Friday, October 31, 2008

'Tis I, the super sleuther.....

I'm back again today with some more Halloween is what Chris will be for trick or treating tonight:

I really had a lot of fun making this one, this layout took quite a long time because I had a lot going on throughout the figure, I didn't realize how busy it would be but I did manage to accomplish everything that I needed to do!

Here is a close-up of of Pooh Bear's famous saying....

Here is the journaling (click on photo for a larger view):

I may be back again for the last time'll see if I have time or's starting to get dark....yay!

Enjoy the layout!


Papers: Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. SEI's Paisley and Petals.

Diecuts: K & Company.

Large Rub-on letters: Making Memories.

Scallop scissors.

Small alpha letters and numbers by Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.

Giga scallop punch.

Buttons by K & Company.
Martha Stewart scallop border.

Happy Owl-O-Ween.....and some miniature surprises...

For this card, I was going for a look that was in-between Halloween and Fall...I love this owl:

Here is the entire card:

I'm soo, soo excited for tonight! Are you? This is probably one of the rare days in the year in which I actually want LESS hours in a day so that night time will hurry and get! Kids are all excited because they know they're going to get lots of candy tonight and that's probably the part that parents aren't too excited about, but oh well, it's the tradition of it all, right? ;)

In addition to the card, I also made some fun, mini candy holders. These can also be name tags or placecards if you wish, but I essentially used my giga scallop punch to punch out two circles, I lined 2 small cardboard flaps on the inside so that it would stand up and has a small partition for enclosing some candy....just something fun:

Closeup of the birdies:

Here is a non-Christmas theme:

I'll be back later on today with, hopefully, some more projects and pictures of Chris' trick-or-treating tonight!

Materials used:

Papers: Happy Day Collection by Chatterbox. Boho Chic by Making Memories.

Felt birds by Jenni Bowlin.

Glitter flower, Hibiscus flower, and Christmas floral by Making Memories Flower Shop.

Fall rub-ons by Piggy Tales.

Owl and tree die-cuts by Chatterbox.

Artsylicious brads by Chatterbox.

Stamps by Stampin' Up.

Ribbons by Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Collection.

Crystal gems by Hero Arts.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Personalized just for you...

So here is Chris' official trick-or-treat bag, I duplicated the same look on the back side...only difference is the back side doesn't have his name:

Yesterday, I was wandering around aimlessly in a store looking for a perfectly coordinating treat basket to go with his costume, but unfortunately, I just didn't really find anything I liked.....I guess it didn't help that I went so!

I did put into my shopping cart different ones, but then ended up putting them back on the I then proceeded to where all the Kraft items were and decided I would just make one for him! It was fun and he seems to like it a lot!

I made it while he was present and he ran towards me and wanted to peel off the letters of his name! So I quickly finished up the project and put it away before any further damage could be done! ;)

Here is a close-up of a stamp by Lizzie Anne Designs:

I also love these black, glittered alpha letters from Making Memories. The shimmery substance is really packed on good...great stuff:

This morning, I grabbed this shot of Chris eating breakfast, he was awake super, super early....maybe he knew it was picture day! I dressed him in a nice beige sweater and coordinating plaid shirt on the inside. Threw on some brand new jeans and he was done! I almost put on some dress shoes, but found out that his current ones are way too small....oops....that tells ya how long its been since I've actually dressed him up a bit. Hope he has a great day and smiles really BIG for the camera!

Have a great day everyone!

Materials used:

Papers: Me and My Big Ideas.

Inks: tangerine and black.

Martha stewart ribbon.

Leaf diecut by Me & My Big Ideas.

Buttons by SEI.

Pumpkin die-cuts by K & Company.

Ladybug scallop scissors.

Black, glittered large letters by MM.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We all have them....tiny, odd sized pieces of paper, ribbons, die-cuts, stickers, and other embellishments that aren't big enough for more intricate projects, yet we have enough of them that we don't want to throw away....

So to use up all of my leftover scraps, I think SMALL! I thought it would be fun to use all these little bits and pieces to make miniature goodie bags for Chris' classmates this Friday....we'll see if I finish them all in time!

They are great to use for small projects like this because you can get rid of them fast and you know you're eventually be giving them away.

These tiny boxes make great Halloween favors for little pre-schoolers because they fit right into their little hands. They're perfect in size so you don't have to have the 'guilt' factor associated with giving kids too much candy!

Very simple to decorate and mix and match the colors and patterns!


Yesterday's meeting with Chris' teacher went well! We all met in the conference room, so I actually didn't get to see his classroom...bummer....that's ok, I'll have plenty of time later on to re-visit the school. His teacher is so nice! I even got to meet the principal! He's doing very well and progressing so can really tell they have such a love for these kids....and such a passion for what they do!

I came right at the time they were having a practice fire drill! lol....boy did that bring back school memories...geesh! Fun stuff!

I saw pencil machines and all sorts of stuff that I've been way out of the loop on for years now! I mean really, pencils....I don't even use or own a pencil! But I remember hoarding them as a kid. Memories....truly!!

I need to get a candy bag holder for Chris....two days before Halloween and I don't even have the essential for all trick-or-treaters....maybe I'll get some creativeness in me and make a sturdy hand made! We'll see.

Materials used:

Papers: SEI's Eerie Alley and Me & My Big Ideas.

Martha Stewart vintage stickers.

Crystal gems by Me & My Big Ideas.

Papaya satin ribbon.

Polka dotted adhesive tape.

Die cut shapes by SEI.

Black bat adhesive tape.

Plain, white favor boxes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A touch of's meet and greet the teacher day!

So much to share and ramble about today, but let's get right to my projects first:

I love the color scheme for this entire set of papers from Chatterbox. It just really pops! The colors are so bright...I just love it! It is the Happy Day Collection featuring bright orange, yellow, and green hues. Normally, I would not think to use this set for a fall project, but I really like the colors and they went well with the stamp I chose.

Here is a closeup of the stamps:

My next Thanksgiving card features this adorable little pilgrim boy:

This stamp is from Stampin' Up:

So I have a ton of things going on this week, isn't it funny how things get really busy as the end of the year approaches? Today, I get to meet Chris' teacher for the first time...yay! I have not had the opportunity to do so since he started school this year. I finally get to see his little classroom, I'm sure it's cute as can be.....pre-school classes always are! It's just a little parent/teacher conference....imagine that.....remember how when you were a little kid and you dreaded those conferences? I know I did! I always worried what my teachers would say to my parents about how I was doing in my courses and my behavior at school! Now.....some 30 years later...and I'm the parent going to these meetings for my own child! Bizarre.....I am still in utter dismay at times when I look at myself and think, "Wow, I'm really a parent myself now!"

It is just the strangest feeling because now I'm doing all the stuff that my parents did when I was in school.

Thursday is Chris' picture's definitely getting a head start on the whole picture mom laughs at me because she knows I will try to dress him up and be all giddy about's such a tradition though, isn't it? We all want our kids to look their best on that day! ;) It will be fun....I can't wait...and he will hate the process I'm sure....he'd rather mom dress him in just a t-shirt and jeans.

Friday, ofcourse, is the big day.....Halloween.....and pending everyone's health, and I always have to say that cautiously.....we hope to have lots of fun that night!

In other news, I went ahead and changed my banner slightly early......I just have way too much to do this week, and since I had the banner completed.....I have no reason to delay. Like I said previously, do what you can and do it now....especially when things are going good and you're healthy....because there's no waiting anymore for me!

Enjoy your day!

Material used for cards:

Papers: Happy Day Collection from Chatterbox. Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater by Piggy Tales.

Ribbons: Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.

Stamps: Gina K. Designs and Stampin' Up.

Felt leaves: Queen & Co.

Accessories: Giga Rectangle scallop punch, ladybug scallop scissors, giga circle scallop punch, and marvy circle punch.

Inks: Red, black, tangerine, purple, aqua, brown, and dark brown.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paper trim and rub-ons

It's been a busy, chaotic weekend, but I did manage to sneak in some quick crafting time:

All of these cards required very little material...with some easy paper trimming and utilizing a lot of rub-on words and florals, I was able to make 3 simple and functional cards.

For this card, I used coordinating rub-ons to match the paper:

For the card below, I used some 'musical notes' rub-ons and arranged it to form the stem for the flower, just something a little different:

My 'wrapped in love' card features two cardstock layers and an artsylicious floral brad to complete the look:

Materials used:

Papers and ribbon: Ba, Ba Black Sheep Collection from Piggy Tales.

Brad: Chatterbox's artsylicious collection.

Rub-ons: Ba, Ba Black Sheep Collection.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stack it!

I love details on my gift wrapping....

However, there are times when I don't really get the opportunity to do all that I want to with my gift packages. I remember, for instance, last year during Christmas....I would have loved to decorate my presents a little more, but I think the rush of the holidays make people so stressed that it's hard to make everything personalized! Is it just a lack of time, too many gifts, odd sized packages, or packages that are just too big to decorate it the way you'd like? Or maybe it's a combo of all of these items?

This year, I vow to make at least a few gift wrapping ideas come to life! I love the detail on this looks like it was hand knitted with brilliant white yarn...I love it:

To add some more flair to any package, add holiday tags and words, or even rub-ons:


Materials used:

Papers: Holiday Collection by My Mind's Eye.
Ribbons by Piggy Tales' Ba, Ba Black Sheep Collection.

Joy tag, Snowman and Christmas tree tag by My Mind's Eye.

Yarn brad by Chatterbox's Artsylicious collection.


Here's my latest fall project....I don't make very many 'Turkey' cards, but this one I like:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Chris did feel well enough to go to school today, so I was happy! We are going to take it really easy this weekend and rest. The more rest, the better!

Here's a closeup of the turkey image, isn't he cute?

I'm so excited, Halloween is almost here, yay! I really, really want to dig into the bags of candy that we just bought but I know they will all be gone before Halloween if that happens, so I must say my hubby and I have been very, especially diligent about not even touching the candy! I'm so proud of myself! :)

Materials used:

Papers: Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater Collection by Piggy Tales.

Stamps: Stampin' Up.

Inks: Black, dark brown, red, orange, bumblebee, butter, light brown, and fresh green.

Diecut buttons by Chatterbox's Happy Day Collection.

Accessories: round corner punch and scallop scissors.

White tab by Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Collection.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alas....the storm has passed....

...and I'm thankful....thankful for so many things:

I can't tell you how trying the last few days have been with all of us being, it was bad...really bad! I won't go into detail but let's just say I've never seen it that bad! First, Chris got sick...the stomach flu...has missed 3 days of school.....then he slowly got better and then he gave it to me...then I gave it to my husband. And it turned out that I had totally different symptoms from them both...very weird!

So finally, it is late Thursday afternoon, and we have all recovered somewhat, and by that I mean we are about 85% better, not 100% but I think 85 is still a pretty darn good number! :) And as I sit here typing, I realize that the recovery phase of any illness is really the 'thankful' be thankful that we have the means and capacity to get better and be healthy once again! And isn't that just the greatest feeling?

Here's a closeup of the frame, photo, and the sentiment:

It may be hard to see it here, but I rubbed on these letters directly onto the frame, it turned out nicely on the actual page:

I'll be catching up with some of my projects...a little behind now but I have some Thanksgiving cards to show you too...have a great day!

Materials used:

Papers, ribbons, fall rub-ons, and alpha letters by Piggy Tales' Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Collection.

Star diecut and frame by Chatterbox's Happy Day Collection.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet Mr. Top Hat Scarecrow...

This is a great decorative item you can make as a table centerpiece or display virtually anywhere in your house! Your kids can join in with you and help you....lots of fun!

Give yourself some time to assemble though, it took me approx. two hours. The entire ensemble was made by simply cutting various size portions of paper. I loved using thin strips of yellow paper for his hair.

For his hat, I used my fingers to gently crinkle the bottom portion. I cut out leaf shapes and added a swirl die-cut on the side of the hat.

And even scarecrows can get pretty cold out there in the dark I gave him a scarf to keep him warm.


Materials used:

Papers: K & Company. Me & My Big Ideas. Basic Fall Colors.

Brad by Making Memories.

Adhesive ribbon by K & Company.

Brads by SEI.

Today...not good....

My poor little Chris woke up this morning at 3 a.m. - he was singing patty cake, patty I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.....until I heard a strange little sound coming from his mouth.... he vomited right after he finished his song! And he has been vomiting ever since, non-stop. We think he has the stomach flu....we gave him some meds and he is finally resting now.

Hubby and I have been up since three this morning and we're just completely exhausted. I have some projects to post for you but I think that will wait until things calm down here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 20, 2008

'Tis the season to be jolly....

I got to play with my Christmas stamps today:

Are you feeling the spirit of the holidays yet or are you dreading it? I think, for the most part, we all have a little bit of both....the fun of it all, the 'getting together' of families and loved ones.....and yet, there is the inevitable social stress of planning parties and purchasing gifts!

I'll be experimenting with some more of my holiday collection stamps as well as hoping to throw in a few more Halloween projects!

I love my little penguin guy:

So yesterday, we went out shopping and I was hoping to catch some early Christmas decorations out there......

Chris decided on his own that he wanted to skip all of my lingering and fanciful browsing and he just wanted to head straight to the Disney Store. At the store, he saw something he liked and the conversation went something like this:

Chris: "Pooh Bear......Disney!"

Mom: "Chris, you already have a Halloween costume at home."

Chris: Totally ignores me and says again, "Aww...Pooh Bear....Pooh Bear....Halloween!!"

Mom: " Pooh Bear. You have an outfit at home, remember?"
Chris: Starts fussing and says slowly, "I.....want......POOH!"

It literally went on and on...the poor guy.....So do you think I finally gave in or what? Hmmm....ofcourse I can not give that answer'll just have to wait and!

Have a great day everyone!

Materials used:

Stamps: Penguin by Hampton Art. Floral and leaf branch by Stampin' Up.

Papers: Basic red, white, and evergreen.

Inks: Fresh green, yellow, tangerine, black, red, and moss green.

Straw ribbon.

Marvy circle punch.

Scallops scissors.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Factory Layout

For this layout, I concentrated more on my yellows and browns - ofcourse, the orange element still exists in the pumpkin photos:

Hope you enjoy! Love this time of the year! We took Chris to a Pumpkin Factory Festival in our local area. It was a lot of fun and as usual...we always come home severely wiped out but it's all so worth it...for these kids to have their fun! ;)

Here is a close-up of the scroll work that I mustered up, I wanted to do some type of insignia and couldn't figure out where I would place it on the layout. I finally chose to place it at the top:

Materials used:

Papers: Me & My Big Ideas. SEI's Windsor Collection.

Floral diecuts by SEI.

Diecut scroll and leaves by Me & My Big Ideas.

'always adorable' diecut by K & Company.

Photo tabs by SEI.

Orange Pumpkin Patch rub-on by Me & My Big Ideas.

Circular Die-cut chipboard by Me & My Big Ideas.

Oval journaling tag by SEI.

Do you ever look back and wonder?

I was making these little wedding placecards....

...and thinking to myself, "What if I had done things differently for my wedding?" I know, we're not supposed to look back on that special day of ours and ask that, are we? The, "What if?" question....but what I mean is, what if I had decided to hand make all of my wedding favors instead of buying them? Had I enough time to actually sit down and craft back then? Over 5 years ago? Interesting.....It was just a different world back then...didn't craft much and didn't even know this thing that existed called 'blogging'!

Would I have been more stressed if I created everything by hand....very likely!! I do remember I hand made all the table placecards....but that was no miraculous feat....I think I had 15 tables. That I could handle.

But to create 150 - 200 individual wedding that's something to ponder! ;) Enough yacking are very simple placecards you can make for your own lovely wedding or for a bridal/family shower. I used two coordinating colors...lavender and apple green.

The purple has a wonderful gingham pattern. Here is a close-up:

You can either laser print your table numbers and/or names at the bottom portion of these cards, or you may wish to handwrite like I did. Never be afraid to use your own signature style...handwritten is very important and meaningful!

Saturday is finally's about 7:35 as I write and I'm trying to get in this post before the boys wake up....I think I hear Christopher making some silly noises!

I want to go to a pumpkin patch today and look for some real pumpkins....last weeks pumpkin adventure utilized a fun plastic one....maybe get Chris to pick out one that he likes for our decorating!

Materials used:

Floral and butterfly stamp by Stampin' Up.

Papers: Martha Stewart.

Ladybug scallop scissors.

Inks: purple, black, and eggplant.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet Bundle

I needed a simple little baby card and wanted to work with green and blue today:

These are very soft and soothing colors to me, and it really is perfect to use for either a boy or a girl! I used my marvy circle punch to cut out the petals of the flowers.

I further punched out another circular hole so that the sentiment on the inside of the card would appear through the front:

I can't believe Friday is already here! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Yay!

Materials used:

Papers: Me & My Big Ideas.

Stamps: Stampin' Up.

Ribbon: Making Memories.

Oval border and button by Me & My Big Ideas.

Ink: Cyan.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Embrace the Sunshine....

It's going to be a gorgeous day out here today....I just feel it! The sun was already up early and it made me smile and happy! What do you think of when you are happy? I think of this:

Flowers make me smile...shouldn't every girl have a flower every day of her life? I think so.

Here is a close-up of the sentiment:

And the little details like this flower always make something a little more special:

I've been kind of stuck in the house this whole week cleaning....and cleaning just a little too much! I think after Chris gets home from school...heck....I'm going out to breathe in the sunlight and let my feet get a suntan! ;)


Materials used:

Papers: Martha Stewart.

Stamps: Stampin' Up.

Marvy oval punch.

Ladybug scallop scissors.

Polka dotted orange ribbon.

Two wooden sticks.

Metal rim tag.

Inks: Tangerine, fresh green, and black.

Felt floral by Stampin' Up.

Bumblebee crystal by Hero Arts.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Holiday big, red tomato?

I have two projects for you today....just some fun stuff. First is a box topper with a stamped image of this cute little guy:

I stamped the festive dog onto white cardstock and added some rub-on characters and letters. I layered the white cardstock onto a red sheet of paper and then adhered onto the top of the lid. Very easy to do and it dresses up the box nicely. The box was made using one of my favorite box templates!

I also used some scallop edges on the bottom of the lid for added detail:

Now on to my next project which has nothing to do with Christmas, Halloween, or anything for that matter...just do you remember the pumpkin tutorial I did a while back? Where I used strips of paper to make my pumpkin? Well, I used the same format, but instead turned it into a big, ripe tomato:

I'm known for making food items and I thought it would be fun to try another amazing food product....the to put tomatoes in almost everything I is the ultimate fruit....technically a fruit ...not a veggie....but I still think of it as a vegetable....the best use for a tomato is definitely for making juicy salsa! Mmmm....yum! Now I'm getting hungry!
Enjoy.....for the remainder of the week....I get to play with some of my Stampin' Up products so I'm really looking forward to that. Have a super Wednesday!

Materials used:

Gift Box

Papers: Solid Red and Cream. White cardstock. Me & My Big Ideas.

Stamp: Inkadinkado.

Rub-ons: Fresh paint by K & Company.

Inks: Black, light brown, red, yellow, moss green, light gray.

Scallop edges by Martha Stewart.


Papers: solid red, green, and brown.

Two brads by SEI.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mauve and Apple Green

With all of this cold weather surrounding us, I wanted to make something bright and cheery that would remind me of summer time:

Have a great day everyone! I need to get going so this will be a really short post!

Materials used:

Papers, ribbons, frames, and tags by SEI's Spring Collection.

Noteworthy 'smile' brad.

Florals by Prima.

Heart shaped metal tin by Papertrey Ink.

Scalloped border by Martha Stewart.

Small tag punch.