Thursday, September 17, 2009

Floral Cupcake Topper Centerpiece

Hi all, my 3rd and last post for the day....oh my! I've been having too much fun is just a really quick tutorial that I made for Lizzie Anne Designs back in July - and am able to share with you's so easy and a lot of fun.....

I'm starting at the beginning, so the finished product is at the end of the post....uh ah - no peeking....hehe!

Step 1. Stamp multiple floral and leaf images from the Bloomin' Doodles set. For 10 stamped flowers, stamp 20 leaves. Color and trim each piece (number of florals and leaves dependent on the amount of cupcakes you are displaying). TIP: When coloring in your flowers, consider what color your cupcake frosting is going to be. Make sure the two colors contrast well so that your flowers will really pop with color (e.g. if frosting is white, color your flowers a bit darker, and vice versa).

Step 2. Using plain, white lollipop sticks, adhere each flower top using double sided adhesive tape.

Step 3. Decorate the cake stand with colorful flag strips....using assorted, bright colored paper. Trim a triangular shape approx. 1" on each side. Adhere with adhesive tape in a circular fashion until you've covered the entire width of the stand.

Step 4. Take flower and lollipop sticks that you assembled earlier and push through the center of each cupcake frosting, leaving 3/4 of the vertical stick to resemble the stem.
Step 5. Place two leaves on the frosting at the very bottom of the lollipop stick. Turn the leaves at a slight angle.

Step 6. Place cupcakes on cupcake stand and adjust to desired look! And Voila ~ you have a delicious looking summer time sweet treat that is perfect for a garden party, a tea time party, a princess birthday party, or a bridal shower!


Stamps: Bloomin' Doodles by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Bright Bazzill Basics.

Two-tier cupcake stand.


Felt Tip Colored Markers.

White lollipop sticks.

Double sided adhesive tape.


Virginia L. said...

I am so blown away by your amazing and yummy creations! As I said to you, Martha Stewart should be calling you up any time now :)

DottyJo said...

so adorabel, what a cute idea Tiff! Jo x

Beverley said...

These are simply gorgeous Tiff :) A fantastic idea & you are so inspiring :)

Rose Ann said...

What a fun and colorful project, Tiffany!! Wonderful job with it all!!

ivy said...

look at the yummy presentation & cupcakes! fabulous!
(double sided tape is my best friend!)

Stamping Cafe said...

OMG, Tif!! What a master piece!! Love everything about it! You need to slow down girl, I can hardly keep up with you!! You are amazing!

Bethany Paull said...

I just loved this project so much Tiffany! It has such great details like the leaves and pennant banner.