Sunday, June 4, 2017


Both of my cards today are going for somewhat of a tropical theme......I had my try at a Hibiscus flower back in January of this year..... so I tried it, once again, here today - except I just switched up the sentiment with a different one, but the design is very similar:

I love leaving a lot of white space sometimes.....and then there are other times where I get the urge to fill up all the white space like this one below.  I made this one with lots of red and a lot of color layering.... waiting for the lighter, bottom layer of colors to dry completely before adding additional colors on top...a bit time consuming but love the end result:

Sometimes I don't wait for the paint to dry thoroughly before adding my other paints and I end up with the distastrous effect of bleeding....and then it's a mess and I have to start over...ha! I'm learning!

To end this post, if anyone is interested and has not seen my post regarding sending cards to Jacob Priestley, please see HERE for the full story....and share as much as you can on social media.  Thank you! Have a great weekend! xo


Dotty Jo x said...

Wow, fabulous cards! Jo x

Anonymous said...

Wow, such pretty cards, tif!! On the one hand, you're such a sweet, artistic person & then on the other hand, you're an athletic phenom not to be messed with, ha! I love the new and improved you!! ~~ Natalia. Btw - I still keep your beautiful cards on my desk at work to look at!