Thursday, March 2, 2017

I may be a little bit giddy......


Because I see signs of spring! Awwwwww......



I heard birds chirping out my bedroom window this morning and right now I hear them as I sit here son also reminded me that we have Daylight Savings in two weeks.....that means at least 2.5 more hours of sunny playtime! ;))

Spring......makes me happy.  You don't even words alone really doesn't tell you the giddiness inside of me....

So I've been wanting to concentrate on details - instead of just the entire look of some of my paintings. I lack emphasis on putting little details on just one flower and I really want to improve on that.

I really want to just look at one single floral and dive into all the little nooks and such and be able to make it look's going to be a great personal challenge for me.... it will take a lot of time and patience. I can't wait to practice more.

Almost Friday, hope everyone is having a beautiful day! xo

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