Friday, March 10, 2017

When the sun is out and you feel like playing....

.........with lots of different colors! Just a few things I've been working on this past week or so....

Purple....this is one of my top colors. It's like a magic potion - I'm drawn to this color....for some reason, when I work with purple/lavender - it's done with simplicity....I don't know why I associate simplicity with this color, but I do....I kept it purposely uncluttered:

And I mention all the time that tulips is one of the most difficult flowers for me!! I keep trying really large sized tulips and never like them so - what do you do when all else fails? You - minimize......I decided to make these much smaller in size and go for a more whimsical-in-nature look:

And I worked on a much larger piece earlier in the week, but instead of an 8 x 10, this one below is a 5 x 7 piece of wall art that I sent off to another friend who requested one.  This one I used only pastel colors, it's super light in tone and made some vertical vines on both left and right sides of the card stock:

And the last one, a small notecard with one large, blue rose on the front:

What a productive week of painting! Can't wait to turn the clocks forward and rejoice in the happiness of spring time!! Yay!!

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