Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Season 12 x 12

So I finally got my camera to work - I don't know if it's totally fixed or if it still has problems, but I attempted to re-take this photo that didn't turn out last night - it is the entire layout of Chris utilizing portions of the banner:

Get ready to truly enjoy the many favorite holidays coming up for the remainder of the year, it's so exciting!

A little many indecisions...and a camera running wild?

It has surely been one crazy and busy! I really can't remember a time when I was busier than now, at this time in my's a good kind of busy that keeps you on your feet and your mind super charged and thinking though!

I'm going to be extra busy on Labor Day so I thought I'd post some stuff a little early....oh, a funny and short story about the banner....originally, I had planned for a 'back-to-school' theme and it was almost ready to go...until I changed my mind. I changed my mind so many times that I ended up making 4 different banners, 2 of them at the last minute - to which I could not decide what I wanted!! So there you have sorry for any confusion!!! Ughh....I know my sneak peeks went in the direction of back-to-school....

Here is the fun little poster/bulletin board that I made (would like to hang it up somewhere near all of my crafting supplies). It reflects a 'back-to-school' theme, arts & crafts style if you will:

On it, I used embellishments that all of us crafters love to use - ribbons, textured felt, brads, clips, and florals.

On the right hand side of the board, I used Doodlebug chenille paper for the 'note' paper. Fun little letters spell out the word 'quiz' and a 'tuesday' day-of-the-week magnet. Just really fun stuff!

On the left side of the board, I actually printed out 3 random layouts that I made in the past and clipped them onto the board using Making Memories' cheeky clips...too cute.

The 'learning' books I created earlier were entitled, "Card Making", "Scrapbooking", and "Stamping". I am still adding a ton of goodies to this board for the fun of it. Just something very quaint and fun you can make to add to your crafting room. Hang it on the wall and let it remind you that 'creativity' is a way of learning in many processes! I am still learning and having a great time with it!

Here is a secondary version of my banner with a pic of Chris in it....this I actually turned into a layout which has been completely finished but when I took the photos, that's when my camera started having problems on me.....I think my camera is hitting the fan...maybe time for a new one?

I have some troubleshooting to do with the camera soon.

Tomorrow will be filled with running errands, shopping for supplies, and cutting Chris' hair in preparation for school next week - he's grown it out quite long now!

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend...many blessings to you all!

Materials used:

Banner Only (original and alternate):

All materials by Me & My Big Ideas.

Bulletin Board:

Ribbons, brads, small alpha letters, and felt by Heather Bailey.

Doodlebug Loopy Love letters.

Papers: Paper Craft.

Cheeky Board Clips by Making Memories.

Doodlebug Chenille red, blue, and yellow papers.

Flower brads by Making Memories.

Tabs by Creative Imaginations.

Large, white alpha letters by Making Memories.

Large florals by Prima.

Friday, August 29, 2008

This is what I do...

...all day long...I love to dream & create:

Some fun close-ups:

Materials used:

Papers: Making Memories' Passport Collection, Bazzill Basic Scallops, Heather Bailey, and Office Lingo.

Ribbon, 'create' passport letters, floral sticker, scalloped border, and flowers by Making Memories.

Diecut chipboards by Heather Bailey.

'Dream' chipboard, ampersand, and butterfly by K & Company.

Brads by Doodlebug Design.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bubblegum and Honeydew

Doesn't that sound good? Ok, maybe not together as a food item, but I thought these two colors looked good for gift wrapping:

I love the beauty of gift wrapping sometimes, and it has been awhile since I've sat down and actually wrapped a gift box for someone...I really miss doing that!!! It takes me back to a more simplistic time when that's pretty much all I ever did was a lot of gift wrapping!

I hadn't acquired any likeness for scrapping nor stamping in my earlier times have evolved!

Enjoy my little gift boxes, wrapped with pastel honeydew paper and assorted pink and white florals. Very simple...cute....makes great wedding favor boxes too!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

101 Sneak Peek #2

Here's another fun sneak peek for September:

I have officially deemed myself going crazy.....with school starting soon, and trying to get everyday things done and completed - not to mention some agendas and appts. that I have this week...oh my gosh....I need a

Have a great day everyone, and as always, thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my blog! It is appreciated!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


3 siblings....3 perfect little smiles....I enjoyed making this one:

Have a beautiful, sunny day!!

Materials used:

Papers: Bazzill Basic Scallops and Martha Stewart.

Die cut chipboard letters by K & Company.

Trini Bright Calypso Tin Florals by Prima.

Diecut chipboard shapes (swirls and circles) by Heather Bailey.

Monday, August 25, 2008

school COOL...

Rounding out his summer school photo theme - using some new green and blue papers I have to match his cute little shirt and backpack:

Materials used:

Kurio chipboard shapes and letters - K & Company.

Papers, border frame, arrows, and buttons by Best Occasions.

Pure madness....crisis averted...

I've been going every which way the last few days.....Today, however, is just going to be a beautiful day....I am going to ramble a lot today and get my thoughts out...only because it was almost NOT going to be a beautiful day! I always feel it is calming to write everything down so that it makes me feel better....this whole blogging's a great electronic journaling device....a place to vent...verbalize your innermost thoughts into words....

So you know that I've been anxiously awaiting the start of the new Fall Semester for Chris. Over the weekend, I received the usual letter stating where he will be placed, the days and times he'll be going to school.....well, this letter that I opened and read to my complete dismay...was not the letter I was expecting!

I knew something was terribly know how you have your instincts? And you just have to trust them sometimes.....the letter stated that my child was enrolled at a school that was clearly too far away from my home, not even within the district, and that he was only going to go 2 days out of the week!!! The time scheduling also did not look correct. What?? I wasn't sure what to think! I pondered and pranced back and forth thinking this just had to be a huge mistake!

Unfortunately, nothing I could do to resolve my worries until Monday morning. So this morning I called the district and told them my concerns. The lady who assisted me looked up his name on the roster, and indeed, the letter was wrong....he is enrolled at another school that sounds a lot more familiar to me and it will be 5 consecutive days in the week! PHEW! Big sigh of relief! I asked the representative what had happened - she stated that this was a completely new 'mail' merger system that just went out to all the students....whoa....and that she would have to double check once again exactly what info was sent out to which's very possible that all the letters were completely wrong.....can you imagine how many went out and how many parents and students have been affected?

I'm so glad things have been resolved and I'm taking him into the 'correct' school to get officially enrolled today.....I can rest easy now and get back to crafting...yay! What a relief! It's just a tremendous amount of stress know. If you're a parent and you've gone through this....I can't even imagine!

Thanks for listening! I'll be back with a project a little later!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The power of discovery.....and an early Birthday surprise!

I love the look on a child's face when they have just discovered something new - a discovery that promotes such awe and fascination on their little faces! For Chris, that 'look' of fascination is inevitable every time. His adorable brown eyes become so wide and then he has this stare on his face that is so cute! It's a look that mommy loves so much:

That's why I can't wait for school to start again.....that power of learning, discovering, and exploring is so important...and he reaps in joy whenever he comes home from his day and shares with me everything that he has seen, touched, and sensed! It's really an awesome accomplishment for the child and an even greater feeling of joy for the parent, isn't it? To watch your child grow intellectually, in so many ways that you can't even imagine!

Love those eyes:

This layout (as well as some older layouts that I've done) pretty much encompasses all the facets of discovery that Chris embarks on in his daily activities. Hope you enjoy!

Today, we are all going out to celebrate my b-day, it actually isn't until next week, but my hubby and I have this tradition that if our b-day's fall on a week day, that we always celebrate either the weekend before or It's hard to do anything on the weekdays since he is gone most of the time.

We'll hit our favorite restaurants and I specifically requested one thing afterwards - a HUGE slice of double chocolate cake! I gotta have my's a addiction if you will.....but birthdays are always special...what is a birthday without cake???

My hubby also surprised me with an early gift...I wasn't expecting it until much later....ofcourse, he got me the PINK one:
I desperately needed a new laptop, my old one was kind of falling apart and THIS one, I vow that Chris will not touch! I must keep this one away from him at all! It will be nice to finally have back four keys that I was missing, my tab button, the caps lock, the letter q, and the letter w key! Oh, how nice it will be!

Here are the materials used for the layout:

K & Company: Upper case chipboard letters and numeral, floral buttons, and ribbon trim.

Papers: Bazzill Basic Scallops and Making Memories.

Large paper flowers and tag/frame by Making Memories' Hullabaloo collection.

Red Loopy Love letters by Doodlebug.

Giga scallop punch.

Butterfly chipboard by Heather Bailey.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Rounding out the end of the week with a simple card....I love simple in every form....

Love this little birdie:

So yesterday, I found out that I will be registering Chris for his 2nd year of pre-school...yay! I can't believe the time is just zooming by and before I know it, my little guy won't be little anymore...he will be a lot older and taller than me, most likely! He is going to yet another new school - he will officially have had 3 different schools by the beginning of September and he's not even 4 years old! Next week....I have to gear myself up for some busy, busy....haven't even bought his back pack yet or any new clothes, he's already grown out of his size '3' clothes!

Enjoy the card!

Materials used:

Paper: White Vine.

Mat pad, tag, and die cut chipboards by K & Company.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

US Layout

Chris & I.

I did a fun little twisty with my ribbon:

I love the embellishments from K & Company:

I wrote on the journaling tag:

"Chris - there are not many moments where it is just you and me! How I treasure our times together - especially when I snug you close in my arms. Love, Mom."

And what I mean when I say, "not many moments where it is just you and me", I mean that most of the time, I am the one behind the camera and I very rarely am in a photo with it's always special when we are captured matter what the occasion may be!

Materials used:

Florals, journaling tag and pocket, ribbon, letter and swirls chipboard, die-cut mat pad, and adhesive floral chipboards by K & Company.

Paper: Fancy Vine White.

A tutorial for my whimsical pumpkin!

I made a fun little pumpkin that you can use as a display for virtually anywhere in your can make several of these and in all different sizes for a centerpiece too.

Step 1:

I took a piece of 12 x 12 deep burnt orange paper and cut out 1" strips - approx. 9" long. You can vary the length and width of your strip depending on how small or big you want your pumpkin to look. Line them all up in a stack and punch a hole on both ends of each strip. Take a brad and insert through the end of one hole only.

Next, the colored side of the paper should be facing down, fan out all the strips in a circular field as you see here in this photo:

Step 2:

Next, take the ends of strip with the remaining hole punches and gently curl upwards towards the center, placing each strip underneath another brad:

Step 3:

After all strips are in place, secure firmly with the brad, you should now have this look:

Step 4:

Fan out the individual strips to your desired shape:

Step 5:

Finish off the look by adding some green leaves, I hand cut my own shapes here and then I used a piece of mocha colored paper for the stem:

That's it! Very fun to make and a great project for your little ones to get involved with too!

Materials used:

Papers: Fall Collection from Me & My Big Ideas.

Brads: Making Memories.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 1/2 hours....

.....of this:

over $70 worth of tokens, yummy food, and 1,000 + tickets (mommy raked it in big time with a win at the SpongeBob Slot Game) -

and ending the day with lots of fun ~ balloons, goodie bags, candy, and a happy son!!!

I'm hoping to craft very soon!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

101 sneak peek

Wow, it's been busy the last couple of days - I've been working on a really fun project that will debut in September....not quite finished with it yet, in fact I was working on it last night and am only half way done with it.

Hint: It's a little twist on a 'back-to-school' theme...hehe:

This one may be a little hard to figure out. Have fun with it....

Chris and I are off, once again, to some more favorite places of feet and mind have rested somewhat and I'm fully charged to have a go for another 2 weeks of summer.....although I must admit - it's tough keeping up with someone who has 4 times the energy level and spunk than you do! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

FALL forward....

Although summer isn't officially over, I'm already excited with all the project ideas that are taking shape for the upcoming fall are some fun napkin ring decoratives that I made:

These are great, ofcourse, for all of your entertaining needs, as well as placing them on gift boxes and treat bags. They would look totally cute as cupcake toppers:

I can't wait to use some more fall hues for scrapping projects. A few more close-ups of individual decorations:

For the 'chocolate' fan, all I did was use my Giga scallop punch, folded in fours, separated the folds, and adhered..just something fun:

Materials used:

Papers and embellishments: Me & My Big Ideas.

Flowers by Prima.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our day at Adventure City...

I just added a new album - 'Adventure City Theme Park'. Enjoy....mommy needs a nap. :)

Paper Lantern

Are you wrapping up your summer plans? Or are you still making plans for more parties, get-togethers, and fun decorations? I whipped up this quaint little paper lantern last night, adorned with little butterflies:

I thought it would be fun to hand cut my own butterfly shapes - the bigger ones were drawn randomly but the smaller shapes were made with my handy 'butterfly' punch by MS. Very simple and you can make a ton of these for a centerpiece and/or hanging above your main dining area.

These lanterns can be lit at night for a great visual effect. As always, when purchasing these lanterns, follow the instructions carefully as to proper placement and lighting of your bulb.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are headed out today to a little theme park called Adventure City. Chris will love has a huge Thomas and Friends play area for little kids to build the 'ultimate' train ride!

Materials used:

Papers: Me and My Big Ideas.

Butterfly punch by Martha Stewart.

One plain, white paper lantern.

Ribbon for hanging.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Rocket soooo cool!"

My latest layout of Chris and I can't believe summer is almost over:

Chris loves airplanes, fast cars and race tracks, boats, trains....pretty much anything with wheels, a driver's side seat, and it almost always has to be loud and go vroom, vroom or whooosh....

I was so fortunate to take a photo of this rocket spaceship that you see above. He's very into rockets now!! He doesn't say the word 'airplane' very well....but he is able to pronounce the word 'rocket' with much ease and delight! So everytime he sees a flying object that speeds by really fast and in the air, he will automatically say, "Rocket sooo cool!" With the emphasis being on the word 'so'! Just the CUTEST 3 little words coming out of his mouth right now....too just have to be here to see it!

Here is a close-up of this embellisment that is just so perfect for all you fellow scrapbookers who have a youngster:

This one depicts a childs day so well...doesn't it?

We still have an abundance of places that we are taking Chris for the summer before the season ends, and it's back-to-school again. I'm in a mad rush to get caught up with all of my photos as of late....trying to get them posted in albums for you to view and also getting them on paper for my hard bound collections! It is non-stop! But so much fun and worth it!

Enjoy the layout and I'll post the rest of Chris' photos in his album (you know where). :)

Materials used:

Papers: Doodlebug Designs, Creative Imaginations/Narratives.

Cheeky Board clips and metal rim tags by Making Memories.

Word embellishments by Me & My Big Ideas.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This....I treasure.....

I love the simplicity of this's's beautiful to me....the simplest design I've ever made:

This baby layout was made using another altered Black and White photo. It is a picture of Chris when he was 1 week old....can you believe how little he was?

I especially love the scrolls from Hero Arts, the brads are also new by MM:

Have a great day!!

Materials used:

Papers by Making Memories and Creative Imaginations.

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Ink: Versafine Onyx Black.

Classically Defined Definitions by Making Memories.

Jumbo Blossoms, tiny blossom, and brads by Making Memories.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Halloween Goodie Bags....

Are you reeaaaddy for Halloween yet? LOL....I had some time this evening and was able to create a whole bunch of fun treat/favor bags:

From now until October, I'll be posting a whole bunch of Fall and Halloween themed will be very sporadic...some here....some there....and I'm almost sure I'll be throwing in projects that have to do with going back-to-school! So check often, you'll be seeing a lot of fun stuff.....I just can't wait....Halloween is definitely among my favorite holidays and I'm sure the same can be said for many!

For these bags, I varied each one slightly - I didn't want them all to be exactly alike....don't be afraid to change around your patterned paper, the way you tie your ribbons, and mix up your embellishments:

It's so much fun playing around with my ribbons and charms:

Here's a closer look at how I decorated my crate holder - I simply took some adhesive purple ribbon and adhered all the way around the tray. I took two vintage Halloween owl stickers and placed them at each end of the tray hole:

I'll be showing you a baby layout tomorrow morning.....I'm getting started on that right now....

Materials used:

Foam pumpkin shapes.

Soft spoken flowers by Me and My Big Ideas.

Papers: Bazzill and Me and My Big Ideas.

Martha Stewarts vintage Halloween stickers.

Ribbons: K & Company and Martha Stewart.

Plain white paper sacks.

Hole punch.

Halloween eyelet charms by Making Memories.