Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oh.....Valentine's Day..... I yearn for you.....

Christmas is not quite here yet, and already....I am in the mood for Valentine's.

Four words: hearts, flowers, pink, delicate.

It's me.

Ok, I is an everyday kind of thing for me - an ALL-YEAR-ROUND kind of thing....but Valentine's is special. It's lovable and huggable. ;)  I haven't made any cards yet but I was up way too late last night fooling around with some fun apps I have...gotta love this digital age.  First finding that photo that we want to tell the story, embedding it, layering, cropping, adding the little details, the colors. Choosing the right words....the words that define how we truly feel.  It's so fun, easy, fast, simple.

I hope you are all ready to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends....I think I'm done finishing everything that I needed to....time to relax a bit today and just breathe it all in.


Lisa Frederick said...

So cute!!! You'll have to share the app name/link. How long did it take you?

Virginia Lu said...

I hear you about Valentine's Day, Tiff! This CAS layout is absolutely sweet and perfect! I sure wish you and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year! xoxo Love you!

Leslie said...

Such and adorable page!!

Anonymous said...

Love this layout of Chris.....and LOVE you! Thanks so much for your gorgeous card. Takes my breath away each time. You are simply so talented. No words. xo

Merry Christmas,

Miriam Prantner said...

Love it! Digital is something I need to get into! Thanks so much for your Christmas card btw, I'm so behind on things, but I really appreciate your sweet note, it brightened my day!