Sunday, April 10, 2016

Inspired by Still Life Photos

I had mentioned a few posts back that I was working on tulips.....and it is the most challenging flower for me to pin point with watercoloring. Today,  I was inspired by some real life photos of tulips and tried my hand at painting directly from the photos.

Here is my first attempt at my header photo that I have posted around my social media sites:

And here is the original photo inspiration:

My second painting is a single stem tulip, the sentiment is from an old SSS set called Giving Thanks:

And this came from a beautiful photo from one of my Instagram friends - Anne-Lie Dietz who hails all the way from Sweden.  Here is HER photo that inspired my painting above:

I admit on both paintings, my 'pink' tone was much lighter.....which I tend to gear more towards instead of the darker pinks.

So fun, and so grateful for inspiration!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful week ahead!!


Dawn Turley said...

Beautifully done Tiffany. These paintings are really fabulous.

Leslie said...

WOW!! Amazing!! Saw your tweet in my email. Doing well! You?

Lisa Frederick said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, your work is flawless, you're too talented with your paintbrush. --Natalia.