Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hello There.

Sometimes I absolutely adore this word: Simplicity.....

Hello There

I needed a fun and whimsical card for today.  I hope your day is truly filled with the simplest of all joys.  Have a good one!

Mini pearls: Martha Stewart.
Cardstock: Doodlebug Designs.
Banner, sentiment, bird, and stem Stickers: Echo Park/Sweet Girl - by Lori Whitlock.


Virginia L. said...

I absolutely ADORE this, Tiff! The stick-out branch is really cute!! The banners and birdie are so sweet! Simplicity is something I strive for :)

Monika Reeck said...

I love the banner and the color of the is really cute agree with Virginia...and I see your new Profile Picture..oh wooow really I wanna tell look adorable..nice Photograph Tiffany...and you looks so sweet with your nice smile...big hugs Tiff

Jen said...

Oh, tiff!!! I LOVE it! perfection comes to mind!!! hope you are well!! xoxoxo

Dawn Turley said...

so beautiful Tiffany.

Leni said...

Sweet and fresh!