Saturday, January 31, 2009

His winter smile.... this 80 degree weather!! LOL....I shouldn't be complaining about the hot weather that we are having in the middle of is nice I have to admit.

With this layout, I just wanted to HAVE FUN! I wanted to give it a very summery/valentiney/colorful look and I just loved splashing all sorts of embellies on was great....most of the time I am very stressed when I do layouts but with this one, I was very relaxed and just took my time! Diddle...daddle.....

Here is a close-up:

I want to hit the park today and play outside, get some exercise! That will be fun!

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Materials used:

Stamps and pearl gems: Hero Arts.

Papers: Flower Patch by Making Memories and Just Dreamy 2 by My Mind's Eye.

Floral and felt brads by Making Memories.

Martha Stewart edge punch.

Butterfly glass gem by MM.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag, you're it!

I just got tagged from a super talented lady named Kiara Lee. If you haven't seen her work yet, you must check it out! For the tag, simply go to the place where you keep all your photos, scroll down to the 6th folder and choose the 6th photo.

Post the photo and describe it. That's it! Have fun!

Here is my photo....Chris' first trip to Disneyland...he had a blast! Didn't figure he'd have to walk through the entire park! Poor thing...he was wiped out at the end of the day!!

I now tag some of my other very crafty friends:

And a former co-worker - a dear friend of mine:

Have a great day everyone...I'm getting out of the house and going to enjoy some of the sun today!!! I'll be back later with some stamping.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hearts Flower Bouquet

Here's a new card to share with you....I'm really loving orange and pink together:

I wanted a very 3-dimensional look for my card and thought it would be fun to try this out. To make my floral bud, first I stamped 12 heart images and adhered them back to back with each other for a total of 6 remaining heart buds. After adhering, I arranged 3 hearts to each stem and glued them together. I punched a small hole in the middle and pulled through the floral wire.
You can get floral wire at most crafting stores.

Here is close-up of what the flower looks like when finished:

After I was done putting the flower and stem together, I then took some fun dark teal ribbon and tied on both stems to make it appear as the leaves. There are 2 leaves on the pre-made stems.

Here is a close-up of the heart flowers looking at them from the top:

The last and final step to adhering the flowers to the card: I placed a long white strip to the middle portion of the orange paper.

Leaving the middle portion unglued, I took the pink ribbon and wrapped under and around the white paper. I then took both ends of the ribbon and wrapped around both stems and tied 2 knots to make it sturdy....and voila~ your bouquet is securely fastened to the card.

I chose a fun sentiment to go with the flower and stamped it on the right hand side corner. And that was it.....


Materials used:

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Papers: Summer Sunrise and white cardstock.

Inks: Black and bubblegum pink.

Ribbons by SEI and Making Memories.

2 pieces of floral wire.

Round corner punch.

LAD Sketch #63

Goodmorning all! Wow...I walked Chris out to the bus this morning and it wasn't even cold....I was shocked....maybe the bright sun will start warming us all up now! Yay....

Here is my take on this week's sketch by Lizzie Anne Designs:

I got to use some of Making Memories' delicious paper called Flower Patch! OMG, such cute stuff, can't wait to sift through the rest of them and play. The twist to this weeks sketch was to cut/trim out our stamp and adhere.

In addition to doing that, I also took my marvy oval punch and punched out one simple, white oval to represent an easter egg! lol....just something fun. I placed the cute little bunny on top of the egg!

For the scalloped circle edges, I used my tiny scallop punch and punched out assorted colors of paper and pieced them together.

Gotta go...I'm working on a paper flower project that is similar to one I've done before but a little more complex....hope it works out...wish me luck!!!

Materials used:

Papers: Flower Patch by Making Memories.

Stamps: Hoppy Easter - Simply Singles by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Diecut flower and brad by MM.

Inks: purple, bubblegum pink, pixie dust, orange, yellow, and black.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Lol...that's how Chris would say it....and by the way, he loves blocks too:

Here is another very simple Valentine's layout I made using the 'block' technique.....I love to use blocks whenever I use more than 3 photos. It makes it so much easier to align your photos, give it that perfect symmetry that I always like, and it give your layout a smoother look....I rarely use more than 4 photos on any one layout....actually I don't think I ever have except for one layout when Chris was really tiny. I can't really remember now...I'll have to look at my archived albums.

Here is a closeup of the sentiment, "My heart would be incomplete without you...":

And here is an additional closeup:

Have fun! Enjoy! I hope to do an LAD sketch soon but I'm awaiting for some yummy papers that are coming in the mail! Ack....I'm quickly running out of paper! I NEED MY PAPER....or else I may go into withdrawal....

Materials used:

Stamps: So Much Love by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Papers: Basic Grey's Urban Prairie collection.

Making Memories: ribbon, looking glass sticker, and shimmer alpha letters.

Ink: Chianti.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Those eyelashes....

If you would have known what I went through to get this picture, you would have cried with overwhelming happiness with me by the time it was

I love focusing in on specific features of Chris' face...because he just has these great features that I certainly don't!!! Last year, I did a layout story regarding his 'Big Brown Eyes' - some of you may remember that one...anyway, so today it was the eyelashes, another compelling feature of his!

I am learning new photography tricks each and every day - to get in really close on this shot, I had to first tickle him to get him to smile....whenever he gets tickled, he curls his little stomach in and points his head down and laughs....and BOOM...there was the opportunity to get those lashes! I was fortunate it did not come out blurry! Isn't it fascinating how us parents go through these treacherous means just to get certain photos of our children...hehehe..I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Here is the closeup of the sentiment, you may have to click to see the larger image:

And here are some fun embellies I used:

Enjoy this was so much fun to create! I have some more random shots I took of him and have altered to black and white to play with....just love experimenting with B & W photos the look that it gives! I'll be back with another layout with some similar photos!

Materials used:

Stamps and pearl gems: Hero Arts.

Papers: Chocolate Re-mix by Papertrey Ink.

Diecut chipboards by Colorbok.

Natural colored twine.

Inks: black and tangerine.

Round corner punch.

Just a bit of whimsy....

Did you know? And some of you crafters are probably like me tooo....I create depending on certain moods I have.....all 'good' moods though...definitely never create when you're in a bad mood! So yesterday, I was kind of in a silly, happy, whimsical mood:

Here are some of the cards I whipped up - just having fun - what other moods do I have? Hmmm...let's see, when I'm feeling with all my heart, I love to go thru Chris' pics and do one of those sentimental layouts....when I'm feeling girlyish (is that a word), I tend to direct my attention towards anything flowers, hearts, pretty ribbons, and other cute images.....

Here's another card I made for Valentines Day, using a stamp that is other than a heart, it's part of a fun 'fruit' set from Lizzie Anne Designs:

And my absolute favorite mood is when I feel totally challenged and then I start to think out-of-the-box....that's when I really get psyched up and wonder what I can create that is out of the norm for me...out of my comfort zone...and those projects really excite me....whether they turn out bad or if they are a success. What are your moods? Do they help you create positively?

Have a great Tuesday...looks to be a sunny day here where I am, but awfully chilly....ooohhh, that wind chill....

Materials used:

Stamps: Tutti Fruity by Lizzie Anne Designs. Hero Arts.

Papers: French floral by LAD and Papertrey Ink.

Brad: Deja Vu.

Felt florals and shapes by La-Di-Dah.

Round corner punch.

Crystal gems by Hero Arts.

One ticket tag.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Today, it is the official Chinese New Year! Wishing all of my Vietnamese friends and family a very Happy New Year! Since the holiday falls on a regular work week, our family was able to get together yesterday, on Sunday to celebrate!

A lot of my non-Vietnamese friends have often asked me what the celebration is all about and what kind of food do we today's post will be a little cultural...some fun tidbits and facts...and some photos of the wonderful food we had yesterday!

It is much like the American Christmas holiday where family and friends gather together, great feasts are presented on the table, and you may choose to dress up or not....depending on the tradition of the family. For the New Year, men and women may wish to dress in the traditional 'long' gown called Ao Dai, pronounced (ow y-i-y), the "i" being a long i sound.

The color RED is mostly worn to symbolize good luck, good health, prosperity, and wealth for the coming year.

Gifts are also presented to each other in the form of little red envelopes as seen here (look how lucky Chris was to get an envelope with Mickey Mouse on it):

Brand new dollar bills are often inserted inside the envelopes and are distributed to anyone you wish. The common distribution is mostly to those who are younger than you and children especially. You may choose to put simply a $1 bill inside or as much as you want....but the real meaning behind the red envelope is not the amount of money but the fact that the exchange itself represents the wish for prosperity!

Other gifts given are exotic, fresh fruits including kumquats, persimmon, and mangoes. Sweets such as sugar coated candies, assorted mung bean compotes, mung bean layered jellos, and assorted nuts are very popular! Fresh flowers are also given or decorated throughout the house as a symbol of good fortune.

Moving on, here are some photos of some of the food we had, I wasn't able to take more photos because I was sooo busy eating all the yummy

The hostess of the party had pounds and pounds of lobster:

Here is the main spread with a whole steamed fish, lobster, spring rolls wrapped with rice paper and minced sausage, fresh bread, and a Vietnamese style noodle salad:

Other foods not mentioned included a pot of moist beef stew, another pot of WINE drenched stew - wine being used for the added richness of flavor! And yet another pot of asparagus and crab soup (YUMMO) if you've never tried that, you must! Also some shrimp stuffed egg rolls for appetizers!
Am I making you HUNGRY yet? I'm still hungry! In addition to all the desserts, yesterday's celebration was a double one with a birthday in the family too. Here is a photo of a delicious MANGO and strawberry flavored cake:

It was soooo light and moist and just the perfect touch of sugar that it just melted in your mouth...Wonderful stuff! I don't like cakes that are tooo sweet, takes away the goodness of it!

Have fun and enjoy! I will be back to crafting a little later today!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hearts butterfly.....

Today was a really fun day! I got to meet up with a Hero Arts friend who belongs to the same flickr forum that I'm in, we met for the first time today and here is a little card that I made her:

I picked up this really gorgeous bag at Target and just loved, loved the colors and was so inspired by the colors that I just had to make a card to match!

Here is a little closeup of the wonderful butterfly stamp:

Just love it! Here's a closeup of the top of the gift bag, I don't think the true 'green' color shows on the bag in this picture but you get the idea! I added a separate ribbon tie that I found to match also:

Here are some photos from our meet, a very fun birthday party in which she hosted for her son:

We both exchanged scrapping and cardmaking goodies - she gave me one of her hand made cards that I just love, you may view it HERE.

Both of our kids got to meet each other and had lots of fun!

Chris ate and ate a lot!

Wouldn't mind having this in my diet everyday:

Got in a cute smile from him too:

You can check out all the other photos from our day on my photostream. Thanks for a great day Ivy, it was indeed, a very 'special day' as the sentiment on the card portrays. You are probably still celebrating!

Materials used for card:

Stamps and pearl gems: Hero Arts.

Miscellaneous papers and white cardstock.

Round corner punch.

Ink: Moss green.

Natural twine.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I'm getting in the mood to scrap some of my older wedding photos:

I am glad the professional photos from the photographers are completed....but I still have a ton of photos that we took and photos from friends that have literally been sitting in a stationery box for over 5 years, I need to get in gear and finish these like catching up on Chris' old baby photos....that may be a never ending project.

But I'm glad that it gives me an excuse to have fun scrapping. ;)

Here is a closeup of some heart stamps that I used to assemble a flower:

And here is a close up of Chance and I....awww...when we were much younger....the good ol' days - don't you just love looking back and reminiscing?

Have a great day.... and thanks always for stopping by!

Materials used:

Papers: French floral by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Making Memories: Definition phrases, green paper florals, and ribbons.

Pink Lace ribbon by Doodlebug Designs.

Chatterbox's artsylicious brads.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hand made owls

Today, I have lots of fun things to share with you....little tidbits is what I love the most....taking my papers and crafting tools and piecing together items to make a bigger object!

Since owls and other little critters are the 'in' thing right now, I thought I'd have my try at making my own little's what I came up with, these are tiny, 2" x 2" enclosure cards:

I'll list all the supplies I used to make the base portion of the owl on my "materials" list at the bottom. Here is a closeup of the stamps I used:

Just a little more detail shown here:

And finally, I wanted to also incorporate the little guy on a much bigger card, a 4" x 4" card, so I took one of the owls - took the back standing portion off, and directly adhered onto the larger card - I added some more stamps and another sentiment to complete the look:

Hope you've enjoyed it!

Materials used:

Papers: Pixie Dust and Dark Chocolate.

Stamps, heart gems, pink gems, white and cream florals: Hero Arts.

Hole punch (for the eyes).

Marvy oval punch (for the middle body of the owl).

Round corner punch.

Inks: light brown and pixie dust.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LAD WC #62 - 2nd version.....and some cute critters....'s been a busy day...have been catching some of the inauguration on TV, hence the late post today.......enjoy my 2nd version that I came up with for LAD's weekly sketch:

I thought it would be cute to use the School Days set and a Simply Singles sentiment that I used a while back for a Mother's Day project. So I combined the two to make it a Valentines card....kind of like a card that two sweet little kids could give to their mom! I loved using some non-traditional colors as well - tangerine, yellow, and boysenberry. I also love the ribbon and slide from Making Memories.

Loved the way it turned out, overall!

Here is another card I made today with these critters from my HA stamps:

Very simple...I was going for simple and also I wanted to use a lot of grey and darker colors combined with bright pink. I normally don't like to use grey of any kind...but it's a nice challenge!

Have a great day!

Materials used:

Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs and Hero Arts.

Papers: Papertrey Ink, Bazzill, and Basic Grey.

Making Memories: Heart brads, ribbon, and heart pins.

Martha Stewart edge punch.

Round corner punch.
Yellow flower cutout is actually a piece of ribbon from Doodlebug Designs.

Monday, January 19, 2009

LAD Weekly Sketch #62

It's time for tea, even though I don't drink love this stamp set is the SKETCH for this week.

And here is my take on it:

I think the hardest part was trimming out the tea pot, great challenge for me:

And here is the closeup of the sentiment and bottom of card:

I have another idea for this sketch that I'm dangling in my head....may give it a try soon!

Have fun!

Materials used:

Stamps: Tea Time by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Papers: Love Notes by Making Memories.

Looking glass sticker by Making Memories.

Green leaf ribbon.

Inks: strawberry red, black, moss green, bubblegum pink, brown, and bright green.

Round corner punch.

Top 5

Hi's MLK day and the little kiddy is off from school...he is sitting next to me and playing as I type, so I better get in this post while he's still behaving....*chuckling*

Here is the last submission I made for last week's HA challenge:

Just a fun 'About Me' page entitled, "The top 5 things that I love". I will do an "About Me' page every-once-in-awhile and update the journaling as it reflects on my life at the's fun and it's nice to reflect on 'you' and what you've accomplished or want to accomplish in the future.

Here is the close-up of the pull out tags that reveal the hidden journaling....I wanted to do the pockets a little different and make the tags hang upside down:

Enjoy your day....I'll be back with some more stamping later today...yay...

Materials used:

Papers: SEI's morning meadows collection.

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Flowers: Prima.

Buttons: MM.

Ribbon: Papertrey Ink.

Chipboard alpha letters: K & Company.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

School Boy Valentine Wishes....

Hi all! Happy Sunday! I've been fooling around with some ideas for this years Valentine gifts for Chris' classmates and his teacher....haven't gotten to the teacher one yet, but here is what I think I will make for the little kiddies:

I made a pocket out of the Valentine hearts and inserted a stamped image of a little school boy - which is actually from a 'school' themed set, but I thought it would be fun to adhere that to the bags, also tucked with a name tag from 'Chris'....isn't that little boy just too cute? Chris even looks like him...hehehe.

Here is a closeup when you pull the tags out of the pocket - it reveals the full figure of the boy:

And a closeup of the insert into the pocket:

Enjoy and have a great day!

Materials used:

Papers: Love Notes by Making Memories.

Stamps: School Days and So Much Love by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Metal clip by MM.

Ribbons by MM and Doodlebug.

Inks: moss green, black, bright red, brown, and teal blue.

Giga Heart scallop punch.

Round corner punch.

Martha Stewart heart edge punch.

2 mini Kraft bags.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Postage Stamps.....and a Layout entitled, "Brand New"....

Wow, it's Friday....I have a long post today and lots of fun stuff to share so lets get you like postage stamps as much as I do??? Ok, I admit....I love buying only the pretty ones when they come out....I buy pretty floral or heart stamps for birthday cards and other special occasion cards....the traditional flag denominational stamp - I use on

So when I saw the new Lizzie Anne Designs' stamp set called So Much Love, I just knew exactly how I wanted to play with some of the stamps:

This set was designed by Joslyn Nielson from Lizzie Anne Designs. Aren't these birds just adorable?? Can you imagine if the USPS actually made this into a real stamp....I think that would be cute!! I paper pieced both birds on all of these cards you see here.

I couldn't stop, I had to make another one:

And then I wanted to make one with florals - after cutting out this 'postage stamp', I adhered it to an actual card:

I can't wait to experiment more with this set...whohooo...I could think of a whole bunch of different combinations to play will be so much fun!!

Now on to my next project - a layout that is very special to me.....I still have a lot of baby pics of Chris that have just been sitting there all these years and have not been scrapped! I seem to be going backwards - retroactively and catching up on my scrap pages....I must say I have more scrap pages of Chris as an older child than as a baby.....just didn't have as much time back then!

So here is a sentimental kind of a memory organizer that you can also fill with baby mementos - see how the scallop end here is slightly open?

So it serves double duty as a finished layout for my album and a special place to store his old hospital photos, ultrasound photos, his crib name tag, a baby bracelet, his birth announcements, and a whole bunch of other memoribilia.
Here is a closeup shot of the pocket opening:

And the journaling I layered on top of the photos using my text editor, I don't know if it's too small to read so here is the journaling:

newborn baby christopher

It was a day to remember, my sweetest baby boy! Your mom had the perfect pregnancy up until the hospital visit. The excitement in the air was undeniable. Your mom was 2 weeks late and so anxious to see your little face and to hear your very first cry! Oh, I know, sweetie, you were nice and warm where you were, and oh so safe. The night that you were born was filled with much anticipation and drama. The hospital staff was preparing for your entry into the new world...but my little one struggled. I remember hearing the doctors voice calmly telling me that something was terribly wrong and that I would have to undergo an emergency c-section. There was a slight moment of hesitation but we knew you were ready to come and be with us. The surgery went well and your first tiny cry was the brightest moment of my life!
November 30, 2004
brand new

This was a really difficult design for me because I knew that the journaling would reveal difficulties that I encountered during labor - something dramatic and is not easy to share - but I somehow wanted to incorporate that into a soft and smooth flowing layout that would still capture the this was my finished product.

Hope you enjoy them all!

I'm taking a break on Saturday from crafting and am having a girl's day out!!! Yay, see you all back on Sunday.

Materials used for Postage Stamps:

Stamps: So Much Love by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Papers: LAD French Floral. Berry Sorbet from PI. Basic Grey's Sultry Collection and BG's Urban Prairie.
Making Memories: Pins and ribbon.

Numeric stamp only: Papertrey Ink.

Pink lace ribbon by Doodlebug Designs.

Materials used for Layout:
Papers: Bazzill and Making Memories Boho Chic collection.
Stamps, florals, and gems: Hero Arts.

Button and purple brad: Making Memories.

Butterfly diecut: Making Memories.

Ink: Frost white.

Martha Stewart Scalloped edge punch.