Friday, August 14, 2009

His love for trains and buses....'s been a while since I've posted some personal photos that weren't actually embedded in a layout or a card...;)

Here's a few fun photos of Chris enjoying a manual peddle train.....he loves this particular amusement park that we go to year round!!!

It's a smaller amusement park - much smaller than Disneyland, BUT he loves the rides, and has gone on just about all of them.....because they are really catered to smaller kids and they really fit his whimsical needs!! This big yellow bus is one he totally LOVES!! This child is NOT afraid of anything it seems! It's also at the same theme park and I pulled this photo from last year but this year, I finally went on the ride with him:

Last year - DH went with him.....this bus swivels and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise like a ferris wheel and it goes really high up into the sky....and pretty fast too.....the kids get a big kick out of it! Definitely churns your stomach a little!
See you soon with some more fun projects!



Savitri said...

These are fun pics!!! I have been posting non embedded pics here and there. It's good for me since lately my crafty time has been very random. Posting just pics helps remind me of what we did that day/week.

Seems like a nice fun place!!!

Dawn said...

Tiff - he looks like he is really enjoying his time on the train. I think you are brave going on the bus... I get motion sick on those sort of things.

Rose Ann said...

Great pictures...and it looks like such a fun time!!

ivy said...

yea, i would have skipped that bus ride!
looks like fun! my boys would have a ball there i'm sure!