Monday, January 23, 2017

Let me count the days.....

....until my beautiful spring blooms arrive!! Actually...despite all of this freezing cold weather, I have already started seeing signs of 'spring' everywhere I go....stores getting out their spring lines and with Valentine's around the's eye candy everywhere!!

Today, I did some watercoloring just before dinner and I was easily frustrated. I don't know why but you all know what I mean...some days....our crafty ideas just click and it works, other days, nothing seems to really produce on paper what we had envisioned.  Today was one of those days. I struggled with about 4 different palettes - and I simply just didn't like any of they all ended up in the trash.

I almost decided to clean up but I just left my paints out and went ahead and prepared dinner thinking I would put all the inks and paintbrushes away later.....well, afterwards, I decided to just try and paint one. more. time.  And so I did. Didn't think too hard about it and made this little mesh of everything together.

I always love adding in a very subtle touch of browns for the leaves here and there, just to balance out the pinks and purples which are my go-to colors.

Think I'll keep it blank for now without a sentiment.....

Looking forward to a beautiful week ahead!! The rain is dwindling down and we are finally getting some sunshine here! Yay!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Little Love Birds

Today, I was in the mood to play with a little something more whimsical, light, and I chose to practice painting birds again.  It would seem large birds are a bit easier, but the smaller I want them to be, there is an added layer of difficulty, so I really took my time on these cards today.  So fun!

These are my two love birds speaking their own language. The tiny sentiment is from an old Mama Elephant set:

These birds are chirping up a storm. The sentiment on this one is from SSS. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello Valentine!!

Oh my! Who's ready for Valentine's?? I love Valentine's.....actually it's a little BITTERSWEET for me this year!! I'll that the little man is getting older, I do less and less and less planning and preparing crafty things for school, such as little Valentine's cards, class parties, all the sweet little handmade treat bags, goodies, party favors...... I look back and really miss those things.  It was a lot of fun....but now he's older, and a lot of that has gone away.....which is ok in a sense....

....I'll always cherish those younger days....but now I get to concentrate and have a little more time for me and for 'bigger' people, like you and I.  I get to do a little more for people in my past as well as my present....I get to really look and realize those who mean the most to me.

So, simply saying 'I adore you' goes out to quite a lot of people, not just kids...but you know who you are! If I've ever sent you a card, or wrote something to you, or spoke with you, maybe I worked with you in the past, maybe I know you now, maybe I haven't met you but we have spoken on the phone, perhaps we've spoken through social media, perhaps we've had lunch together, perhaps I know you from far away - and perhaps I will never meet you, ever.....but still - you know....I adore you....

Maybe I will have more time to send out cards this year.... ;)) I sure hope so! xoxo