Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Living a life of Simplicity and my New Year's Resolutions

As I sit here late this evening and taking a little break from last minute, finishing touches......I thought I'd blog real quick about some of my goals and resolutions for 2017.

My top 20 for my 2017 bucket no particular order - some I currently do but want to continue....others, I really need to either start or improve.

1. Practice more calligraphy.
2. Learn to crochet.
3. Get back into mixed media.
4. More scrapbooking.
5. Patience.
6. Let go of what isn't useful to me anymore.
7. Be inspired by any successes.
8. Be humble and learn from failures.
9. Listen more.
10. Don't interrupt people when they are talking....oh, big weakness. Must really work on this one!
11. Always strive for simplicity.
12. Help others more.
13. Take a photo a day.
14. Journal each day.
15. Say 'hello' to strangers every day.
16. Keep up my exercise regimen.
17. Travel more.
18. Always keep an open mind.
19. Try something that scares me.
20. Sleep more.

Do you have resolutions? Do you write them down? I normally don't ever do resolutions and haven't done so in many will be fun to look back at this list and see how many I was able to try and accomplish.

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