Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spring Blooms

I made a few cards this morning while I was sitting waiting for some construction work to be finished on our house.  Oh, the noise level, drilling....power saws, hammering....What better way to drown out all that noise than a bit of art therapy.....therapeutic indeed as you can just focus on the art, turn your attention inwards to whatever it is that you are creating.

Two of the cards are super delicate and the third was a bit bolder in color.

For the delicate cards, I just painted freely, with whatever colors I wanted and all sorts of shapes of flowers and leaves.  I pretty much just took my brush and swished it all over the card base. The third card, my brush strokes were a little more controlled.

I just love that Spring is coming soon..... and real flowers begin to bloom.....one of my most favorite seasons and everything is so pretty and somewhat... magical......

Have a beautiful day...xoxo


Lin said...

Just lovely, Tiffany! What a great way to make all that noise go away! I'm with you - come on, Spring!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I need something happy, I just come to your blog and it's instant prettiness here, tif. thanks! Youre so very artsy! - love, Trish.

Miriam Prantner said...

Beautiful! I love the details and delicacy!