Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet a little Boy Scout and a Box of Chocolates....

Two very cute new singles we have for the beginning of January!!

There were so many requests from our Lizzie Anne fans for a boy scout stamp, that LAD heard and granted their wish for one! Yay! And a sweet box of chocolates is just the perfect touch for Valentine's!

Although I do not have a new card to share with you today....I do want to let you know of LOTS of fun and exciting things to come....I'm so excited, can barely stand it really! Our Lizzie Anne Winter Release starts on January 8th! We will previewing new Little Bits sets along with a BRAND NEW stay tuned!! You'll love it!

Now on to other fun stuff - my darling blogging buddies Jill and Sanne graciously gave me this blogger award, thank you so much ladies!!

I'm supposed to post 7 interesting facts about myself....hmmm...I'm rather boring, but let's see if I can make something up...LOL.

1. I am allergic to dog and cat hair....when I was dating DH, I came into contact with a lot of animals and had a lot of rashes and itchiness, so much so, that I had to get prescription medicine to fight it...thankfully it went away before our wedding!

2. I LOVE pickles...many of you may already know that...I could eat a whole normal sized jar in less than a week.

3. I love old movies like Alfred Hitchcock or anything with Grace Kelly.

4. I secretly want to be accidentally locked inside of a crafting store after hours....wouldn't that be fun? And so much eye candy?

5. I love favorite is salmon and I will eat just about any type of fish out there!

6. DH just added this just now - "You're on the computer 24/7."

And....are you ready for this one?

7. I still keep in touch with my Kindergarten one believes me when I tell them...but it's true....I was her student in 1975....we have talked on the phone and written letters since 1987.....she has 'watched' me grow up all these years...she is my hero!

By now, I'm sure so many of my blogging friends have received this award, I LOVE YA all!!! Play along with this game if you'd like, I would love to hear more about you.

I have to run off now to a family party! Catch up with you all on Monday! ;)


Jane said...

So fun to learn new things!!
You're cute!

Denise said...

Two great images to work with! Love the box of chocolates!!!!
Happy New Year!
Aloha & Hugs,

Suzanne C said...

Cute stamps and perfect for those stamping mommas who are mothers of scouts. Loved your interesting facts!

rabslove said...

What a fun thing to learn about you! And seriously you still in touch with your kindegarten teacher?? That's cool!!

Cindy Lee said...

Thanks for sharing your interesting facts with us!! It's great that you still keep in touch with your kindergarten teacher! I don't even remember the name of my high school ;p

Maylee said...

heehee! love reading your facts.

ivy said...

i love pickles too! we would be fighting over that pickle on that sandwich plate of someone who doesn't like pickles LOL!
i can understand keeping in touch with teachers---especially someone who has really made an impact in your life. i keep in touch with my 4th grade teacher. it's great too that she has met my 2 boys too!

Diana said...

So fun to read all of your interesting facts. Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

So fun to read about you! You must be crazy if you like fish! haha! just kidding! :) Love that you keep in touch with your kinder teacher. I taught kinder for a couple of years and it is so heartwarming to hear how the kiddos are growing up!! Love the images you shared, too! Have a great week, my friend!

Alice Wertz said...

love reading those fun facts about you, Tif! =)