Sunday, February 5, 2017

Gasp.....I used red....

....can you believe it? Red...being my least favorite color, I decided to go ahead and dabble with it today...and I added one single orange flower in the center as - another color I don't work with a lot....

But I do like how the deepness of the red gave this - what would have been another very soft looking collage - a definite 'ummppff' of color.

I also worked with Hydrangeas and have been having a really difficult time with this particular's ok, I'm not sure I totally love it....It's hard to tell I used both purples and blues on this - it looked very spotty at first, so I made it more wet and blended the two colors together to soften it up.

I kept softening it up by rounding the edges even more, but then I think it's too 'mushed' looking, ha! If that makes any sense. Anyways, that's what practice is all about.....I'll definitely keep practicing Hydrangeas - one of my most favorite flowers ever!!

Have a fabulous week!! Go enjoy the Super Bowl people!! xo

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Leslie said...

WOW!! those are beautiful!!