Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oh.....Valentine's Day..... I yearn for you.....

Christmas is not quite here yet, and already....I am in the mood for Valentine's.

Four words: hearts, flowers, pink, delicate.

It's me.

Ok, I is an everyday kind of thing for me - an ALL-YEAR-ROUND kind of thing....but Valentine's is special. It's lovable and huggable. ;)  I haven't made any cards yet but I was up way too late last night fooling around with some fun apps I have...gotta love this digital age.  First finding that photo that we want to tell the story, embedding it, layering, cropping, adding the little details, the colors. Choosing the right words....the words that define how we truly feel.  It's so fun, easy, fast, simple.

I hope you are all ready to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends....I think I'm done finishing everything that I needed to....time to relax a bit today and just breathe it all in.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Re-inventing the old......

....and making it fresh and new. How's everyone doing on their holiday cards? I still have a few more I need to make.  But took a quick break to get some holiday shopping in and spent some time on gift wrapping.  I LOVE gift wrapping, it was where I started before I even knew what card making was - and what I've been doing lately is really trying to purge and use all of my existing supplies.  It's kind of like a personal challenge - use it all, use what you already have.....hoard less. ;)

And what's great about digging through your existing supplies, is that you really will find gems! Things you had that you had forgotten about....easy and simple ways to spruce up a holiday gift box.....for literally -------> $0.  The following wrapping ideas costed nothing. Yay!!

I'm finding a lot of twine that I will use to decorate just plain brown packing paper with. I'll show those a bit later.  For the above, the wrapping paper, (Disney characters are always a classic with little girls in the family) we've had forever, I may have used them 3 years in a row.  The ribbon I still have from back in the day when I would use ribbons on my cards for submission.  Those days are pretty much done now and I still have leftover ribbon far and wide from manufacturers and crafty stores.  I hardly use ribbons on cards anymore unless it's just a small amount.  The fabric flowers and paper flowers are from the Recollections at M's.  Since they have tiny fasteners at the end, they are great for attaching directly to the ribbon.  They clamp easily around the ribbon and adhere pretty well.

The tag is plain and can be decorated with stamping on it or in this case, I kept it ultra simple and put a sweet sticker on it....for a little girl.....I used stickers that I received as a promotion from a store. After I was finished wrapping this box, I ended up adhering a few more stickers for a merrier look!

For the above box, I used blue satin ribbon with more fabric florals that would have just sat in my closet forever.  I normally tie and string through 4 strings of ribbon for a 'fluffier' look with more dimension.  The cellophane bag is super inexpensive and I bought those in bulk at Daiso about 6 months ago.  I filled that bag with more fun stickers for the recipient and attached that to the tag as well.

And for all those masking tape rolls that get lost in your boxes....use them as tape with your wrapping instead of scotch tape.....they've worked really well for me and add that extra touch of color!

So much fun and I can't wait to wrap more boxes.  Have a great week!! Just one more week to go until Christmas!