Monday, November 7, 2016

Put on the Christmas Music....., not really....I usually can't do that until it gets really, really cold, and we still have some nice, warm weather now..... but - I have been cranking out some of my Christmas cards - and I decided it would be fun to paint most or all of them this year....I must be crazy, but seriously, I'm having too much fun, so we'll see. I've been playing around with different sceneries, some have rivers and lakes and mountains, some have trees and skies, and others have the full moon and snow, etc.  I'm just enjoying creating whatever comes to mind.

To make this card, the background was painted first with green and blue....lighter shades on the base. Add the darker shades on top and blend to mix in both lighter and darker colors.

Next up, for the trees, it's a lot of blotching and dotting of green and black ink together.  It is time consuming but the look comes out pretty cool, just have some patience with it. I started with the lightest shade of green first....then I layered it with a darker green.  You keep layering on the ink to give it that darker, thicker look with more depth. The last ink color is the black and that is the quickest form of dots on top of the green, As you jab on the black ink, shape the line to form the extension of the branches. Some of the branches I went out and up, and others, I went straight out and downwards. Really fun to experiment.

And lastly, as I played around, I've been finding a really quick way to 'bleed' a color to make it look like a natural reflection in a pond or lake.  So - if you look about 3/4 down the card, the area that is right underneath the tree - I took my brush and soiled it really wet with dark, dark green....I gently but quickly dab in a somewhat jagged line straight across underneath the tree, and I hold the card up instead of having it lay down on the table. The over soiled tip of the brush makes the ink bleed quickly downwards as you're holding the card up. Let it bleed to the desired length, and use your brush tip to smooth it out and fine tune it, adding darker or lighter shades here and there, smudge and draw horizontal lines, and then it starts to look like that reflection in the water.....I really play with it a lot until I get the desired look I want. Remember, this is watercoloring, there is no right or wrong.

Oh, and painting the birds, I'm not that good at birds, so I did my best here. I'll be practicing that a lot more. The finished product is usually pretty busy looking, so if you want to attach a sentiment on the front, find one that is really 'small'.  Or leave it blank, I'm kind of loving NOT having a sentiment on the front at all....write whatever thoughts you want to write on the inside. ;)

I also worked on my more traditional floral watercoloring today too, as I have a few cards I want to get out right now to some friends:

Can't wait to finish up all of my Christmas cards, I'm aiming to finish early this year in hopes of relaxing a bit in December. Hope you're all enjoying your holiday card making!!

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