Monday, November 30, 2015

Well, hello there Mr. Brown Eyes

Today - you turn the BIG 1-1.


It's been a very fun yet crazy week of spending time with family, a birthday celebration, capturing memories, and trying to balance my daily life.  I haven't had too much time to stop and really think, really more of a go, go, go attitude, just do it. And perhaps think about it all later when things calm down.

I did want to sit down and finish one more layout for Chris' birthday, using the newest photo of him from yesterday. A little bit of my journaling. I really wanted a burst of color to pop and frame his facial features, so instead of pulling out a birthday kit, I decided to use a fun summer kit that I had used earlier this year.  I think it worked out well for what I was trying to accomplish.

I used two PL kits for a more traditional scrapbook look.  I am a bit exhausted at the moment and need to rest. My body is telling me I must rest. But December is the ultimate of busy, us crafters know that. And how about some detoxing after the long Thanksgiving weekend? Boy, do I need it. Way too much food this week!

Hope all my friends and family in the states had a beautiful Thanksgiving week!


PL Core Kits - My Favorite Things and Hi Sunshine.
Corner rounder.

Monday, November 9, 2015

It's that time of the year...., not just Thanksgiving and Christmas.....but the time in November when this BOY here.....below, has a special day.  It's the time in November when I frantically take out my camera and the process begins....the task of capturing another year of growth and development. It's a joyful task, though....perhaps more so for me than him. I take a little over 100 photos and carefully choose the ones I adore....

Some I keep privately, others I share with the world.

He sees me with my camera and sighs, lol....he KNOWS, he so knows, ''Uh oh, here she goes!'' ''How many poses, mom?" - "Oh, just a few," I say. It's an arduous tradition and our poor kids really don't enjoy it that much, they whine, they complain, they make hilarious excuses to get out of it and be done already.  They don't understand why we do it.  But someday, they will.

It's another year that is important for me to document. It's a moment you can never have only happens once. Then it becomes a precious memory.

I love this 'PRESS PAUSE' sentiment from the card kit Favorite Things Edition.  I have combined two PL Kits that I've used before into this layout.  The other kit is Heidi Swapp's Gold Foil.  So much prettiness in both kits.  I love mixing and matching all of these Project Life Kits. So much fun.

I love to cut up a lot of the cards and layer them onto other cards for more of a 'color' punch.

Still have so many more photos to process. Can't wait to play with them and create more albums.

Wishing you all a fantastic week!


Journaling cards/kits: Becky Higgins/Heidi Swapp/Project Life.  Favorite Things Edition. Gold Foil Kit.
Corner Rounder.
Veneer Wooden letters by Heidi Swapp.