Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hooorrray!!

Today has been super busy, but also super fun for me....I've been working on some projects I can't show you yet, but I also took a break to work on something else....a card that I had envisioned in my head for several days now.

Here is an adorable cheerleader stamp by Lizzie Anne Designs, in its original form, standing upright and straight:

When I was initially looking at the stamp, somehow I wanted to create a pyramid with this single stamp and create 'multiple' cheerleaders!

To achieve my pyramid, and make it look like the top cheerleader was standing on the shoulders of the bottom cheerleaders, I had to manipulate certain body parts, is that a little strange?? Ok, Yikes! I changed the look of all the 'legs'....I had to re-position one 'arm' and one 'pom pom'.

I wasn't sure how it would turn! For the bottom 2 cheer girls, I wanted them to bend one knee, and to soften the look of a bent knee, I curved the cut then added some soft shadow behind the white space.....I then cut out the tiny shoe and placed it directly behind the leg.

Overall, soooo super fun and I really enjoyed making this, have a good one!


Cheerleader Simply Singles by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Pupcat Alphabet by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Labels 2 Nestabilities.

Papaya Cardstock.

White stitched orange ribbon.


Winter said...

Oh, this is so CUTE! My daughter does cheerleading, this stamp would be great! Is it a digital image to download or a real stamp?

Dawn said...

Wow . How clever are you. This turned out awesome.

wendyp said...

omgosh!!! Tiffany, this is AWESOME! I kept thinking I wanted to do a formation with them, but never even considered a pyramid. Very creative how you adjusted their legs!

paperella said...

Super cute! Love the clever way you made those knees "bend". Lovely!

joslyn said...

okay tiffany!!! so cute. love what you did with their legs.

Stamping Cafe said...

Super duper adorable, Tiffany! So clever!!

Nancy L. said...

Really cute and fun, it came out perfect!

Diana said...

Oh, look at these cute cheerleaders!

Jane said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I was wondering, how do you store all your stamps. Tks!