Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Periwinkle and Grey

I went super, super soft fact, the design in reality is so soft that I didn't think I would be able to take a decent photo of it....I really had to turn on the high def on my camera to show the colors....

So mixing blue and purple together created my periwinkle.... and I took a normal, dark grey and saturated it quite a bit to make it as light as possible.

Tiny bits of yellow was added and an even smaller bit of green was added. And that was it.  I created three cards of the same design.

Grey and black are becoming some of my favorite colors to accentuate the other colors that I use.....two things I used to really shy away from were the darker, murky colors.....but I'm learning to love certain color combos as I use them more!

Hope you're all having a wonderful week!!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Inspired by a gift bag.....

It's Friday!! Yay!!!  Happy,, today, I was killing some time before school pick-up - and I went and browsed around inside some stores and saw these gorgeous watercolor gift bags - not that hard that it caught my eye immediately....and I fell in love with this gift bag below - it just screamed 'my mom' and I knew that I had to snatch it up just for her.

I couldn't wait to get home and paint a matching card to go with it:

To make the background appear bluish like the bag, I, first, smeared some Tim Holtz distress ink onto the background - Broken China.  I let it dry, and then proceeded to start painting the florals on top of it.  Some of the leaves on the bag are a super, dark green and almost blackish, I rarely use deep purple and black together so I wasn't sure how this would turn out on paper.....but I went for it anyway....

All that was used was black, white,  a touch of yellow, dark green, light green, purple blue, lavender, and deep purple.

The only things stamped was a butterfly and the sentiment - from a very old W9Plus set.

Had some leftover cardstock and made another card.....this second one did not have to match exactly like the bag so I went for more of a freestyle design but used all the same colors:

I have a question.....What do you all use for white paint?? Brand? I'm in need of a super white ink that I can paint white leaves.....the problem is, I can't seem to find a white ink that will appear a solid white on hard!  If you have a favorite white ink that works well on watercolor paper...hit me up with the info....would love to know!

Oh, and if you want that bag up above - and there is an assortment of other beautiful, watercolor bags as well - at TJ Maxx (if you have one in your area)....go now, before they are all gone....they ranged from about $1.29 to $2.79, somewhere around there, super pretty!!

Have a beautiful weekend! Cheers! xo

Monday, April 17, 2017

Card sets for my mom and never-before-seen photos of her.....

My sweet, little mom requested a whole bunch of cards from me so that she may give to her friends.....of course, I was happy to make them for her.  Been having a lot of fun swooshing around my paintbrushes and making different designs for her and in a multitude of colors.

The set above I tried to make them all look a like but I mentioned previously that it's almost impossible for me to exactly replicate a flower so I made each one slightly different, the differences are very minimal, but you can tell they are not exactly the same.  I think I've used every color of the rainbow on another set not shown here, and can't wait to give these to her. Hope she likes them.

Anyway, since I'm talking about my mom, it's almost Mother's Day, and what are you giving to your mom or doing for her?? It gets harder every year, doesn't it?? What do you give to one of the most important and perfect person in your life? The woman who has taught you and is still teaching you all about this so called thing about 'life'?  I have not a clue what I'm doing for her and I'm sure I'll make a special card just for her....still undecided.

I try to keep this blog strictly to just my artsy stuff and steer away from personal photos.....but....every once-in-a-while, I make an exception....and since I'm in the mood for rambling and honoring my mom today, thought I would post these photos of her......when she was very little....perhaps 10 or 11. Not really sure the exact age at all.

These are rare and precious and she had thought she lost all of her childhood photos when we fled the war in the 70's.  But, fortunately, her sister had safely hidden these photos of her and years and years later was able to retrieve them and send them to my mom.  Just a few months ago, all the kids finally got a glimpse for the first time of my mom as a little girl.

She is sooooo sweet, if you ever met her, you would fall in love with her....she is hilarious! She is complex, yet simple......I think I get my simplicity from her.....she is traditional, yet she mixes her traditional values into a very modern age of thinking.

This is one of my favorites above, what a smile!

And the last one:

There were so many photos, but just a few my sweet mom! And of all the great qualities I love about my mom, there is one that stands out...she is.... forgiving.....a trait that I find exceptionally difficult to have, yet she has taught me a lot about love, kindness, and...... forgiveness.....truly a remarkable lady! I can't wait to see you for Mother's Day this year.....