Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Cravings

Hi All! A small project to show you today, nothing mind boggling about this's more for my personal amusement and fun!

I love using up scraps and leftover papers that I have....when it starts to pile up, it's time to use much better than throwing them away! These are fun little watermelons and a cantaloupe slice - all made out of 6 colors of assorted notecards and 1 piece of Japanese Washi Hani Paper.

These can also work as tiny placecards at your next summer gathering!

I put some glitter and colored in the deeper oval section of the 'cantaloupe' to make it a little more!

Enjoy, another one of my silly little projects.....guess I'm in that mood today!

Thanks and we'll see you soon.


Papers: HA colored and Kraft papers. HA Japanese Washi Paper.

Ranger Diamond Stickles.

Orange prisma pencil.


paula said...

Wow Tiffany!!! What an amazing blog you have. I loved your interview with Deborah & your blog is amazing.

Maylee said...

Goodness girl friend, you are so creative! Love the interview too.

ivy said...

you are amazing!that's all i have to say!!!

TinyRockerGrrl said...

Hi there. I posted this on an older blog, wasn't sure you would see it, so I just wanted to repost it on your newest blog. :)

I just recently started following your blog and am just blown away with your creativity. You have definitely inspired me to hit up a scrapbook/craft store on my next paycheck! :)

I have 2 questions for you and look forward to your response. What size paper did you use to make your Valentines box? It looks bigger than most. I can make the smaller ones and would love to try making bigger gift boxes! (I'm really looking forward to Christmas THIS year!!)

My second question is pretty generic but what recommendations do you have for a "crafty" beginner (mainly tools but anything you would like to share is quite welcome)?


Vanessa said...

I can`t believe what you create with paper! Love what you come up with! Great interview, too!


Katie Ann Brooks said...

Ha! So cute! i love the watermelon, it makes me hungry though. ;) Something about watermelon in the summer, its just the perfect thing.

Phinny said...

This is AMAZING! Gaaah! LOL Love it!!