Monday, March 27, 2017

Oh, Hydrangeas....... are so incredibly complex.....but one day I shall figure you out....but for now, I will consider this some good practice - I think it turned out only a smidgen better than my first attempt in which I posted awhile ago.

Aside from that, my color wheel today made me super happy!!  Playing with only blues, purples, and greens!  Gah, I could seriously stare all day at my floral ink tray. I really love those colors together.

When I went to take the edited photo below - I turned it upside down and I think I like the upside down version better. you ever do that? Turn your finished product the other way and see if you like it better or not....I do it all the stuff!

I will definitely keep practicing this flower....have a beautiful, gorgeous, sunny week, everyone!! Go find something deliciously purple!!!


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