Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Be creative in 20 - Day 6

There's nothing quite like dressing up something a little plain, and making it look warm and inviting:

I love, love the smell of candles - some aromas are just to die for! But in our house, candles are never used nor do I ever display them, I always have this fear that our house will burn down or something...especially with a young toddler around. I love to decorate them and give them away as gifts though, I know many candle lovers, as I'm sure you do too!

Here is a Christmas sentiment that I rubbed directly onto the outside of the protective plastic sheet:

New Fa La La stamps by MM:

Today looks like it will be another beautiful day in Southern Calif. Still a little nippy in the early mornings, but warms up quickly, which is why people always get sick due to the sudden change of temps! Off to run some errands! Have a great day!

Materials used:

MM: Passport ribbons, Christmas stamps, flourish rub-ons, and vintage findings.

K & Company: Christmas rub-ons, and snowflake chipboards.

One jump ring.

Ink: Bright red.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Be creative in 20 - Day 5

Two more days to go with my super fast and easy projects....it's been fun, hasn't it? I'm hoping to get back to some more intricate projects that take a little longer and more scrap book layouts too.

Here are some tiny little gift bags:

For the details, I rubbed on some flourishes on the right side of this letter 'm':

Here are more rub-ons that I just love - great for personalizing your recipients name:

Have a great Monday!

Materials used:

Making Memories: flourishes and monogram rub-ons, ribbons, vintage findings button, and sweet baby rub-ons.

Papers: Martha Stewart.

White treat bags.

Flower by Prima.

Alphabet chipboard and metal tag string by K & Company.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Be creative in 20 - Day 4

The days are going by fast...I'm so excited...Halloween will be here soon...lots of family stuff going on...we're planning a trip to Disneyland next weekend, and I have inside my head just a whole bunch of new ideas and designs and I'm really just getting giddy with all of it! Here is a fun tag that you can make to decorate your Christmas tree this year...or use it for any home decoration:

I've been having a blast making my quick and simple projects as of late. Here is a close-up of the ribbon tie that I use so much in all of my projects, and ofcourse, I can never get too much of those vintage pins:


Materials used:

Making Memories: ribbon, jumbo blossom, 'sweet' chipboard, trinket pin, and shimmery alpha letters (Fa la la).

Frame by SEI.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Be creative in 20 - Day 3

If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, then you probably know that I have this horrible weakness for chocolate...it's quite a heavy addiction in which I need my chocolate on a regular basis....everything from cakes, cupcakes, to candy and icecream! If chocolate is not a main ingredient...I get a little weepy. ;)

So in lieu of this love that I have, I decided to make these - some Chocolate and Orange Creme Petits Fours:

I love orange flavored everything too! I used the same box tutorial as my last post, except instead of making a complete box, I only had to make the top portion to resemble a tiny little square, and hence, the shape of a 'petits fours'.

I also had to cut the sheets of paper much smaller in order to make it so tiny. Folding the small 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" paper was a unique challenge. All in all, I was able to make eight little 'treats' and decorate with a small floral and pearl accent on top to resemble the touch of frosting!

Here is a box lid that I made to match the entire ensemble:

Or perhaps you like your chocolates displayed on your favorite dessert stand?

Another close-up:

I had a lot of fun making these. Too bad they are not edible. ;) Enjoy the start of your weekend!

We don't really have anything special planned as far as the family, but I'm sure Chris will want to get out of the house now since he's feeling a little better - he had a minor cold all week long. He was still able to go to school all 5 days though, what a trooper!

Materials used:

Papers: Windsor Collection and Paisley and Petals Collection by SEI.

White blossoms by Making Memories.

Pearl accents.

Decorative box - I used an empty embellishment box from K & Company.

Circle and square scallop punch.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Be creative in 20 - Day 2

I needed some small gift boxes, but instead of getting pre-made boxes, I wanted to hand make them. Here are two boxes I made from 4 sheets of paper - 2 for the lid, and 2 for the bottom:

There are many box templates you can use out there on the internet to make your own box, but I like using Nichole Heady's tutorial for her Easy Fold Origami Box. If you follow this tutorial, it is very simple to understand and you'll be able to create the perfect box each time!

After I finished constructing the boxes, I decorated them:

Here are some close-ups:

For this one, I wanted to tie the ribbon at a different angle before adding my accent piece:

Enjoy your Friday!

I have a 'yummy' surprise for you for tomorrow's project...it's a cute one! :)

Materials used:

Papers: Soft Spoken by Me & My Big Ideas.

Butterfly and floral chipboard by K & Company.

Ribbons and jumbo blossom by Making Memories.

Tag by Hero Arts.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Be creative in 20 - Day 1

Here we go....my first installment of my week long series, "How to be creative in 20 minutes or less!" It is possible! We all know that time is of the essence in our lives....that's why I wanted to challenge myself a bit and see what I could come up with in the next few days.

To start the day off, I thought I'd make a rose blossom for you:

This rose utilizes only 2 products: primary red cardstock and my small, marvy oval punch. Use your hands to twist and curl the 'petals' and adhere with fast action glue or clear tape.

Here is a little tag I made to go with it:

Here is the full view of the entire flower and stem:

Enjoy! Tune in tomorrow for day 2! Keep in mind that, for the most part, I already have an idea of what I'm making ahead of time, the colors I want to use, and the embellishments that I will need. If you have all of that kind of prepped in your head...then the actual assembly time of your project should be within the 20 minute time limit! Have fun and see what you can come up with!

Materials used:

Papers: Primary Red.

Inks: Versafine Onyx Black.

Stamp: Papertrey Ink.

Flower, ribbon, and button by Making Memories.

One faux stem leaf.

Tag by Hero Arts.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guest Designer at Making Memories

Today is a happy day! I had the wonderful opportunity of being a guest designer for the Making Memories blog. You may click HERE to view the project that I made utilizing their new Paperie Rouge Collection.

Beginning tomorrow, join me for a whole week of fun and cute projects entitled, "Be creative in 20", in which I will attempt to make one project a day in exactly 20 minutes or less! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I was at my niece's house the other day and she called out my nickname, simply during a random conversation. At that moment, an idea struck my mind and I knew what the subject of my next layout would be...isn't it fascinating how inspiration comes to us in so many simple ways? Here is the layout:

Up until now, you may have a pretty good idea of who I am, what it is that I love to do, what fascinates me, and for the most part....the subject of many of my ideas are my family...my son! But there are some personal things about me that I don't think I've ever revealed, or I may have revealed but certainly not in detail. For instance, I've never really discussed about my heritage, my background...where I'm from....or the many names I've had.

I was born in Saigon, Vietnam and moved over here to the United States at the young age of 5. I've always had a little nickname that everyone knows about in my family. It is a name that has withstood many generations and, to this day, is still used!

The journaling note here will tell you my story:

"butterfly.....it's who I am! When I was a child, my mom gave me the nickname "Buom", which in the Vietnamese language stands for a butterfly! She told me once that when I was learning how to walk that I would put out both of my arms in a horizontal position, flap them up and down, and would start walking side to side with my legs, hence, I looked just like a butterfly....how funny, isn't it? How meaningful a name really is? To this day, family and loved ones still call me by my nickname...this name will always hold a special place in my heart...it will always be ME!"

Here is a closeup of the butterfly....I cut out two pieces using a JB template. I then layered the pieces and used my fingers to gently 'fold' upwards the top butterfly only. I adhered some pearl accents in a vertical row to finish off the look:

Love these 4" x 6" frames by SEI:

Do you have a nickname or a special name that is significant and unique to you and your family?

Hope your day is wonderful!

Materials used:

SEI: Windsor Paper Collection, border stickers, dimensional florals, ribbon, and frames.

Pearl accents.

Butterfly papers by Me & My Big Ideas.

Doodlebug chocolate loopy love letters.

Butterfly template by Jenni Bowlin.

Aqua florals by Prima.

Orange flourish paper.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lovely Baby

I needed a card for a friend who is having a winter baby soon! That's the great thing about babies, they are all season long! ;) I still love to stick with soft, pastel colors when I make baby projects....so the color scheme today is lavender, soft pink, and green:


Materials used:

Papers: Martha Stewart.

Baby Word Stamps: Doodlebug Design.

Inks: Lavender and Black.

Flourishes stamp by Hero Arts.

Floral and heart button by MM.

Tag by Hero Arts.

Ribbon by MM's Paperie Rouge Collection.

My insight into THE purse....

The inspiration for this card came from the colors of this purse:

Here is my card:

A funny thing about purses....if you will follow me for just a bit, let me know if this has happened to you or you have gone through it in some similar fashion such as I have...or you went through a totally different experience! So let's see....when you first have a child...you notice that the diaper bag is the most essential bag you can possibly have! The diaper bag BECOMES your purse! It contains everything that is vital to support the life of this newborn baby that has come into your life, and it can still contain a majority of your own belongings.

The diaper bag is with you 24 hours a day, it takes you everywhere imaginable, it becomes a part of you! Then the baby gets a bit older......the milk bottles and little teething toys, and pacifier kind of go away...thankfully.....and all of a sudden, your diaper bag is still there....it's STILL your purse...but it's just a tad lighter! Yay! You rejoice in this remarkable feat...it is a triumph!

Then, the child gets even older, and yes, they still need the diapers or pull-ups and the packed snacks, but all of a sudden, the child starts school, and the diaper bag can be downgraded a little....or you upgrade to what's known as a backpack......ooohhh....the cooler side of a diaper bag....lol!

The backpack also becomes your purse, but not so much. You actually get to resume using your 'normal' purse that has been stowed away in your closet for years now. So you take it out and start using it and you decide...hmmmm....I think I need a smaller purse now just for convenience sakes....and all of us mom's love convenience in some form or another!

But then when you get the smaller purse, you realize that it just didn't work out! Things that you need to fit inside of it are still too big and there are essentials that you just can't leave home without! So then you go back to the BIG purse....and that's where you kind of stay at for awhile!

Did this make any sense? I think I'm finally at a point where I have the purse that is big but not too big and it could never get any smaller for me. :)

Enjoy the card! I'll be back a little later with a sweet baby card that I need to make.

Materials used:

Paper and leaf tag by Me & My Big Ideas.

Rub-ons (pumpkin, cone, 'FALL' word, and borders).

Ribbon and oval frame by SEI's Windsor Collection.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Here are some cards I made a couple of days back:

How are you doing on all of your Halloween preparations? Today was packed with a lot of things to do but somehow, it was relaxing at the same time....we had play time for Chris, went out to eat....too much eating today, I'm afraid! Grilled Salmon....yummy...and Chicken and Spinach Parmagiana Primavera pretty much did me in! Husband had everything from seafood pasta and shrimp to Mexican food by the end of the night....delish! What is a weekend without lots of good eats, right? :)

I have some really fun projects I've been working on and can't wait to show you...so tune in soon! September is just flying by..wow!

Materials used:

Papers: Eerie Alley from SEI. Me & My Big Ideas.

Tags, ribbons, owl, pumpkin and cat stickers by SEI.

Florals by K & Company.

Black Circle frame by Black Orchid/SEI.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Admiring beauty....

This is an amazingly simple layout I did of Chris in the spirit of the Fall season ~ the picture doesn't seem to do the actual layout justice....since good 'ol me decided to photograph this at 5:30 p.m. ~ not the best lighting...but still some light to spare. I will have to re-photograph sometime later. :)

The sentiment reads:

"Normally nothing stops Chris from his bike ride - but this was not the case - he stopped to admire a beautiful leaf. Nature at its very best!"

I loved using all the little rub-ons! Fun!

Materials used:

Paper and bird die-cut journaling tag by Jenni Bowlin.

Leaves and flourishes rub-ons by Me & My Big Ideas.

Flower and brad by Making Memories.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Holiday Decor

Here are some fun chipboards that I decorated, great for hanging as ornaments on a tree, door, hallway, or on a bedroom wall:

This is the small bird:

Large bird:

And the butterfly:

Materials used:

Butterfly and Bird chipboards by Jenni Bowlin.
Papers: Black Orchid and Windsor Collection by SEI.
Ribbons by Black orchid and Windsor.
Diecut tag - Windsor.
Animal Cracker buttons by Making Memories.
Large and small floral by Prima.
Pink heart bling by Hero Arts.
Brad by Windsor Collection.

What would I do without my chocolate?

I snuck in some time yesterday to make some of these, I think I'll do a whole bunch more later:

Yesterday was completely busy with house cleaning and uncluttering of old, unused toys. Running errands and lots of reading time with Chris and doing the alphabet....my Chris LOVES his alphabet....he knows all the letters and can point to each one and say it correctly....I'm so proud of him! He especially loves to do the alphabet on his little Tigger & Pooh laptop.

He thinks it's totally hip that he has a laptop now! LOL.

Materials used:

Chocolate Bars.

Papers, dimensional flower, ribbons, halloween phrase tags, puffy stickers and borders by SEI.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fa La La.....A Birthday.....#200.....and he ate what?

Wow! I have tons of fun stuff to talk about today! First of all, a great, big, HUGE Happy Birthday wish to my husband! Yay! He is two years younger than me...and we always joke with each other on this subject. We always say something like this, "When I'm 71 years old, you will only be 69!" LOL. We're always teasing each other!

Let's get to the project that I made last night. I used a lot of new papers and embellishments from MM's new Fa La La collection:

A tin Christmas goodie can and an enclosure card to go with it. Very simple and festive!

To make this flower accent below, I used 2 snowflake shapes and layered them together. I then took the green ric rac ribbon and actually tied it to the snowflakes. I adhered a small dimensional flower right in the middle of the bowtie:

Here are some more holiday stamps from HERO ARTS:

I'll list the materials used for this project in a bit. But for now, just wanted to say that I'm super thrilled that I reached my 200th post....whoohooo ~ it's exciting for many reasons.....200 may not seem like a lot of posts for some bloggers....but my case is a little different....you see, I had another blog about a year-and-a-half ago. It was my original blog and I had spent so much time and energy on it. For personal reasons, it was terminated and I was very sad to see it go away.

It was very much a part of my life, my DAILY life, everything I did and felt...it was my personal journal that was created just for me!

So after awhile, I knew I could not live without having another blog in which I would be able to creatively express myself once again! I started a new blog, THIS one...and pretty much had to re-construct everything with a few minor changes. I basically started all over again in March 2008. It was a hard process but it was my redemption....it was getting back to something fun and exciting to me, it was having, again, something that was uniquely me....a personal forum...a quiet space in which I could reveal my thoughts, my hopes, and my future goals. A place for me to share with all of you my lifestyle and my family.

So I am most proud of the accomplishment that has been put into it since March...and a lot of inspiration from others that have come along the way! 200....very special for me indeed! I need to celebrate with some cake or something. ;)

And to top off today's post, this is also quite a milestone - Chris was eating lunch yesterday and he FINALLY put 2 pieces of broccoli in his mouth, squirmed a little and squinted his cheeks - and the pure excitement in which I witnessed this feat was just too much for me to handle! OMG, he ate his broccoli!!!!!!! I have been trying desperately to get him to eat his veggies for a long time now....ahha, the saga!

Have a great day everyone!

Materials used for the project:

Papers, 5th avenue ribbons, 3-dimensional florals, Christmas tags, snowflakes, and border frames by Making Memories.

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Inks: Aqua blue, red, celery, light pink.

Giga scallop punch.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A card....and a little tweaking here and there.....

I would have to say this is a very non-traditional card, totally out-of-the box, it's fun to play around with my styles....I like having no rules:

So yesterday, I was working on my blog, and I decided to add some accents to it and create a background....boy, I tell you, I worked on it for quite a while before I got a fun background design that I actually liked and felt comfortable with. I really wanted some colors that were smooth and easy-on-the eyes....colors that went well with my banner. I wanted the entire design to have an autumn look....and I think I finally achieved it after a long bout of mixing and matching different colors. I think I'm satisfied with how the layout looks now! :)

This was a free background that you can download HERE. Check it out! There are some really nice designs and styles to choose from and it doesn't have to cost you a bundle!

Enjoy! Tomorrow's post will be a special one for me....and you'll see why when you read what I have to say and why it will be meaningful for me....can you guess what it is? Tune in soon!

Materials used:

Papers: Me & My Big Ideas. White cardstock.

Stamps: Happy Harvest collection from Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: Bright yellow, English red, brown, orange, moss green, bright green, and black.

Flower and button by Hero Arts.

Pumpkin scroll ribbon.

Round corner punch.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What is on your wish list this year?

I haven't really begun to think about Christmas yet, but I couldn't resist taking out some of my x-mas stamps:

Loving it!

Materials used:

Papers and Stamps: Hero Arts.

Sheer red ribbon.

Inks: brown, olive green, red, aqua, dark pink, black, light orange, bright green.

White cardstock.

Scallop Scissors.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Fall Colors...

It's very rare that I change my banners mid-month...lol...but this one that I just put up was one of many projects that I had made in August and it sort of got pushed into the background. So I thought I would display it now....I used a lot of Fall colors that I love - the deep reds, yellows, and oranges definitely remind me of autumn leaves.

I think I will leave this banner up for the rest of the month. I should be back to normal again in October with a new banner...enjoy!

Materials used:

Papers: Me and My Big Ideas.

Metal signage and frame by Making Memories.

Florals by Prima.

Butterflies and Chipboard by Heather Bailey.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Halloween Scroll Treat Bag

I took Chris costume shopping today......we found one, I can't reveal it yet...lol. So since I'm in a Halloweenish mood, I thought it would be fun to make another one of my treat bags:

A close-up:

Enjoy! Hope you get to do some Halloween shopping of your own soon!

Materials used:

One, dark chocolate striped bag.

Papers: Noteworthy/Tara Collection.

Plain scroll chipboard.

Chipboard stickers by KI Memories.

Scallop scissors.

Ribbon by Making Memories' Spellbound collection.

Loopy Love Doodlebug alpha letters.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Travel Keepsake Box

I said I was going to rest from crafting today, but somehow, that just didn't happen.......it turned out little Chris had a minor runny nose today at around 3:00 p.m. so I gave him some Tylenol and some cuddly hugs...poor thing....he fell asleep right away.

I'm pretty sure he was just exhausted from the entire week of school and it just consumed him today. It's tough for these little kids to get back into the swing of school again, especially after a long summer break!

Anyway, so while he was sleeping, I got in some creating time and made a really quick and cute little keepsake box:

This box has a travel theme to it and is great for a recipient who has just come home from a faraway destination. Travelers and vacationers tend to pick up so many little knick knacks as souvenirs along the way....and what better way to store all of the smaller souvenirs than these handy little boxes.

Here is a gift tag to go with the box:

I used bits and pieces of different traveling themed papers to decorate the outside of the box - I love the snippet of Paris, France on this one:

So glad the weekend is here! I hope you all have a good one!

Materials used:

Papers: Journaling Stamp by K & Company. Passport Collection by Making Memories.

5th Avenue ribbon by Making Memories.

Chipboard by Heather Bailey.

Paper florals by K & Company.

Well worn tags by MM.

A Poem to share...

Today is a day of rest....by resting I mean I take a day off from my arts & crafts projects. It was still a very busy and full day of cleaning, laundry, other household chores, and running errands!

I was also able to clean out some of my older files and photos...quite a task sometimes when you let it pile up. While I was cleaning out the files, I came across something interesting....it was a tiny little....long lost poem of mine....funny how things get put away and sort of takes a back seat in your life until you re-visit it again. :)

As some of you might not know....in my spare time, I love to write! When I was much, much younger, I would write endlessly...everything from short stories to poetry. It was very much a passion of mine just like paper crafting is nowadays....I wrote with much vigor.....from day to night, often times with no regard as to what time of the day it was...often forgetting to do the very simplest of life's daily tasks, such as eating and sleeping.

Poetry was definitely a favorite because it didn't have to be as long as a short story...a little more flexibility to work with. Here is the little poem that I came across....and almost forgot about....you can view it HERE.

Hope you enjoy it....I have not actually had time to really sit down and write some good poetry for many years now.....life has just gotten sooo busy! But, someday, I will resume that once passionate dream and fervor of mine to become an incredibly talented novelist...never let that dream die, I say!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How hard is it for you...

...to get your little ones to sleep? For us, it's a fun kind of chaos and madness....you see...Chris doesn't sleep right away when it's time to go to sleep at night....oh nooooo....he has his own little way of doing things. ;) And this layout depicts it well:

Here are the things he loves to do before bedtime:

The sentiment:

Enjoy! I want to take a nap now!

Materials used:

Papers: Making Memories Ice Blue and Office Lingo Collection.

Journaling tags and tiny buttons by MM's Animal Crackers.

Large alpha chipboards and frame by MM.

Frog and worm stickers by Leaps & Bounds.

Paper Flower by K & Company.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Say, "Cheese!"

I took this very candid shot of Chris...

...and turned it into a very bright and fun loving layout:

Here is a closeup of the sentiment:

For an actual 'button' shape, I simply took red cardstock, punched a circle using my marvy punch. I then punched four smaller holes directly in the center of the circle using a 1/4" hole punch:

Materials used:

Papers: Primary Red and Yellow.

Tag and circular die-cut shape by Me & My Big Ideas.

Floral and eggplant button by Making Memories.

Doodlebug boutique brads.

Giga Scallop punch.

Marvy circle punch.

Hole punch.

Blue, adhesive tape.

Ribbon by Making Memories.

Vintage Hip Trinket Pin by Making Memories.

Blue and Green Alpha Letters by K & Company.