Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ramblings of my day and.....details on the June Banner....

It is late Saturday evening....I had such a nice day....thanks to my hubby giving me my "day off." You see, once, or even twice a month, I tell my hubby that it is time for my "day off", and he just automatically knows what I'm talking about...simply meaning he babysits Christopher for the entire day and I get to leave the house and spend it however I would like! It's really nice, and my hubby knows that I need a break sometimes, just simply from everything! He's so supportive when it comes to what I consider this 'special' day of mine!

It's a nice de-stressor, definitely! I can choose how I spend my day and where I go, whether it's time out for myself, with family members, or with my girlfriends. Today, I wanted to spend some time with my mom and take her out and go shopping! Can't resist a day of fun shopping and browsing. I think the real, true meaning of my day off is not just getting out and doing physical things but it's a total, mental re-charging of my brain, you know what I mean? It gives me a chance to de-frazzle my mind and refresh itself! It's a great feeling!

While I was out with my mom, I also was able to take in some inspiration for a few more projects that I have in mind - it's really amazing where your inspiration comes never has to be anything intricate at all - a book cover or magazine, a shirt that someone is wearing, seeing a child's face when you accidentally bump into them in an aisle, or just seeing a beautiful piece of dinner ware displayed on a stand. The thoughts all roam, and although I enjoy my day, I'm secretly working my brain should be totally relaxing though...

Every mom should have a day off, what do you think?

So I just put up the banner for theme is a Celebration of Summer.....and all the fun and parties that people will be having in the upcoming months. Children are getting out of school and families are taking vacations. Lots of barbecues, family get-togethers, graduations, and birthday celebrations. It's all about celebrating what summer means to us!

Here are all the materials used for this layout:

Papers: Chenille by Doodlebug Designs. Coaster Papers by Creative Imaginations.

Loopy love alpha letters by Doodlebug.

Florals and brads by Making Memories.

Summer themed stickers by Creative Imaginations.

Assorted polka-dotted ribbons.

Scalloped circle die-cuts (plain).

White lollipop sticks.

Tangerine and Bumblebee silk florals.

Lace Paper by Creative Imaginations.


A Happy Card!

It's the weekend and I thought I'd make a happy and cheery card for everyone, enjoy!

Did I mention I love little butterflies:

Materials include:

Stamps: Doodlebug Designs, Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: red, tangerine, lemon, black, and fresh green.

Papers: Bazzill Basics.

Bumblebee gems by K & Company.

White polka dotted on yellow ribbon.

Buttons by Making Memories.

Accessories: Marvy punches.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Where did all this LOVE come from? New Links added...

I finally got around to adding my favorite stationery store links to my left navigation bar...I'm not sure why it took me so you know or those of you who know me very well....all this passion I have for crafting nowadays, did not initially begin with stamping or scrap booking.

Oh no, no, no, my initial interest was purely stationery products, beautifully printed and designed stationery on the very finest of papers. That's where it all started....and then I think that I actually wandered into other arenas...and DISCOVERED other mediums related to the stationery business. That's when I discovered all about scrap booking, rubber stamping, and ink? What? I have to ink myself? LOL, that was the first few thoughts of a novice stamper....I still do not think of myself as a professional stamper by any means....I'm still learning new and unique techniques each and every day! Each day brings much inspiration and fulfilled accomplishments....but we never really forget where and what brought us here, do we?

I still, from to time, enjoy shopping at my local stationery shop or visiting online venues that carry my favorite I thoroughly enjoy both....pre-printed stationery and hand made stationery...there is no 'one or the other' for's a mix of love for everything, you know?

So if you have an interest as well, check out the new links to your all time favorite are LuLu products by Anne Keenan Higgins...just love her artistry. You can find out all about her crafting technique and who LuLu is...and what she encompasses for all of us women out there. Great products! My personal favorite in Anne's collection are her yearly calendars...OMG....I can't get enough of those calendars, I always purchase the wall edition and it's a must have for me....I can't live without my LuLu husband always gets the duty of ordering the calendar for me whenever it reaches the end of the's always one of my Christmas

I just heard the 2009 calendar is coming out soon and you know I just can't wait to get my hands on it! :)

Personalized Memory Album

I finally got to play with my new memory album from was so much fun...every girl should definitely have one of these:

This is an 8" x 8" album that I thought I would simply decorate as a keepsake for myself. I really don't have a hard back memory book in which I can store some of my smaller arts and crafts projects - just the little things that I don't have anywhere else to store! So this album makes it perfect for all the accessories that I have.

The color scheme for this album consists of pink, aqua, and chocolate. I detailed it with some of my favorite things like butterflies, flowers, an asian inspired fan, some stamping, and lots of crystals to add a little spice and glitter! For the asian fan, I took a very small paper flower and folded it into 4's. I then tucked it underneath the fan and then adhered the crystal on top. Cute!

Here are some more photos at different angles:

When I was all finished with my album, I realized that I really liked the stamped image in the center window. So I decided to make a card out of the same image. I duplicated the tree branch and florals and made this:

Very simple...I love the soft and elegant look of this card. I stamped a 'friends always' sentiment and tied a chocolate ribbon at the top. I also adhered some pink lace to the edges of the left and right hand side of the card. A different touch. So the card was definitely a nice surprise...I never intended to make a card!

Products used include:

Memory Album by Noteworthy - Plain.

Papers: Love spell and chocolate truffle by Doodlebug Designs. White and cream cardstock.

Inks: Versafine vintage sepia and pink.

Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs.

Crystals, buttons, and florals by Prima and Making Memories.

Loopy love alpha letters by Doodlebug.

Aqua crystals by K & Company.

Light pink lace paper by Creative Imaginations.

Chocolate ribbon by SEI.

Have a terrific day! It's almost the weekend..yay!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Summer Layout

I wanted to make this layout page look very bright and cheery, full of vibrant colors that will reflect the upcoming summer months:

Hope it worked and that you enjoy all the colors meshing together! I'll be working on decorating a new memory book by Noteworthy soon! Noteworthy has just come out with an exciting new line of products...can't wait to get started on some of those!

Materials used:

Papers: Honeydew Notebook by Creative Imaginations. White and green scalloped by Bazzill Basics.

Florals by Prima.

Alpha letters by Doodlebug Designs.

Colorboard sticker, buttons, garden party chipboard, and glitter die-cut all by Making Memories/Noteworthy.

Summer themed stickers by Creative Imaginations.

Ribbon by SEI.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Remember the photos of Chris' day out at the park? I took my favorite one from the entire selection and here is the layout:

I enlarged the original photo to an 8" x 10" photo - it's pretty big! I usually don't print my photos for a layout bigger than 5" x 7", but for this particular page, I wanted the picture to be the main focus instead of the embellishments. I also wanted to make use of the overall space on the paper. I used a lot of fun buttons and enjoyed all the layering of the buttons and florals!

I love the Heidi Swapp stamp 'Treasure'. She has so many great stamps, it's hard to decide exactly which one to use!

For one of the smaller journaling tags, I tucked about 1/4" of it underneath the photo - just a different look, I thought.

Enjoy! I've been asked by some folks how I manage to blog and do everything else that I do with a very active 3-year-old running I'll answer that question here.....I think, actually, I know...time management and multi-tasking have so much to do with it! Nothing really can be done during the day when my son is here at home. I take full advantage of doing chores and taking care of business when he is at school.

For my projects, I wait til night time when both of my men are asleep. That is MY time to do as I wish. It's when my brain sometimes works the best...funny, isn't it? The creative side of my brain turns on and I just do what it tells Normally, I will finish one project at night.

I will wait until morning to take my photo. That is the best time because all the sun's rays and natural light come into the house at the early hours between 7 and 9 a.m. After I'm done with my photos, I then make my entire post.

However, there are occasions where if I feel I have an especially long post to make, then after I finish my project at night, I will type my text first to save some time in the morning....hence, if you see a time stamp of 12:30 or 1:30 a.m. - I actually am typing at those hours. Then in the morning, I just have to do my photo - saves so much time, believe me! I get to stay up much later on the weekends, but I try to limit how late I stay up on school nights. And that's the whole blogging process that I go through!

Here are all the materials used in this layout:

Stamp: Heidi Swapp.

Buttons and blossoms, animal cracker buttons, glitter die-cuts, glitter clears, pink journaling tag, vintage trinket pin, and large pebble clip by Making Memories and Noteworthy.

Paper: Creative Imaginations.

Ink: Versafine Onyx Black.

Allison Connors large floral brad.

Light green adhesive gems by K & Company.

Loopy Love by Doodlebug Designs.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are you ready for summer??

5 more days....until the big unveiling of my June of you are probably thinking...omg...she's's just a banner...but to me, a lot of thought and time/hours goes into creating the perfect look that I want... and often times, I re-do the layout and the photography more than thirty to forty photos, before I am satisfied and decide that I like it enough to even make it a banner...I'm so stubborn that

So here is the last sneak peek I will be showing you:

Enjoy and have a great day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The White Dress

What I love most about what I do is the joy I get from diverting myself from the norm of making cards, scrap book layouts, gift boxes/bags, etc. Although I immensely enjoy making all of the previously mentioned items....there are times when I like to just let my mind roam free...and truly discover areas that I haven't explored yet. In the past I've made just simply 'objects' such as a princess carriage, a haunted Halloween house, icecream, cherry cheesecake, and even sushi!

But all this time, the one thing that I often think about and love to browse through magazines for the latest styles...this one thing has always eluded me...until now....

To make the illusion that the dress has texture to it, like most wedding dresses do....I used this wonderful white, textured chenille paper by Doodlebug! Isn't it great? There is an embossed design on the paper, and it just makes it so easy to use when you need texture and dimension on your project.

I really love the detail of the paper - it's gorgeous! For added femininity, I used a heart shaped lace paper to adhere to the edges of the dress...really neat stuff!

Here is a close-up:

Materials used:

Papers: Self-Adhesive lace paper and white line paper from Creative Imaginations. White chenille paper from Doodlebug Designs.

Pearl and light yellow gems by K & Company.

White daisy die-cuts.

Enjoy! I had a blast making this dress! I hope you're all having a great Memorial Day weekend! It's almost over and back to normal for me for Tuesday!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

No doubt....a future stamper...

See this cute little bag here? It's filled with yummy stamps, but they don't belong to me:

All of these are for him:

Chris is very into stamping now! He's going to be quite the craftster when he's you see the happy smiley face at the bottom right hand corner of the top photo? He says the words, 'happy face' all the time but since he can not pronounce the letter 'f', he says, 'happy base, happy base' - and it just sounds so adorable! He absolutely loves that particular stamp, I think it is his favorite!

Yesterday was a fun filled family day - we managed to do a lot and keep Chris busy! The morning started off with another close shave of his hair. Mommy and Daddy love his new look now, btw, he just looks so much older with this new hair cut. Although I do miss all the fluffiness of his older look, he was in need of a new style! He is sooo good now during the whole process, doesn't even cry or anything, he did get just a tad squirmy towards the end though when a piece of hair unexpectedly flew into his mouth - didn't appreciate that! If you take a closer look at the photo where he is stamping, the cut is pretty close to his head - very thin and smooth now! Totally short in the back!

We took off for the park after that - he got in some play time and some bike riding time but he didn't go for very long - it was kind of cold - this strange weather we're having here - extreme hot and then extreme cold intervals! We only lasted 45 minutes at the park which is nothing compared to the amount of time he can normally stay at a park.

We took him to a carousel that he likes but it was gone! I think I was more sad than he was - his dad was hilarious though! His dad picked him up and held Chris in his arms, and proceeded to go around and jump up and down in a as if the carousel was present. Chris thought it was funny...I got a good laugh out of it! Instead, they will be building a different kind of child's play area in its place - it's supposed to be really big and stylish! We'll see!

Later in the day, we went shopping, shopping...he picked up some videos, balloons, a whole bag of them, and a pumper - that's when he got the stamps too! What a day...we're always wiped out at the end of a jam packed day....

I'm working on some projects in the background that I can't quite show you yet. Tonight, I'll be working on some more wedding themed cards that I will post for you shortly.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

the cake...

....yummy...I love cake...especially chocolate cake. My next favorite would be just a plain strawberry filling and anything lemon or lime! How about you? Our wedding day anniversary has passed...but hey, it is still May, so I'm still celebrating....and as such, I thought I would make this:

If you click on the photo to see the details, do you see those cute little cake stamps that are lined vertically on the page at the left hand side of the layout? Aren't those totally cute stamps? Most of the stamps I used on this layout are by Doodlebug Designs! One of the very first products that I discovered when I fell in love with the whole stamping/scrap booking world! They have the neatest stamps and paper! You must check out their line of paper products and embellishments at Doodlebug Designs.

I also made a coordinating card:

All materials used include:

Doodlebug: stamps and loopy love alpha letters.

Making Memories: basic black and white papers, vintage trinket pin.

Creative Imaginations: pink lace paper, pink line and pink polka paper.

Scallop heart sticker by Martha Stewart.

Ribbon by SEI.

Prima's say it in crystals.

Pearl gem by K & Company.

Inks: Versafine Onyx Black and Frost White.

Green leaves by Black Ink.

White daisy die-cut.

Accessories: Giga Scallop circle, oval and heart punch.

Sorry I have to keep this short, have lots of things to do today and I would like to spend some time with my family. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pinwheel Flags - A Simple Tutorial!

So here is a sneak peek at a few things I'm making for my June banner, these are great for a party decoration, a table centerpiece, a cake topper, a gift topper, for stuffing inside favor bags, hanging on walls, and passing out for the little ones to play with.

I'm going to give you a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make these. It's very simple!

Step 1:
Start out with a square sheet of paper - you may choose the size of your paper according to how big you want your flag to look. For mine, I chose a 4" x 4" size square:

I defined each part of the square by labeling them with what I call 'quadrants'. Each quadrant tells you what part of the paper you will be CUTTING OUT. For example, Q1 - you will cut out the bottom left hand portion. Q2 - cut out the top left hand portion. Q3 - cut out the bottom right hand portion, and Q4 - cut out the top right hand portion.

Step 2:
When you are finished cutting out the pieces, fold all the pieces towards the back side, as follows:
Q1 - fold downwards.
Q2 - fold to the right side.
Q3 - fold to the left side.
Q4 - fold upwards.
You will have this look after the folding is completed:

Step 3:
You may now secure the center of each wheel with whatever embellishment you choose - whether it be brads, florals, or staples, clips, or epoxy stickers. I chose brads because they are just the easiest. I then took some epoxy 'summer' themed stickers and a flower and placed them on top of the brads. Adhere your lollipop stick last. Here is your completed look after you've secured and decorated the center portion:
Voila! You're finished and have some fun decorations to use at your next party!

All materials used include:

Papers and epoxy stickers by Creative Imaginations.
White lollipop sticks.
Floral and brad by Making Memories.

Have an awesome Friday!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Popcorn Floral Box

Yesterday was a really bad day for me...complete disaster...and today I'm dealing with a washing machine that is leaking water all over the garage...I called Sears Maintenance and they can't come out until Tuesday, and since I'm the type that washes clothes every day, I guess I will work around it until after the Memorial Day holiday....

But no matter what life throws at you, big or can always conquer.......and as a mom - I'm picking myself right up and am thinking, "I'm going to make it a good day, no matter what!"

I really needed to make something to cheer myself up. So after getting home late last evening, I took this little thing here:

And turned it into this:

Here's a close-up shot, love that flower clip:

Another close-up including the stamped image:

I'm currently also working on ideas for my June banner - Yay - will show you some sneak peeks of what is in store for that...hehe...don't want to show too much - you'll just have to wait for June 1st to see the entire ensemble! Enjoy!

Materials for the box includes:

Papers: Pink Line and Studio Basics 101 by Creative Imaginations.

Ink: Onyx Black and yellow.

Allison Connor's Floral Clip by Creative Imaginations.

Tiny Scalloped Heart Sticker by Martha Stewart.
Stamp: Le Jardin by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Assorted Silk Flowers.

White Polka-dotted on pink ribbon.

One jump ring.

Green adhesive bling from K & Company.

Accessories: Marvy circle punch and Giga Scallop Punch, tiny hole punch.

Plain, white popcorn box.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HIS day...

...and what fun it was! So I mentioned previously that today was the annual pre-schooler's PLAY DAY for the entire school district that Chris attends. We all (about 13 different bus loads, and that didn't even include parents who drove their children) met up at this HUGE park - and I mean it's no regular park - it's gigantic with lots of amenities, tons of individual playgrounds, beautiful landscapes, and unique slides!

He cried at first when we got there, because I think it was totally 'out of routine' for him. I think he was wondering why he wasn't headed to the school instead of being re-routed to the Here's a great shot of him and his teacher - I really love this one:

In the below photo, they are sitting down, lined up for their potty breaks....

"Hey guys, look at that funny woman over there with the camera!":

Sitting down for lunch:

One of the mom's made some yummy sandwiches for all the little ones. She also brought some fresh fruit, and tons of bubble bottles for each child to play with, it was all so colorful and very festive!

This was the BIGGEST fun for all of the kids, a huge slide that is perched very high from up top and is narrow and swerves all the way down to the ground - you start off pretty slow up top then once you get going, the gravitation pull just barrels you down the rest of the way. Chris WAS ECSTATIC with this slide. You have to run up a hill to get back to the very top perch to slide down again. I think all the kids went about 5-6 times, which is a lot considering there were hundreds of other kids waiting in line!

"Mommy, I'm a little thirsty.":

I got a class photo of everyone but guess whos child decided to not sit still, hence, he came out blurry in the

I still have a ton more to sort through....I will pick some of the best ones and do a layout...yay!
I'm exhausted and I still have some sand and dirt to clean off of me and inside the car (chuckle...close friends and family will understand this last Overall, a remarkably fun day, totally chaotic in every way, I'm talking not just the kids having fun, but there was some mischievous kids taking each others lunches and snacks, and, oh, an 'almost' lost child who wandered off! We found him though, thankfully! I'm really glad I got to spend time with Chris, his classsmates, and his teacher.
I'll be back with some more fun stamping later!

Goin' on a field trip

I'll be gone for most of the day - joining Chris' class on a school outing....can't wait to be surrounded by hundreds of little pre-schooler's having fun and roaming around at a will probably look like a huge outdoors Chuck E. Cheese

Will be back later with, hopefully, some fun pics to share!

Have a great one!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I rarely ever do a layout based on a photo of me...most of the time it's all about Chris, but when an idea comes to my head, I just go for it....and using another one of my favorite color combos of pink and chocolate, I came up with this:

I used an older photo of myself, 3 years ago - just hate using newer photos of me nowadays - I'm getting old and have aged! LOL. I love to be behind the camera now instead of in front of this photo was taken shortly after Christopher was born.

The theme behind this layout is 'she', meaning me....and what are the 10 top things that 'she' loves? So I wrote the following on the journaling tags:

she loves....

being a mom...
being a wife...
a friend...
to laugh...
to remember...
to listen...
the color pink...
to cherish...
having memories...
life and beauty...

Design Layout includes the following materials:

Papers: Pink and chocolate scalloped basic from Bazzill.

Ink: VersaMagic Pixie Dust.

Stamps: Floral Frenzy by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Pearlescent and fuschia rhinestones by K & Company.

Glitter Die-cut and Clears, and Pink Kid Button by Making Memories.

Bubblegum pink loopy love letters by Doodlebug Designs.

Tomorrow is Pre-Schooler's Play Day! All the pre-schoolers in Chris' district will get to spend all day at Atlantis Park and I'm sure they will have a blast! The parents are welcome to join their kids on this day so I'll definitely be will be fun....Chris, ofcourse, loves the park, and I'm hoping he'll stay still just for a few moments so mommy can get a few good photo shots of him!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I love the simplicity of this layout....simplicity is soon becoming a favorite thing of mine:

Loving all the colors and how they blend together! Normally, I would want to write a note or two onto the journaling tag to remember the occasion, but the paper itself I thought was so beautiful by itself, that I just simply left it looked perfect as is! Here are all the materials used for this layout:

Papers: White Line by Creative Imaginations. Basic Black and White by Making Memories.

Bubblegum Pink Loopy Love Letters by Doodlebug Designs.

Making Memories: Pink whisp floral journaling tag, basic black and white jigsaw shapes.

Floral by Prima.

It will be another hot and sunny day if you live here in Southern California! Ugh...just waiting for some relief in the weather......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scalloped Heart Baby Layout #2 for the day...whoohoo...we were all up so late last night and now we're all up so early this morning! Chris was his usual rambunctious self. LOL...I think I'm going to be really tired today.

Here is the layout I promised you -

Here's a close-up of the 'sweet' tag and I'm totally loving those glitter die-cuts and chipboards from Making Memories! The word 'sweet' and all the other baby words were simply made by getting on my computer and typing them up. I didn't use a stamp at all.

And here is a Giraffe Tag from the new Baby Animal Cracker Line at MM. So cute:

Design Layout Materials include:

Making Memories: Brads and florals, Garden Party Chipboards, Noteworthy Glitter Diecut, Animal Crackers Baby Line.

Papers: Blue Polka by Creative Imaginations, Chick-a-Doo by SEI. White and bubblegum pink cardstock.

Ribbons by SEI.

Blue gem adhesive by K & Company.

Accessories: small scallop punch.

Thanks to Leah Fung for inspiration on this project. You can check out her blog HERE.

Happy Anniversary and some wedding photos!

I finished up another layout of Chris late Friday evening. All I have to do now is take a picture of it and then I will post it for you shortly.....

In the meantime...just wanted to say Happy 5th Anniversary to my hubby! YAY, we've gotten this far....can you believe it's been 5 years...we have sooo many more years ahead of's all so exciting! Pretty much exactly to the day, we were married on May 17, 2003 - that day was also a Saturday just like today - at 11:00 a.m. Funny how all the little memories come back and you just sit and reminisce so much about's hard not to.

We do not have anything special planned, but we usually go out to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate....EAT! We're big eaters, we LOVE FOOD! All kinds of food and what better way to celebrate than to cure your appetite for the sweetest, most savoring food! Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, name it...we haven't tried everything but we're getting there! We love food so much that I was even thinking about starting a food blog...but that's totally something on the side....thinking how much I would be able to handle...2 blogs? Crazy....

So here are some photos from our special day...sorry, the photos are a little scanner must be dirty and in need of a good cleaning:

It was such a beautiful day....perfect weather.....

Look how young we were back always joke with my husband that we were SO young - and it seems as if we've aged way beyond our years.....oh, and how funny that I used to spend so much time on little things like my hair, makeup, hours on my hair each morning when we first got married......nowadays, I believe I spend only 5 minutes or less - and instead of worrying about's always worrying about Chris and what he is doing....gotta love that kid!

So enjoy the wedding memories....I certainly do from time to was a very special day in our life and we will both continue to treasure the moments that were shared with family and friends!

Check back later for the layout!

Have a good one!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Stay Young Forever Chris....

I had a specific theme in my head last night because of some candid shots that I had taken of Chris, so I went to my computer and pulled out an older photo of Chris and came up with this:

So in this layout you see a younger Chris which will tie in with my more recent photos of Chris. My theme for this layout is may you always stay young forever.....don't grow old too as you are - innocent and sweet.....but we all know that with each and every passing are getting bigger and stronger, you have a mind and sense of being that is truly yours, you can think on your own and assert your independence.

And because of this, my darling Chris, there are times when you still become that little mischievous guy that your dad and I love so much....we laugh all the time at the silly things you this picture.....I soo, so caught you

He has this fascination, I think for the past couple of weeks now, with my purse! Yes, he has to turn and flip it around and check out all the contents to his full satisfaction. It drives me crazy but I think it's cute watching him....I just have to make sure he's not tearing up any of my important cards and papers.

And then you pull the fast action hand trick in this photo below...notice the 'let me stuff it back into the purse before mommy sees me' think he's a little late with the 'mommy not seeing it part'!

I love you, make me smile and laugh with all your exhuberance and often mischievous fun!

Design Layout includes the following materials:

Making Memories: Blossoms and Buttons, brads, small flowers.

Noteworthy: Glitter Clears and Diecuts/Journaling Tags, Pebble Clip.

Papers: Twitterpated by SEI. Plain red and white cardstock.

Red Loopy Love Alpha Letters by Doodlebug Designs.

Big Floral by Prima.

Accessories: Daisy punch, Giga Scallop Punch, white sewing thread, Marvy circle punch.

My next idea is coming from inspiration that I got from Leah Fung, you can check out her blog HERE. She has a simply wonderful baby layout that I would like to try for myself. Most of the time, I would say - 95% of the time, the projects that I make are my original ideas. But there is that 5% of the time where I do find many inspiring people in this industry who share the same love for crafting that I do....and their work is so noticeably beautiful that I love to take their inspiration and try to create my own variation of it. It will be fun and exciting to see how my layout turns out!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


What comes to your mind when this time of the year rolls around? The spring months turning into summer, everything is fresh, bright, the flowers are you think of babies, birthdays....perhaps weddings? Aahh, I think of lovely weddings....young brides-to-be frantically chasing the clock as they finalize preparations for their's a fun time....stressful but a 'good' kind of stress....

This time of the year also reminds me deeply of my own wedding....5 years in two days to be exact - May 17, 2003 was when I got married and I so remember the day and all the months that led up to that special's funny how you remember every little detail and it's great to look back every-once-in-a-while and remind yourself how happy you were.....and how beautiful everyone looked! That's what this time of the year means to me, delicate colors and romantic weddings. So for today's project, I thought I would make and personalize a Wedding DVD holder and include a matching card (btw, these colors were not my own wedding colors, I just simply love this blue and chocolate combo)...

Here is a closeup of the coordinating card:

Guests will really appreciate receiving a dvd keepsake of your wedding and the coordinating thank-you note lets them know how special it meant to you for them to be present on YOUR day!

The concept of sending out dvd keepsakes is nothing new, but to make each holder a bit more personal says a lot. While it is not feasible to send to everyone who attended your wedding a dvd, you may want to categorize to whom it should go out to. Perhaps you only want to send to those who live very far away and were not able to make it due to family obligations or work.

Or you may choose to select key family members, relatives, and only very close friends. Either way, the sentiment will be appreciated.

Here are the materials used:

Papers: Chick-a-Doo by SEI. Flutterby by Doodlebug Designs. White Cardstock.

Florals and crystals: Prima and Making Memories.

Inks: Versa Magic Sea Breeze and Cyan.

Stamps: Gettin' Hitched, Floral Frenzy, and Far East by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Accessories: Marvy oval and circle scallop punch. Scallop scissors.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love Letters

Email is very convenient and nice.....but to receive a friend's card or letter by snail that's priceless. So in honor of an old fashioned hand written note or letter, I decided to make this last night:

I had made a mailbox a long time ago but it was really big in size, so this time I thought I would 'miniaturize' everything! The mailbox (with the lid open) is 7" in length and only 3" tall. It's so very little and cute! Even the hand post swivels...instead of using glue, I adhered it with a brad so that you can move it back and forth.

How about putting some cards inside the box...

How about a little more just to show your recipient how much you care:

I just love, love, getting 'real' mail in my box - you know what I mean, in between all your stash of bills and junk ads, a real letter or handwritten note card from a loved one is just so special, it's a sentiment that is so well appreciated. I, for one, have not been very good at sitting down and actually writing someone a letter. I think the last time I wrote to someone was about 8 or 9 months ago, pretty long ago. And, ME, the person who loves to write, the one who has like a ton of stationery sets sitting in the husband thinks I have way too much and we are running out of room to store them's true....I HOARD stationery and everything related to's such an addiction.

But you know, you grow older, you get married, have have a family and things get really, really busy! Things are complicated. Your priorities are different, and although I think so much, all the time about my friends and family who live far AND close - I yearn to take out that favorite pen of mine...sit down in a quiet area, pull out the matching stationery paper...oh must match...even down to the stamps sometimes...I know, it's an illness of mine....but it's a yearning that isn't fulfilled as often as I would like these days....but I will make an effort very soon to write another letter.....

Here are all the materials used for this project:

Papers: Ally's Wonderland, Cupids Candy Shop, and Jolie Chocolat by SEI.

Chocolate Loopy Love Letters by Doodlebug Designs.

Brads by Bo Bunny.

Florals by Prima.

Accessories: Hole punch, Giga Oval Scallop Punch, scallop scissors, chocolate felt tip pen, assorted ribbons.

Chris and I are headed to see my mom mom is so very cool! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paisley Do

Here's a another card I can add to my clean and simple line, using a little background stamping for added fun:

I really like how the white, crimson, and black flow together - the actual color of the cardstock that has the paisley stamping on it is more of a deep, burnt orange.

Materials used:

Paper: Burnt orange and white cardstock.

White satin ribbon.

Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs - Le Jardin, Simply Singles - Big Paisley, and Floral Frenzy. Sentiment by Papertrey Ink.

Inks: Crimson, fresh green, and onyx black.

Making Memories: Ruby red floral trinket pin.

K & Company: Pearl adhesive gem.

Accessories: Giga Scallop Punch.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Remember what makes me happy...

First of all, I just wanted to say a little prayer to all the victims who are suffering all these world-wide tragedies as of late...the earthquake in China this morning and the cyclone in Myanmar...really such a tragedy and sadness for the families. Our hearts must go out to them at this blessed and thankful for all that you have, all your family, loved ones, friends....your health and your safety....I'm thankful everyday.

I made and finished this scrap book page of Chris this morning but am just posting it now, remember the picture of him on the swing at school? So here he is embedded forever in this landscape:

You know, I love pink! I mean, really, really love this color! I use it for so many projects, yet when it comes to a scrap book layout of Chris, it's hard....I struggle with the idea of using any kind of pink when it involves Chris...but somehow I find if I play around with my colors, they can blend in pretty well. So, for this layout I combined very light pink with black damask, and a small inkling of bright green for a bit of contrast. I thought it turned out nicely!

Here is a close-up of the sentiment, love those huge alpha letters:

Materials used include:

Making Memories: Audrey Scallop Circle, Black and White Basics, chipboard buttons, Black and White Basics Jigsaw Shapes.

Doodlebug Designs: Loopy Love alpha letters.

K & Company: Pearl adhesive gems.

Florals by Prima.

Hope you enjoy it, it was a very different and unique style for me to work with!