Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A woset in your closet? Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes arrived fresh and yummy today - ready for Chris' birthday party tomorrow:

Dr Seuss double chocolate

After strenuous hours of being on the phone with many bakeries, I finally found one bakery called Mrs. Beasley's
that was kind enough to custom make Dr. Seuss/Cat-in-the-Hat themed cupcakes for my son! I was thrilled beyond belief! They are located at South Coast Plaza for those of you in the Orange County, Calif. area. Mrs. Beasley's will make WHATEVER you desire if you're looking for a specific theme. They will really go out of their way to do so. This is his current favorite now, Dr. Seuss all the way, he reads a ton of Dr. S books and loves them!

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat closeup

There are two different flavors - double chocolate and vanilla buttercream! So yum.

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat

Sorry if the photos aren't too clear, I had to take them quickly and hide them before Chris got home from school - it will be a total surprise...he has no idea! Hehe!!


Jane said...

BRILLIANT! What a good mama you are! Wow......I'm drooling!!!

ivy said...

They look absolutely delush & perfect! Make sure u get a pic of his reaction when he sees these tomorrow!

Virginia L. said...

It's going to be a FANTASTI party! Do share more pictures!! HAVE FUN! Happy Birthday, Chris!

Dawn said...

Just beautiful Tiff... he will be so surprised. Hope the party goes well.
Take care

Stamping Cafe said...

Oh a very Happy Birthday to Chris!! You are a great mama, he will be so happy to see the cupcakes!! It's gonna be so awesome for him! Have fun and take a lot of pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cindy Lee said...

Happy Birthday to ya, Chris!
Those cakes are yummmm!

Vanessa said...

Yumm yumm! Happy Birthday to Chris!


Alice Wertz said...

those are so cute and they look so yummy, too! I bet Chris loved them!! Happy belated birthday Chris!!!

Suzanne C said...

What yummy looking cupcakes! I hope the birthday went well and everyone enjoyed those delicious cupcakes!

Dotty Jo said...

How wonderful! I love Dr Seuss too... oh, yes and cupcakes! Jo x

Rose Ann said...

Gosh...I just LOVE them, Tiffany!! One of my faves from the Dr. ;)