Friday, January 20, 2012

Carly's Self Portrait Challenge

So I thought I'd do something fun here today, I wanted to participate in Carly Robertson's Self Portrait Challenge.  Do you know or visit Carly's site? Well, you should, she is a mom and card maker extraordinaire and you'll love her work!  Go see the amazing things she makes and her awesome photography!

So her challenge is for you to take a self portrait.... :) ask me that about 10 years ago and I would have said, "Sure!"  "Go for it!"  For I loved to be in front of the camera back then, but now, move ahead to the present time.... and at almost 42 years of age, I love to simply be behind the camera and focus on my son, my cards, and my food only!

So here are a few photos I took of myself, SANS make-up...ha!  I dare you to take a photo of yourself without make-up! ;) We all know make-up makes everyone look fantastic!  But to see the real you, au naturale!  The everyday, you!

Self Portrait Challenge by Carly2

Leaning against a wall:

Self Portrait Challenge by Carly

Last one:

Self Portrait Challenge by Carly3

Fun, fun!  I'm way behind on her photography challenges! By the way, I took these with my iPhone 4s.  I am experimenting with something on my phone, so much more to experiment with! I hope you enjoy and I would love to see YOUR self portrait!


joy said...

What sweet photos, Tiffany! Love seeing these; now I can put a face to your beautiful cards when I see them.

Believe me, at 73, I definitely don't like the idea of a self-portrait! I'll just stick to photos of my cards :)

Rose Ann said...

Great job with your self portraits, Tiffany! I ♥ my iPhone 4S too!

Vera Rhuhay said...

Beautiful picture of you Tiff!!!

AnitaRex said...

You look amazing Tiffany! :> There will be no natural photos of me! Nope! :> BTW Someone here just told me that Carly is from my city although she moved away, still cool!

Virginia L. said...

You look LOVELY sans makeup! Thanks for sharing this sweet photo of yours. Not sure if I am brave enough for that :)

Dawn said...

beautiful photos Tiffany. So lovely to see the "real" Tiffany. Carly's challenges are so cool. I've done the first two now.

donna mikasa said...

gorgeous--you don't need any makeup!