Monday, July 4, 2016

The one that never made the cut.....

I think as crafters and artists, we all have those creations that we love and THEN.....there are those that never make it onto a card or a project for that matter.  Those are the ones where we look at our work for hours and hours on end....and we ponder with the question --

"Is it good enough?"
"Will it leave my hands and be sent to another person?" -- LOL. We all go through it.

So I was sifting through some of my earlier paintings and came upon these tulips that I had watercolored. It was very early on when I was exasperated at figuring out these particular types of flowers. When I had finished, I vowed I would never post this or let alone send it out....

So it went back in the drawer and was hidden for months.....Today, I took it out and went ahead and made this fun collage with it using different angles, then I looked at it and said, huh, it doesn't look quite as bad as I had originally envisioned.

Funny how our perspective changes.

I'll definitely be re-visiting this painting and see how effort #2 turns out. It will be fun to see the result and see if I have improved my strokes.



rcwidow (Linda) said...

Your artwork is gorgeous!

Virginia Lu said...

This is Ah-MAZING! (what are you talking about...not good enough!!?). The colors and shades have me mesmerized! YOU. are. enough. Period.