Monday, November 30, 2009

6:40 p.m..... when you came into this world....5 years ago today......11/30/ I am wishing you a BIG, Happy, Happy Birthday Chris, I love you so much:


Oh goodness, you are probably tired of me talking about C's birthday so today is his official b-day and these are the last set of pics I'm sharing, I promise! ;) Last week's celebration was for family and's pics and video are from his little party at school with his much fun!

Here's a short video:

Below, I set the table first when I got there before the kiddos saw me......after the table was done, Chris got to sit out on it first before the other kids started coming out:

Chris B-day table setting

He is waiting for the other kids to come out here - the candle was donated by his teacher....sweet!

Chris5 cupcake candle from teacher

Enjoying thoroughly! These cupcakes were a little different from the previous ones I had bought for the family......a little simpler but still delish!


And lastly.....if this wasn't the strangest, or perhaps, totally subconscious of my mind....when you get to the school, you're supposed to go to the front office and write your name and date on a visitors pass. On the pass, I wrote my name and then the date 11/30/04...without realizing I had written '04~! Wow, I thought that was hilarious when I came home and peeled it off of my shirt!!!

Hope his day is wonderful and yours is too! ;)

I will be back tomorrow with Lizzie Anne's new December Single and a fun holiday project I made as well!

Take care!


Virginia L. said...

HooRay!! I love hearing about Chris and I can get enough of him (LOL)!!! So happy that he had a fabulous birthday celebration! What a day this must be! Wow! 5 years old now :) You are a great Mama, Tif!

Lin said...

You are entirely forgiven for telling us about Chris's birthday!! All Mom's are the same! He is a real sweetie! Happy Birthday to Chris!! Thanks so much for sharing his day with us!

Rose Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Chris...what a cutie!! It looks like he had a great day!!

Maylee said...

He is sooo cute Tiffany!

Dawn said...

WOW - doesn't time just fly by Tiff... He is a really grown boy now...(and super cute looking too!!!) I loved seeing the photos - looks like a great party. Chris - hope you day was the best!!!

ivy said...

from experience, kids don't care what what kind of cupcakes they are....just that it has frosting on it cause that's all they really eat!
looks like you put together a fun celebration for chris' 5th at school!
(is that a handy manny costume you put together in the 1st pic?) cute!

Vanessa said...

So cute! I am sure he is so fun!


Sanne said... look at that lovely smiling face - happy birthday to Chris. He looks like he is having a great day! Thanks for sharing Tiff!
Hugs Sanne

Suzanne C said...

happy birthday Chris! He has the best smile. Love the cupcake party. Glad you shared.

Cindy Lee said...

He's such a cutie!! Looks like Chris is having fun celebrating his bday with his classmates! You are such a sweet mummy!!

Jill said...

So, so, SO cute! Thanks for sharing! Looks like you made his day so special. :)

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Tif, just looks like cupcake heaven to me! Glad Chris had a lovely birthday... he is such a cutie! Jo x

donna mikasa said...

Oh, my goodness! Your little man is 5 already?? So much fun to see him grow! Looks like he had a fun, yummy birthday! Thanks for sharing!

Alice Wertz said...

I bet Chris had a great time on his birthday!! thanks for sharing Chris' birthday with us!!

Diana said...

ADORE your beautiful son, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing!