....

Here's my little mess during my creating time today.

Love my little floral ink trays from Daiso, super dirty and grimy (I really don't wash them well), but I love them, really sturdy and re-usable.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Take time to reflect...

I'm really trying to branch out and use more colors that I don't normally lean towards, and I'm trying to play it up with my leaves, learning different shapes and sizes. Different brushstrokes, etc.  For this card, I mixed in yellow with green and soft vs. dark blues. And that's it! Only two colors - great challenge for myself to see how I could spread the colors around.

That sentiment is from a very old stamp set called Zenspirations from Impression/Obsession.  I thought it would go well stamped in the middle of this painting. I think it's quite fitting for so many reasons and so many people!! Everyone is on a journey of their own, no matter what it is that you do.....

If you are progressing in your own journey, that is wonderful! If you are not....then keep trying...never give up!

I'm so excited to start in a couple of weeks, if not sooner, a larger palette....making an 8 x 10.  I've never painted on anything bigger than a 6 x 4 so it will be interesting and a lot of fun!

Have a great week ahead everyone, enjoy! xoxo

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

For no two flowers are ever alike.....

Made this tonight and it will be going out to a sweet lady who is really not doing well.  She's in the hospital....and letting her know I'm thinking of her...... I thought this might bring her some happiness and lift her spirits a bit....

I had a little roughness with my leaves today for some reason but I think they turned out ok....I decided to use only one color for the roses instead of multiple colors...added a touch of very faint yellow as well.....and a few inklings of brown.

And looooook! I saw signs of spring today while I was out! GASP!! And the picture doesn't do it justice how really beautiful it was was more of a purple not pink! And you know I ADORE purple...sigh.....can't wait to see more flowers blooming everywhere soon!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

If a rose could only be blue.....

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day weekend, my friends! I know lots of people are celebrating a bit early since Valentine's falls on a Tuesday, how about you? I created a few cards tonight in the spirit of 'heart' day.

I've always wanted a blue rose.....the great thing about art is that you can create anything you want in basically any color you dream of.

And I also made a totally TRADITIONAL red, for those who love the deepness of red roses....

Have a beautiful week, ahead!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I tweeted on Twitter that I sometimes use pink way too often.....haha....I probably my world, if I could....I would probably have my own pink room. ;))  So, today, I chose a different color palette, a super bright one and used only pale, light and dark blues, oranges, yellows, yellowish green, and citron.

I tried to make this as colorful as possible and to give out that sunny and super warm feeling!!! Hope it makes you happy and cheerful and lets in plenty of sunshine wherever you may be!!

Have a happy Wednesday! xo

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Gasp.....I used red....

....can you believe it? Red...being my least favorite color, I decided to go ahead and dabble with it today...and I added one single orange flower in the center as - another color I don't work with a lot....

But I do like how the deepness of the red gave this - what would have been another very soft looking collage - a definite 'ummppff' of color.

I also worked with Hydrangeas and have been having a really difficult time with this particular's ok, I'm not sure I totally love it....It's hard to tell I used both purples and blues on this - it looked very spotty at first, so I made it more wet and blended the two colors together to soften it up.

I kept softening it up by rounding the edges even more, but then I think it's too 'mushed' looking, ha! If that makes any sense. Anyways, that's what practice is all about.....I'll definitely keep practicing Hydrangeas - one of my most favorite flowers ever!!

Have a fabulous week!! Go enjoy the Super Bowl people!! xo