Friday, July 28, 2017

Christmas in July

Hello, Hello! It's Friday....yay....summer has been busy and fun and although we're having a heat wave right now, I have been working on some Christmas cards for the past few me....I never, ever get them done this early....but I had the time and decided to just go ahead and get as many done as possible.  Hoping to relax more at the end of the year and not stress so much.

I'm playing with so many different color combinations - everything from soft and pastel-y to bold and vibrant like this one.....lots of black, red, a few shades of pinks, a touch of brown, and 3 different shades of green.

I liked keeping the branches more to the left hand side of the card and leaving a lot of space towards the right side.

A super simple sentiment to finish off the look.

Have a happy weekend!! Enjoy the rest of summer!! Rake in all the sunshine before it's cold again. ;)) xo