Friday, October 30, 2009

Stamping on white!

Hi all! Happy Halloween...almost!!! Today, I'm going to go in a different direction and instead of making a Halloween's sooo cold outside that I thought I'd brighten and warm my day with a fun, colorful card:

Pink Blooms

I don't stamp directly on white cardstock as much as I would like to! Many may think this is either too simple of a technique or too boring....but you would be amazed at what you can make depending on the color you used and how you work the design....I usually like to keep my elements extremely simple and carefree.....

Pink Blooms2

I think the emphasis is still keeping an open white surface but making the image your focal point and that's it, it shouldn't be cluttered in my opinion.

This card below (which I made a long time ago) also is another example of stamping on crisp white:

childhood dreams


Today is a Halloween carnival and parade at my son's school.....I'll be joining him in a few hours for the fun! Hope you all have a great Halloween celebration! Stay safe!

New Card:

Stamps: myStampBOX.

Pearls: Prima.

Ribbon: Papertrey Ink.

Making Memories.

Old Card:

Making Memories Papers.

Stamps: Hero Arts.


Virginia L. said...

How MARVELOUS that you point that out! SOOOO true---"white background is NOT boring...". I find myslef loving the white background and use them often. I absolutely LOVE your examples!! I will now look at white background with a different perspective :)

TGIF=Tiffany's Great In Flowers (and all paper craft)...

Jane said...

simple and PERFECT!!!

Dawn said...

You are so right Tiff - it is awesome to have some nice white open backgrounds. Love your cards

Anne said...

Hi, Tiffany! Gorgeous cards! I love the two flowers with the pearls and the fabulous stick pin! And the dimensional kite is amazing! Love it! :-)

Jill said...

oh my! I love, love, love that card with the kite! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a nice weekend!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration today...I was needing some fresh and simple ideas and these cards are perfect!

Vanessa said...

Oh my - these are fabulous! I love your fantastic work!


Jacqueline said...

So simple with a huge impact Tiffany!

donna mikasa said...

Stamping on white looks so crisp and clean! Will have to give it a go...

Alice Wertz said...

they are so beautiful Tiffany! love the clean and simple design! the kite one is my favorite! wow! love it!!

Cindy Lee said... I love these simple yet gorgeous cards!! It's so inspiring that I want to create my own kite card!!