Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From childhood...

What's so wonderful about these new doll stamps from Hero Arts....is that even if you don't have a little girl of your own, you're certainly not limited to using them:

Childhood friend

For instance, I have all boys in my house, but I have plenty of girlfriends who have a young princess, or you may use these dolls for your own 'grown up' girlfriends for fun occasions like birthdays or just a pick-me-up card! Whatever your situation, I think these stamps are so versatile!

I made this card for a childhood friend who is having a birthday soon....and I mean....we go waaayyyy back...since we were 5 years old...

Childhood friend3

She lives far from me in Utah...where I grew up....and although, we don't see or talk to each other as much, we try at least to remember each others birthdays...lol! Or the holidays, sometimes we are too busy to even get out any cards, but she's always on my mind!!

Ok, so a little more trivia about me....she was my neighbor.....how close did she live to me? About a minute away in walking distance........they had a HUGE trampoline in the back of their house....wonder if it's still there.....do trampolines even exist nowadays?? I don't know, I only see swimming pools now.

We lived in a very RURAL area, and you had to be careful driving out in the streets, no....I don't mean watch for pedestrians or cats and dogs....I mean watch for DEER and COWS crossing the street.

There was a lot of farm land and tractors on your neighbors property....the smell of mulch and seasonal cultivating was abundant at certain times in the year....it was a tiny little town, where everyone knew each other and you actually said, "hello" when you passed someone! ;)

You had to drive to the post office to actually get your mail.......there was such a thing as a REAL newspaper delivery boy on a bike.....and yes, there were candy shops that sold 15 cent candies that made childhood a dream to remember! ;) So that's the short of it, how different life is now.......where I live in a much bigger city, homes are smaller, traffic is heavier, and although there are NO COWS roaming the intersections.....the life style...it's just.....different....and ever changing.

Enjoy the card!

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Paper Source cardstock.

Japanese origami paper.

Yellow satin ribbon.


Taylor said...

ooooh - she is so adorable!!! i love this card!

donna mikasa said...

Cuteness!! Now I just have to get those sentiments!

Loved reading about your childhood past...a real milkman used to deliver bottles of milk to our doorstep! Whoops...showing my age!

Maylee said...

Tooooo cute Tiffany! I have to get this set.

Love reading tid bits about your childhood. TFS!

Jill said...

Loved your post today! This card is great! So feminine and pretty!! :)

Virginia L. said...

I didn't know you grew up in Utah! I toughtyou were a valley girl all along! Love to know more about you, Tiff! And how appropriate to send this to your childhood friend!!

Jen said...

tiff, i too grew up in utah, so i'm dying to know where it was you grew up! and just like you, i LOVE these new little girls! i've just got one at this point...they are so fun!! love how you made her up!:)

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing the slice of your childhood life. Sounds wonderful!
Your card is lovely, no surprise there. Thanks for helping me see the possibilities of the doll stamp, I too, have only men in my life but I guess I can think outside my own box.
Have a wonderful day!

Dotty Jo said...

A really lovely card Tif, and a sweet little trip down memory lane! I am still in touch with a friend that I met when we were both three years old. Jo x

Rose Ann said...

She is so sweet, Tiffany...and I love the story too!!

Suzanne C said...

Love the pp and the coloring on the girl is fantastic! Lovely design.

Alice Wertz said...

ahhh... that sounds like a wonderful childhood, Tif! and such a precious friendship, too! very pretty card for your friend, she will LOVE it!!