Monday, December 26, 2016

You know it's right about now.......

..............that Tif naturally starts dreaming about spring! Dreams of the most delicate colors ever.....

The holidays are amazing, but my body aches for I pulled out all of my pastels today and did some quick brushstrokes:

These are a tad unfinished.  I have yet to matte them onto a cardbase and I'm going to fine tune them a bit.  I normally wash out my ink trays before I formally take a photo of my cards, but the color palette on the tray, (the water mixed in with all the inks) - looked absolutely irresistible - so I thought I'd take a picture of it...I spend so much time fooling around with photos and angles and shots of all different types and looks, that I'm amazed I get anything productive done.  It's fun, though!! It's all in the name of fun! I love what it is that I do.....

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Single Flower

Short and sweet post. Dwindling down to my last few card designs for Christmas. Can you believe I went with traditional red?  Red being my least favorite color....but I think I liked how this one turned out.

I also made a whole bunch of wreaths in the traditional red and green colors but didn't have time to take a photo of those. Off to address the rest of my cards and get them sent out.

Have a great rest of your week! xoxo

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mass producing

Some late night painting going on right now to finish up my Christmas cards.  I'm mass producing a whole bunch of simple and small cards using some fine strokes.  None of these have a heavy look to them, using only 4 colors - brown, aqua blue, a touch of red for the bird, and a dot of black (literally) for the bird's eye.

I really wanted to give this a very icy cold and bare look.  All that is left is to add a few more stark branches to the trees, a sentiment, and some scattered glitter for the snow.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Living a life of Simplicity and my New Year's Resolutions

As I sit here late this evening and taking a little break from last minute, finishing touches......I thought I'd blog real quick about some of my goals and resolutions for 2017.

My top 20 for my 2017 bucket no particular order - some I currently do but want to continue....others, I really need to either start or improve.

1. Practice more calligraphy.
2. Learn to crochet.
3. Get back into mixed media.
4. More scrapbooking.
5. Patience.
6. Let go of what isn't useful to me anymore.
7. Be inspired by any successes.
8. Be humble and learn from failures.
9. Listen more.
10. Don't interrupt people when they are talking....oh, big weakness. Must really work on this one!
11. Always strive for simplicity.
12. Help others more.
13. Take a photo a day.
14. Journal each day.
15. Say 'hello' to strangers every day.
16. Keep up my exercise regimen.
17. Travel more.
18. Always keep an open mind.
19. Try something that scares me.
20. Sleep more.

Do you have resolutions? Do you write them down? I normally don't ever do resolutions and haven't done so in many will be fun to look back at this list and see how many I was able to try and accomplish.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas, everyone! Wishing you the best of the holidays!

I hope to continue to be a student, always learning new art mediums, and trying different things in the coming year! It's definitely been a fun 2016!

Here's to another amazing year of craftiness in 2017!


Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello December!!! Who else is going crazy this month? Raise your hand! Yea, I know. The rush of December, to get everything done. But it's oh, sooo fun, isn't it? I really do enjoy this time of the's all about giving, never about receiving..... or expecting anything in return.  Us crafters, we do this hobby because we love to - it makes us insanely happy to give someone that handmade card.

Today, I worked with all neutral cards and made several that were all in gold - browns - blacks - and tans. I only showed one here, basically two shades of black and brown. So simple and added some extra shading of ink around all the edges as well.

Keeping this post short and sweet! I'm most likely not going to be back to blogging for a while, so this may be the last post before the holidays. Cheers!! xoxo

Thursday, November 24, 2016 white space

I'm not usually up this late....but I was in need of some crafty time, so I started painting around 10 p.m., and well, it's now Thursday morning, Thanksgiving Day! Oh my, I'm going to be so tired later today...anyhow....this was my freestyle bird painting perched upon a single branch with some scattered flowers, it was originally a much bigger painting but I wasn't happy with the end result so I chopped the bottom half and decided to just go with the top half.....

It's funny how we always work around what we don't like and do so much cropping, editing, 'hiding' our little mistakes and's all in good fun! Crafting is such an amazing heart and soul warmer. It truly is pure relaxation!

After matting my bird onto the white card stock, I used a simple 'thank you' sentiment from Hero Arts. Color Layering Happy Day Flowers - CL864.  Inked it in Versafine Black, and I'm done.  I always love, intentionally, leaving a lot of white space and adding just that dab of color.

Must get to sleep, goodnight! Or goodmorning! Hope you find an abundance of things to be thankful for on this day! xoxo

Friday, November 18, 2016 is cold outside.....

....or at least that's what I tried to convey on this card. Today I worked with some snow, a much more colder and icy, stark, winter time look.

It's so enormously out of my comfort zone of normally soft, light pastel colors....but I really enjoyed stepping out into that area that challenges me the most, and I'm forever grateful for trying watercoloring....for I never really would have a few years ago.

There's still so much more I want to learn about painting and I'm still fine tuning and tweaking things along the way.

I've been keeping these paintings on a relatively small canvas of only 6 x 4.  It's pretty time consuming.  I can not imagine going for an 8 x 10, although I'm sure I will venture into a bigger canvas at some point. I'll have to remember to set aside additional amounts of time for larger paintings.  But just having fun creating and enjoying, definitely the key!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Still chugging away on Christmas Cards

Had just a little bit of time to paint today, about a 1-hour window, so I quickly did this painting with a vision in mind of a never-ending river bed, a few trees/shrubs, and grass....grass is always a difficult concept.

I've been using a lot of blues and browns on my previous cards, so I decided to use periwinkle today, might be hard to tell, but most of the river is a more softer form of purple.  I mixed in some yellows into the purple and into the blue of the sky to give it a more soothing look.

That is it for today, if I'm not back blogging before the holiday, wanted to wish everyone who is celebrating this coming week, a very beautiful Thanksgiving holiday with your family!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Put on the Christmas Music....., not really....I usually can't do that until it gets really, really cold, and we still have some nice, warm weather now..... but - I have been cranking out some of my Christmas cards - and I decided it would be fun to paint most or all of them this year....I must be crazy, but seriously, I'm having too much fun, so we'll see. I've been playing around with different sceneries, some have rivers and lakes and mountains, some have trees and skies, and others have the full moon and snow, etc.  I'm just enjoying creating whatever comes to mind.

To make this card, the background was painted first with green and blue....lighter shades on the base. Add the darker shades on top and blend to mix in both lighter and darker colors.

Next up, for the trees, it's a lot of blotching and dotting of green and black ink together.  It is time consuming but the look comes out pretty cool, just have some patience with it. I started with the lightest shade of green first....then I layered it with a darker green.  You keep layering on the ink to give it that darker, thicker look with more depth. The last ink color is the black and that is the quickest form of dots on top of the green, As you jab on the black ink, shape the line to form the extension of the branches. Some of the branches I went out and up, and others, I went straight out and downwards. Really fun to experiment.

And lastly, as I played around, I've been finding a really quick way to 'bleed' a color to make it look like a natural reflection in a pond or lake.  So - if you look about 3/4 down the card, the area that is right underneath the tree - I took my brush and soiled it really wet with dark, dark green....I gently but quickly dab in a somewhat jagged line straight across underneath the tree, and I hold the card up instead of having it lay down on the table. The over soiled tip of the brush makes the ink bleed quickly downwards as you're holding the card up. Let it bleed to the desired length, and use your brush tip to smooth it out and fine tune it, adding darker or lighter shades here and there, smudge and draw horizontal lines, and then it starts to look like that reflection in the water.....I really play with it a lot until I get the desired look I want. Remember, this is watercoloring, there is no right or wrong.

Oh, and painting the birds, I'm not that good at birds, so I did my best here. I'll be practicing that a lot more. The finished product is usually pretty busy looking, so if you want to attach a sentiment on the front, find one that is really 'small'.  Or leave it blank, I'm kind of loving NOT having a sentiment on the front at all....write whatever thoughts you want to write on the inside. ;)

I also worked on my more traditional floral watercoloring today too, as I have a few cards I want to get out right now to some friends:

Can't wait to finish up all of my Christmas cards, I'm aiming to finish early this year in hopes of relaxing a bit in December. Hope you're all enjoying your holiday card making!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I'm back to announce my blog prize winners from the Hero Hostess Blog Hop! I hope you all enjoyed each of the inspiration from my Hostess Sisters and were able to take some of that inspiration to use for your own holiday card making this season! Hero Arts will always be a most beloved company to us all.

Here are my 4 random winners. I have your packages ready to mail. I have contacted each of you for your mailing info.

Enjoy. xoxo
joy said...
Your cards are So beautiful, Tiffany! I love the trees. And, your watercoloring skills are topnotch!! My email is now ____.
Christy Q said...
Stunning cards!!! Your watercoloring and way of setting up the scene is just incredible! I'm a new follower of your blog now (one of the main reasons I love blog jobs since I find new bloggers to add to my Feedly). Thanks for the inspiration today! It is so sweet of you to offer a giveaway of your own - your cards look amazing. My email contact info is in my blogger profile.
Denise K said...
The blues in that watercolor card with the deer are just breathtaking. Love the combination, very unique and different.
Lisa's Creative Niche said...
I love your color choices on these, so unique and bold!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poinsettias in Lavender and Pink

After the blog hop (BTW, you still have time to begin the hop by starting HERE), my fellow Hero Arts Hostess Sisters inspired me to play with the Hero Arts Antique Poinsettia stamp. I'm normally not a fan of poinsettias at all, but - after using this stamp, I think I'm in love and have changed my mind! Gasp! I'm seeing lots of ways to use this stamp now. But first, I couldn't resist embossing and watercoloring it in pink:

And the 2nd version, I just had to do in purple - my two favorite colors - pink and purple, I always swoon over these two colors, no matter what....

Everything on both cards utilizes Hero Arts. I'll list the supplies in a bit.

I was also able to play around again with painting a scenery and today I chose to work with trees and more water and practicing shadows and reflection....oh boy, this was hard stuff....took a total of 2 hours to complete...I'm hoping to get faster with time......I'm learning a lot of little tid bits on making trees look realistic and depth as much fun to experiment:

Hope you're all getting along beautifully with your holiday card making process!! Can't believe Christmas is almost here...crunch time!


Poinsettia stamp: Hero Arts - K6176 - Antique Poinsettia.
Dies: Hero Arts Frame cuts - DI303.
'tis the Season' Sentiment and Leaves: Color Layering Dimensional Bird - CL906.
'May the Beauty...' Sentiment: CL722.
Versafine Onyx Black.
Watercoloring inks.
Green Hills Ink: Field Notes - AF240.
Snow White embossing powder.
Heat gun.
Die Cutting Tool: CB.
Round corner punch.
Double sided adhesive tape.
Watercoloring paper: Tim Holtz.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Masculine Watercolor

If you are looking for the Hero Arts Hostess Blog Hop post, please go HERE.  Otherwise, today's post is a new one.

A while back, I had a gentleman ask me, "Tif, you paint a lot of flowers, is that all you paint?" - LOL - now that question wasn't meant to be rude or actuality, that was a very valid question. Yes, I like to paint a lot of florals...A LOT! Most of my designs are all about flowers.....I'm girly....and I like girly things.....but that question brings up a really good grow in any art form, or any type of discipline....we have to keep learning new skills, and we have to keep growing our minds.

Masculine designs have always been a hard concept for me....but I accepted his challenge....and decided to try my hand at some masculine watercoloring.  This was the first one I made - it's supposed to be a beach front, big rocks, the sky, and the glaze and reflection of the water. Oh, and some birds at the water line....super difficult to paint the birds....they probably look like some clutter.....definitely something I have to work on.....

I see tons of area and time for improvement.....I tried another one too. Here is the 2nd painting:

This one has a bit more color - I added green for the brush and mixed in some orange and browns for the sky. The tinge of brown in the middle is supposed to be the river catching the reflection from some of the rocks....reflection...still something I would like to practice.

All in all, definitely a lot of fun to paint these....will definitely be practicing some more scenic backgrounds.  Such fun! Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hero Hostess Alumni Blog Hop

Hello! Welcome to the Hero Arts Hostess Hop, featuring fabulous stamps from the new 2016 release and winter catalogue!

If you've been following along, you've just arrived from Nancy's Blog! Hero Arts will be awarding 4 prizes ($25 shopping spree to Hero Arts online shop) from randomly drawn comments.  For a chance to win, simply comment on ANY of the stops along the hop on October 24th and 25th, including each day's ending post at the Hero Club Blog. The more comments you leave, the better your chance of winning! If you find a broken link, you'll find a master list of the hop links at the Hero Arts Blog.

I will have my own little give-a-way, too! If you don't have a blog, please be sure to leave a valid email address in the comments so that I may contact the winners.

Let's get to my cards, for my first one....I used stamps from this beautiful vintage set called Vintage Wishes - Stamp and Die Combo - SB124. I did a combination of embossing, watercoloring, and stamping with the background stamp, the trees, and the deer.

I took the 'snowy' edged frame and cut it in half in order to make my snowy border a bit larger, I lined up the two halves - stamped and embossed on all 4 corners of the matted sheet. I, then, took three shades of blue and yellow watercolor ink and brushed on top of the embossed area. The trees were stamped with Tim Holtz Distress Inks. The deer and sentiment were stamped with Versafine Black Ink.

For my 2nd card, I combined a bit of watercoloring with traditional stamping, fussy cutting, and coloring with copic markers:

The two stamp sets that I used for the above card are Color Layering Dimensional Bird - CL906 and the sentiment is from this set called Peace & Joy - CL880.

Now for my little give-a-way - I will pick FOUR winners to each receive (3) of my watercolor cards that I've been making for some time now. Time to part with these, they were all made with a lot of love!! And I might throw in a few other goodies as well!

Your next stop on the hop is Arlene!

Supplies used:
Card 1:
Stamp set: Vintage Wishes - Stamp and Die Combo - SB124.
Inks: Versafine Onyx Black. Tim Holtz - Spiced Marmalade, Peacock Feathers, Mustard Seed.
Heat Gun.
Snow Embossing Powder.
Versamark Ink.
Watercolor paper - Strathmore.
Medium and Fine tip brush.
Watercolor inks.
Die Cutting Tools - Provo Craft/CB.

Card 2:
Watercolor paper and inks.
Large tip paintbrush.
Stamps and Sentiment: Hero Arts (see above links).
Memento Inks: Rhubarb Stalk, Potter's Clay, and Rich Cocoa.
Versafine Onyx Black and Memento Black.
Copic Markers.
Round Circle Die.
Round corner punch.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A bouquet for you...

It's going to be another lovely week here in So. Cal.  - we are hitting the upper 90's again and I'm loving it....all around me, everyone is making Halloween cards, Christmas cards....and I'm still desperately hanging on to my beloved summer. I'm stubborn that way....I can't even imagine the holidays that are upon us already....amazingly fast this year has gone by..... but today, I sat down and kept swirling my paintbrush.  I just wanted to use every color in this floral design.

I took a bit more time on this one and the one standing was the more detailed - the one laying flat was a simpler version, but I love how they both turned out.  I really tried to make them as colorful and happy as possible.

The sentiment is from a really old Hero Arts set called Hello Sunshine Daisies - CL776. Oh, how I adore my Hero Arts....I still love using my old stamps, all the stamps I've ever collected over the's a treat to look back at all the goodies you've accumulated. And they are still great to use, time and time again!

Have a great rest of your week!! xoxo

Sunday, October 9, 2016

What's currently on my desk...

Hello!!! It's another new week and I've been wanting to get back into taking lots of photos again.....went on a complete tangent with my crafting fun and really concentrated on watercoloring for a while now.......but I miss taking photos, scrapping, and documenting.  It's truly such a joy to make and create our own photos and memories:

My 7th grader.....some brand new photos of him by, ofcourse, the pool....water was the theme, and what better way to document and remember this entire summer than to capture all of his moments in the sun, at the beach, and in his best element....swimming.

I finally had the time to frame and put up his new photo in the living room was way overdue. On to some more photography a bit later this month and diving back into Project Life! YAY!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I'm still in summer mode.....

......and so today's painting - I chose the sweetest pink I could find, a bit of romantic blue, lush lavender, and greens and browns for the leaves and stems.

:) It's been awhile since I've worked with vases, and what girl couldn't use a vase filled with an abundance of flowers? Have a beautiful rest of your week!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's everywhere.....

I've said it before and I'll say it again, inspiration is EVERYWHERE, you don't even have to look that hard and you will find it.  So yesterday, I saw something that caught my eye.....a family member had given my mom these gorgeous porcelain bowls with florals on them.  I think they are from a Korean market....Yes, I love pretty stuff in quaint little Asian markets.....ooooh! Super pretty! My mom showed them to me and I was instantly in love.  You should have seen my total me, the photo doesn't do it justice.....extremely swoon-worthy in person...gasp!! I wouldn't dare put food in

And here is my take on the above inspiration photo:

I had sooo much fun painting these! Each painting was on a small 5 x 4 canvas, with very quick dabbling, little tidbits here and there with slight saturation of deeper vs. lighter hues of each purple, green, and pink.

That's it for my evening....hope you're all having a beautiful day, and may you find your own little piece of artistic inspiration! xoxo

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Was able to squeeze in a little watercoloring tonight. Purple was the theme for today's dainty little florals.

A very simple mesh of two shades of purple and two shades of green.  It's been such a busy week, I'm so glad I had a bit of time to sit down and paint. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Perfectly imperfect

I used this fun splotching technique where there is really no precision in the strokes but more dabbling or quick 'splotching' with the paintbrush. It's soooo much's faster paced, it gives it that 'imperfect' and abstract look.

I wanted very bright colors to really make it pop....I thought about making the bird darker to contrast with the branches and flowers....but guess I just left it all blended together.  I think next time, I will make the bird a much deeper color.

Oh boy, I've really missed stamping and coloring and such.....painting/watercoloring is loads of fun and I've been enjoying the whole process, but I haven't actually picked up a stamp and stamped it on paper for a while, should try and get back into that soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mixin' it up

Today's painting has a little bit of color for everyone, a little blue, a little red, a little pink, some purple, browns, and blacks.

This one was quite hilarious. First try...didn't like it was a re-do. Second try, liked it but then accidentally knocked over one of my water bottles and the water, inks, and brushes splattered everywhere.  Third try, I finally just blazed through it and hoped for no other mishaps.

I think I'll play with this one in different color schemes and different grouping schemes. I love leaving these blank with no sentiments and then I can fill in the sentiment later depending on the occasion needed.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!! Love and stuff...xoxo

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Out of my comfort zone....

Everyone knows that I like to dabble in very soft, delicate colors most of the time.... like the paintings below that I made today. These were totally spontaneous and quick strokes with a larger brush:

But every now and then, I will play with some bolder color schemes like this one below where I mixed a few purples together.  As much as I love purple, I rarely use it with deep black:

This was really a challenge for me, I didn't want this card to look too dark, too gothic like - so I added a touch of yellow here and there. Overall, I think it worked out the way I wanted it and will probably be a good card for a male recipient. Always sooo much fun to experiment!!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and still enjoying your summer ~ xoxo

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just one.... many different words for the word 'one' - Uno, Un, Une, Mot, Single......a lot of times I like to concentrate on just one flower - one stem. It's a lot of fun to concentrate on just one focal point and I don't like to rush a painting, ever.  It should be slow and relaxing, it's what you make of it.  I made a fuller length video here. Over 9 minutes.  It's long and it's slow paced - it's my little pace of happiness.......

so -- if you have time, grab a cup of coffee or whatever you like, sit back and enjoy! I hope it gives you as much comfort as it did for me.

Cheers! xoxo

Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Garden

Today was such a perfect day.....I don't have many 'perfect' days...but when I do...I cherish it! Everything just seemed to fall into place was at the end of the day, when everything was taken care of, I sat back and relaxed a little...took out my inks...

..and dabbled in a more intricate piece. I made the branches and leaves more wavy and carefree....I tried making this much more spontaneous and not just strict lines up and down.  I added a few whimsical butterflies.  Still haven't gotten the hang of painting butterflies yet, oh - those are hard, but still practicing.

Hope the bright colors bring cheer to your day! Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Part 1 & 2

I'm back super quick to add the videos that I made on how I painted one of the Birdie cards from my previous post earlier this morning. So much fun! My camera decided to overheat....yup, overheat, and stopped my video right in the middle, so I forged ahead and did another video to finish it.

I wanted to add that for this, I did do a rough sketch of what I wanted my bird to look like.  I used a pencil and put very light pressure on the paper, just enough to see what parts I'll be painting, but not dark enough that it will appear in the actual finished product. You can always over paint any visible lines and smooth out the edges with a mix of colors later.

No two are exactly the same, this finished product is slightly different from the one I posted earlier, same colors, but different sizes/texture.

Birds on a Branch

Today, I focused on incorporating other elements into my paintings in addition to my florals.  So I tried my hand at painting some simple birds. This one is a really big, plump bird and pretty much covers the entire card.  I think I will downsize it just a tad on my next design. Blues and yellows and a touch of orange are colors I love to contrast on most birds.  Love using a mix of orange and reds as well.

On this one below, I dabbled with two birds and painted florals surrounding them.

I normally don't hone in on black too much as I prefer more delicate colors - so it was a fun challenge to work with richer, deeper colors.

Hope you're all having a beautiful day! xoxo

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wildflowers Bouquet

Working with wildflowers and bouquets are always a fun challenge - there are so many little details and finer brush strokes. Always makes me nervous when I work with the smaller brush tip.  Here's another fun video that I made that is a little longer than the last one and I started more from the beginning of my painting.

Here is the finished product - the one on the left is the partial from the video:

So much fun! Art is such a wonderful form of relaxation therapy. Just love it so much.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Painting Video

It's a beautiful day! I thoroughly am enjoying summer....I hope you are all doing well and are basking in the sunshine - it's truly my favorite season!

I had some time to play with my paintbrush and inks today.  Nothing that you haven't seen before but I made a video of me actually painting, which is something I rarely do only because it takes sooo much time to make a video, you all know what I'm talking about. ;))

I don't think anyone has actually 'seen' me creating up close....unless you've crafted in person with me before.

It was an extremely long one from start to finish so I trimmed it down to about 2 minutes.  Enjoy! It's just a little tidbit of my relaxation time.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The one that never made the cut.....

I think as crafters and artists, we all have those creations that we love and THEN.....there are those that never make it onto a card or a project for that matter.  Those are the ones where we look at our work for hours and hours on end....and we ponder with the question --

"Is it good enough?"
"Will it leave my hands and be sent to another person?" -- LOL. We all go through it.

So I was sifting through some of my earlier paintings and came upon these tulips that I had watercolored. It was very early on when I was exasperated at figuring out these particular types of flowers. When I had finished, I vowed I would never post this or let alone send it out....

So it went back in the drawer and was hidden for months.....Today, I took it out and went ahead and made this fun collage with it using different angles, then I looked at it and said, huh, it doesn't look quite as bad as I had originally envisioned.

Funny how our perspective changes.

I'll definitely be re-visiting this painting and see how effort #2 turns out. It will be fun to see the result and see if I have improved my strokes.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's only been 2 years.....

..........since Calligraphy has been on my bucket list.  I'm finally just diving into it now. Good grief. What took me so long?  It's soooo much different from your regular handwriting, as I've been finding out, much more intricate and is an art form all on its own.  Although it incorporates your handwriting, the processes are different.

I'm just starting... so for now, I've been learning the very basic strokes, 'down' strokes are bigger and thicker, and 'up' strokes are thinner.  It looks like I have a long ways to go, but so enjoying it.

If you know of any great tutorials - hit me up on it, would love to know....

I also need to re-visit my watercoloring as well....always love learning new things!

Hope you're all doing well and are immersing yourself into something new and exciting each and every day!!


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Inspired by Still Life Photos

I had mentioned a few posts back that I was working on tulips.....and it is the most challenging flower for me to pin point with watercoloring. Today,  I was inspired by some real life photos of tulips and tried my hand at painting directly from the photos.

Here is my first attempt at my header photo that I have posted around my social media sites:

And here is the original photo inspiration:

My second painting is a single stem tulip, the sentiment is from an old SSS set called Giving Thanks:

And this came from a beautiful photo from one of my Instagram friends - Anne-Lie Dietz who hails all the way from Sweden.  Here is HER photo that inspired my painting above:

I admit on both paintings, my 'pink' tone was much lighter.....which I tend to gear more towards instead of the darker pinks.

So fun, and so grateful for inspiration!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful week ahead!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Enjoy the small things...

I worked with a 'tiny' little canvas tonight....literally - this card is 2.5 x 2.5, although it seems big in the photo. It's small enough to fit inside the palm of my hand. It will most likely be used as a gift enclosure card.  Thought it would be fun to work with a smaller space, a lot more challenging.

Aside from what I painted, the sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp - Giving Thanks - SSS131001.

Hope you've had an amazing start to the new month of April! ;))

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The first day of Spring calls for a.....

......sweet bouquet, in my opinion! Be still my's Spring....

And to me, that means everyone is a little happier, the sun shines so much more, and I can't wait to get outdoors and do fun stuff! Rake in the sunlight, head to the beach, go lots and lots of icecream....take frisbee, some tennis....just soak it all in!

Speaking of which, this will probably be the last painting for just a bit....Spring break is coming up and I will be spending time with the young man.....awwww....'young' man...hard to not say 'little' boy for he really isn't so little's bittersweet.  It's been hard for me to see him grow up and become 10 times smarter than us adults....the adolescent stage comes into play...I'm not ready for it yet.....

Have a fantastic start to your Spring....xoxo

Saturday, March 19, 2016

For no two flowers are equally the same....

...Isn't this so true? As much as I've been practicing my watercoloring, I've noticed it's almost impossible to duplicate a flower that I've previously done....every flower varies slightly and I guess that's the beauty of it all.  This rose is similar to one that I already painted a while back - but yet very different.

And here is a card below that I made a few days ago, just haven't blogged it yet.  Have been learning so much about color bleeding, blending, saturation, more water, less water.....oh my!! The knowledge I'm obtaining is daunting! much fun though -

Have a beautiful and sunny week ahead!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Poppies and a Butterfly....

Happy Tuesday! Hope you're all doing well with the time change if you're in the states....but Spring is here and I'm so thrilled! I worked on some other flowers today.....I re-tried Poppies and I think they turned out a little better than my last set.  Very simple design, with the focus on a single stem only:

Practiced finer details on the petals with white paint and a mix of black/brown paint for the dots.

And I couldn't resist trying to put a butterfly near my rose below, this was hard and I wasn't sure how it would turn out, I just went with the flow and hoped that it would resemble a butterfly in the end:

Cheers for now! xo

Saturday, March 12, 2016

just BECAUSE...'s Spring, and I feel like....surrounding myself with all things many ways can you end this phrase?

just BECAUSE...You make my heart happy.
just BECAUSE...I adore you.
just BECAUSE...I love you.
just BECAUSE...I think of you often.

Had so much fun sitting down this evening and doing a bit of watercoloring......I also painted tulips - tulips were super, super hard....I didn't quite like how they turned out, so I will attempt them again another time, in the meantime, enjoy the card above. I did more of a mix of different colored roses and added in a slight touch of faint brown for some of the leaves.

Sentiment is from Hero Arts - CL776 - Hello Sunshine Daisies.

Have a gorgeous week ahead! XO