Friday, March 17, 2017

Calla Lily

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Did you all wear green? And got a little bit of luck in? Hope so. ;)

I've been yearning to try Calla Lilies - that was my wedding flower - and I absolutely adore the beauty of a Calla Lily.  Trying to branch out and try new flowers and different concepts all the time....

I studied a Level 1 and a Level 4 tutorial on Calla Lilies and painted a few....the one on the left I was going for a more whitish petal and green stem but it turned out yellowish green, and the one on the right was a much deeper, almost blood red color....I also wasn't expecting it to turn out quite that bold. But I'm satisfied with this first attempt. I'll definitely be practicing this flower a lot more.

And more birthday cards I made for some crafty friends - lots of flourishes and more delicate colors:

This one is a fun mix of blues and greens with just a dab of purple:

It's been a great week but I'm totally ready for my weekend.......See you later!

Love and Stuff! xoxo


Dotty Jo x said...

Beautiful work, Tif! I hope you have a restful weekend, Jo x

Dawn Turley said...

Fabulous. Your painting is just getting better and better Tiffany. Beautiful work

Miriam Prantner said...

Those Calla Lillies are so gorgeous, especially the red ones!