Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Debut as a Guest Designer

Happy, Happy! Here is one of my Mother's Day projects featured on Lizzie Anne Designs:

The above page link will also be archived under May 08' at the close of the month. If you would like to make this scallop shaped chipboard for your own mom this coming Mother's Day, a set of instructions are listed beneath the photo. Enjoy!

May Banner

It's getting late Wednesday night....feeling a little better....I know, I'm so bad, I should be resting like I said I would, but you know, this whole blogging business....its' so extremely addictive, compelling....when you love what you'll do it even if you have a migraine! It's really amazing how a lot of DayQuil gelcaps and some Sudafed and plenty of afternoon naps helps your system!

So here is my May Banner - a quick compilation of some mini projects in the earlier month of April that I had made - I simply just put them together in one staging area and took a photo of it.

Materials used include:

Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs and Papertrey Ink.

Inks: Lavendar.

Paper: ki Memories' Pop Culture collection and Doodlebug Designs.

Accessories: purple gingham ribbon, white satin ribbon, small heart tin also by Papertrey Ink, purple and white silk florals, small white prima florals, vase is from Michaels, small oval punch, large oval scallop punch, medium and large heart scalloped punches, white wedding petals, clear mom gift tag, and a jump ring.


A time to rest

This will be very quick but I always feel the need to write...I love to write...this is my journal...what would I do without this journal? Anyway, I've come down with a cold and virus and I've almost completely lost my fun. I will be back later tonight to put up my May Banner, but other than that, I'll be taking a little time off to completely rest my body and get better.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Look what I made, mommy!"

Don't you just love it when your child brings home something like this:

It dangles too neatly around his cute little arm....he loves his handmade bracelet. All the kids came out of the class today with one. It's been 4 1/2 hours since school has gotten out and he's still wearing it...precious. I don't think he'll ever take it off....

Garden Party

My last heart chipboard that I have, thought I would use them all, so much fun!

Here is a view from the back of the heart, and how I did a crossover of the bow tie:

Here is a side view and closeup of the front:

All materials used include:

Making Memories: Jigsaw Garden Party Diecuts, large white floral, small white floral, clear brads, blue felt floral, small solid white heart chipboard.

Ribbons: Chick-a-Doo by s.e.i.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Drama....

Today has been extremely busy and I am just sitting down now and contemplating....getting down all my thoughts...brings me such a great sense of relief...closure to a day that started out very hectic and worrisome...and ended with everything coming out well, with an added surprise!

My darling hubby had been sick since Saturday and his condition seemed to worsen up til' this morning. He took off for the doctors office this morning while I took Christopher to school. I came back and proceeded to run errands and do my routine set of chores. He called me and told me that he was feeling even worse...disoriented...with shortness of breath, and unable to drive any further at that point. The doctor wanted him to go to another facility and have some x-rays done to determine what the problem was. Since he was unable to drive, he needed me to come and pick him up.

I pulled Chris out from school early and headed over to the doctors office. We went to the x-ray lab and all was taken care of. Christopher had no clue what was going on. He was probably surprised that he left school in a different manner, but it didn't seem to phase him. There was plenty of kid friendly toys to keep him busy and a hot and cold water fountain and plenty of plastic cups to entertain him!!! He played with the fountain so much that it almost flooded the drainage area because he kept pouring water into it, one cup after another! Ah yes, a child's delight in the simplest of things!

After receiving some antibiotics, my hubby was feeling a little better and we were all able to go home, he was ok to drive his own car back home as I drove mine with Chris inside. The doctor called hours later to let us know that the test results from the x-ray came out normal! What a relief. So the shortness of breath, fever, and eyesight disorientation - we're not really sure what caused it all - perhaps the weather - it's been freakishly hot here in Southern Calif. these past few days. I'm sure stress added to intense heat and whatever else you can imagine could make anyone terribly ill!

It is now almost 9:00 p.m., and all is quiet, the toddler asleep, and the hubby is feeling a little better. He needs to rest up the next few days before he fully recovers. During the later part of the day, I was catching up on my emails and blog and I just happened to receive an email from one of the co-owners at Lizzie Anne Designs. Imagine how exciting that is to just get an email from them! I've been submitting some of my designs to their gallery and they wanted to know if they could use one of my designs as one of their 'Projects of the Month' for the month of May!!! Holy heck, how awesome is that?! Like you're going to say no to something like that? What an honor. I am truly pleased because I really do work so hard and put every effort into all that I do....and I actually love every minute of what I do. Chuckles and squeals of delight came over me. I can't wait to see my design on their website. I will do another post once it appears on their website and will definitely share with you!

It is really coming to a close this evening but somehow I have re-energized, and am ready for another project, perhaps I will make another heart chipboard, my last one, for now in love with those chipboards that I could probably make a ton of them!

I've ordered a ton of newer papers and embellishments to work with, but they have not arrived yet - hmm...small frown...oh, UPS and mailman...where are you?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No more 'bowl' haircuts...Yippee!

Today has been busy, busy, but we finally accomplished what we set out to's a side view of Chris' new hair do...a very close shave:

For the longest time I have been cutting his hair at home because he just simply wouldn't sit still and was not quite ready for a visit to a professional salon! So up until now, I've been his stylist and have just simply cut the very easy 'bowl' cut that some little boys have! One day just recently, he got very, extremely scared of my scissors! I'm not sure why and so I stopped cutting his hair for awhile!

Well, it was getting pretty long and we finally decided it was time for a new and updated look for him. His daddy purchased this precision hair cutting tool kit - not really all that expensive - only $30, that's not bad considering the case is fully packed with all the accessories you can possibly imagine for a good shearing! We thought the electric razor might scare him and trust me, I worried and worried for days endlessly wondering how we were going to accomplish cutting his hair with the new tools at home!

But we did it! His dad did such a good job! He wasn't even all that scared! He did finch just a tad in the beginning but was able to last until the final piece of his very thick hair was strewn onto the kitchen floor - what a mess! You would not even imagine how much hair this little kid had! My goodness - it took me quite a while to do a full cleaning of the house! I did have a front shot of his bangs but the picture came out a little blurry so I won't be posting it, but it is definitely short and very closely shaven. A nice, natural look!

He looks so handsome and soooo much older now. All that hair previously really made his head round but now he looks a little skinnier with much less
So after we were done with what I would call a 'glorious' moment in time...a great adventure that I'm sure we'll be doing more of 2-3 months down the road - we headed out of the house and took off for Grandma's.

Grandma was pleased and loved the hair! Pretty busy day with her too, he was wiped out even before I came home:

Don't you love it when your kids sleep in the car like that? Doesn't it make the car driving so much more pleasant for the adult? LOL.

I'll be back next week with some more fun projects! Have a good one!

More fun Mother's Day Ideas...

I was dying to work with these scalloped, heart-shaped chipboards:

I was just too excited when I got them and was finally able to play around with them! Aren't they just adorable? They are from Making Memories. They are white, 8" scalloped, heart-shaped boards that you can decorate pretty much any way you want! Keisha Campbell uses a lot of these for her projects. Check out her website on my blog roll to the left hand side. She has done some great stuff with these chipboards. I thought I would have a knack at them today and see what I could come up with! I love some of the details on them, especially the vintage pins that I sliced through each ribbon. Loving those pins, too cute!

I had so much fun with the first one, that I decided to do another one! This one is pink for all mommy's out there who adore pink:

And then I made this one kind of for me:

I thought it would be fun to make a little something that I could either hang in my room or in the kitchen, and every-once-in-a-while, like if I have a bad day, or if some days are just simply more frustrating than another, I can look at these boards, and just remind myself, that hey - I'm a mom now, and that things aren't always as bad as it seems. Being a mom, I need to remind myself, that yes, I will have tough days...that's just a's our jobs, it's something I have to do....parenting is difficult, you're learning all the time. I need to be understanding at all times, have the patience, and the love that it takes to be strong and do everything that is required of me! The picture inside the frame was taken, I remember, exactly on Mother's Day at a Chinese Restaurant about 6 months after I gave birth to Christopher - May 2005. How coincidental that I picked that photo...I remember that day all the moms gathered there with the rest of our family. I still had a lot of weight gain from having the baby and my face was still a little puffy. It was my first hair cut after the birth - I had really long hair and then chopped it up to my neck. It's gotten shorter and shorter Very memorable Mother's Day outing!

I really love how all of my 'be still my heart' boards turned out. Loving them! Here are all the materials I used for all 3 hearts.

Making Memories: Floral Chipboards and tags, flowers, buttons, brads, metal eyelet letters, scalloped heart, decoupage metal frame, vintage trinket pins, kids floral button.

Paper: White laced and Chick-a-Dee Pink (I used the back side of this one).

Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs and Papertrey Ink.

Ink: Versafine Onyx black.

Ribbon: Michaels store.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Born to Craft

Whooohooo! It's Friday....I got a huge kick when I saw this image:

I just knew I had to get this stamp! It's so perfect for all of us who are crafters, sewers, stampers, exemplifies everyone out there who really have a passion for this art. And it definitely is an art form, isn't it? It takes patience, a lot of creativity, energy and imagination, and not to mention all the!

This is craftybella from Stamping Bella. Heck, she even looks kinda like me with that short little bob. Just slap on a pair of glasses, and it would be me! So instead of using patterned paper like I usually do for my background, I used all ribbon as my canvas.

I love how my craftybella is all ready to do her stuff with scissors in hand, ribbons, buttons, and all her little accessories! She looks so organized, doesn't she?

For my ink colors, I used my Versafine Onyx black, I love this ink, it dries sooo fast! I also used mandarin, fuschia, dust pink, light green, velvet purple, yellow, blue jean, light blue, deep red, brown, and apple green.

I chose a light pink paperclip and tied a chocolate lined pink ribbon to it and attached the stamped image to one of the ribbons, just something different instead of using glue to adhere the image.

I used a medium sized circle scallop punch for the sentiment and used a tiny hole punch to pierce the ends of each scallop edge.

Fun, fun! I just got word that my Making Memories supplies are coming today...YAY! How exciting is that? But I won't work on some of it till middle of the weekend. I promised my hubby we would have pizza and a movie tonight - yummy....I always get excited for the little things in life like me....when you have a little don't realize how precious just small treats can be!

Movie time for us is usually past 8:00 p.m. after we've put Chris down to bed. That's pretty much the only time we can watch. It's almost impossible to watch anything when he is awake..the tv is always on Nickelodeon, Disney, or he has one of his dvd's playing...hehe....He's my cutie!

Until my next project, have a great day and weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring is taking shape...

Once again, I got to play with 3 different stamp sets from Lizzie Anne Designs.

I used a total of 10 stamps from the Le Jardin, Floral Frenzy, and Say it in Script collection. 8 of the stamps are represented on the front of the card and two other sentiments are on the inside of the card. I am loving those green leaves that I stamped on the background of the yellow paper. Also am in love with the individual branch stems on the pretty! Sadly, I will not be posting the inside of the card because that photo did not come out too well!!

I'm not really sure where I got my moss green, orange, and burnt yellow paper. I have a lot of scrap leftover that I still use for bits and pieces on my cards. The inks I used were tangerine, bright green, yellow, moss green, and onyx black.

The inside of the card says, "Birthday Wishes", and has a curled leaf stem on the bottom. I actually used an old 'Halloween' colored ribbon that I had leftover and it worked well with the other colors on this card!

This will be a birthday card that I will give to the recipient soon. This week is going by so fast, I can't believe it is almost lots more to get working on! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Time Layout

Here is the latest scrap book page for Chris:

I had so much fun with this one since I got to use many new papers and embellishments! I am in desperate need of more and more photos of him though. I do LOVE this pic that I used - he has that incy, wincy smile that makes it so cute! I typed on the computer a whole bunch of fun and silly sentiments about him - click on the photo to see the details.

Here are all the materials I used:

Paper: K & Company.
Monogram and tab die-cuts by s.e.i.'s Chick-a-Doo collection.
Ribbons: s.e.i.
Brads: Bo Bunny.
Accessories: Medium circle punch.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Making your own paper flowers

I took a break from stamping and any kind of ink usage last night and instead, just wanted to see if I could use ONLY 3 things - a pair of scissors, some colorful paper, and my punches. That's it! Could I resist the temptation to take out any of my other supplies? And the result were these cute little paper florals:

I utilized almost all of my punches to include the medium and large scalloped circle punch, regular round, small scallop, heart-shaped, and daisy punch. You can use these flowers for so many things - add them to an existing greeting card, use it as a gift topper on a package, or even surround a main centerpiece.

Here are some more close-up shots of individual flowers:

I like this's cute:

The brads are from Bo Bunny and s.e.i.'s Chick-a Dee collection. The papers are all from s.e.i.

I'm so ecstatic about what's to come! I'm awaiting some new products from Making Memories. They just came out with a new line of papers and embellishments and also a new line called animal crackers - baby boy and girl. Just delightful! Can't wait to get started on those items and make maybe a few more fun ideas for Mother's Day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Wanna shop?

I did some stamping last night with this:

Isn't she just the cutest girl you've ever seen? Perfect figure and all? She's the savvyshoppabella from Stamping Bella. Too cute! I wanted to do this card a little different, I mixed it up with a green, blue and yellow shade, I also used some dimensional shapes and diagonals.

I even twisted my ribbon diagonally - which is something I normally do not do. I usually like my ribbons straight and I decided it looked good diagonally for this particular card.

After I stamped my savvyshoppabella girl, I colored her in with bright green, apple, lemon, blue jean, brown, fuschia, dark purple, blue, and soft pink.

I used black ink to stamp the sentiment 'happy birthday', and also stamped a green floral shape from Lizzie Anne Designs.

The cut-out blue and green floral made the perfect placement for the 'happy birthday' sign.

I love that ribbon! It's a double-sided ribbon that is deep aquamarine on one side and dark kiwi on the other!


Today is Monday, and believe it or not - I actually like Mondays! I get sooo much done! It's ridiculous how you go about your day and I am literally doing 5-6 things at the same time. Isn't multi-tasking great? There is a sense of normalcy when Monday's roll around - toddler is back in school and I'm up and ready to do all of my chores, take care of business, and run my errands. It's just like a routine that I strive to not 'get out' of. Once-in-a-while, the routine gets out of balance for whatever reason - but I still need that routine in my life - it keeps me balanced!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A big laugh from Chris and my Girl's Day Out fun....

Here is a pic of Chris with one of the teacher's aides. She must be tickling him because he can get a pretty good laugh going when he's tickled!

Yesterday, my hubby babysitted Chris so I got to hang with some of my gal pals from my previous work place. I tell you, it is always soo, soo, nice when daddy gives mommy a small break and I am virtually 'toddler' free! You know, it's really important that as women and mommies, that we really do get that time off to ourselves - just so we can relax, rejuvenate our minds, and re-energize. It's such an exhilarating feeling and really makes you feel mentally better.

So normally, when Chris' dad babysits, I can either choose to spend time by myself, or with family members, or with my friends. Usually I like to spend some time with my mom, but I have not seen my girlfriends for a long time so we finally got around to getting all of that organized!

We had soo much fun - didn't get to take any pictures though. We ate ALOT! Laughed, talked, GOSSIPED, and ate some more. We were going to take in a movie too but there wasn't anything that we were really interested in. The selection looked pretty bland! They say summer 2008 should be a better time for movies than right now.

After we finished eating at one restaurant and decided not to watch a movie, it was then that we decided to hit another restaurant and just have some drinks and dessert. I didn't drink but I definitely had dessert! Oh man, I ordered a huge double chocolate layered cake and, without any guilt whatsoever, I ate it all! LOL. I love it! What is a girl's day out if you can't enjoy yourself thoroughly??! My girls had some fondue, which looked delish too - but I'm just not into fondue all that much - looks very beautiful though!

We ended our little get together around 4 p.m. Because believe it or not, we all have families to get back to and staying into the wee hours of the night just is not an option when you're a mommy - you can still have fun but you still have responsibilities. :)

It was just a perfect ending to a Saturday with some good buddies and conversation - you can't ask for more than that!

Crazy for florals....

Here is a picture frame gift I made last on the frame to see further details:

Here are some close-ups of the sentiment, I love that's so lovely:

I used a total of 13 different stamps from LAD's Floral Frenzy, Le Jardin, Say it in Script, and Olivia stamp collections. It was so much fun making this frame, I thought it came out really well and looking polished. The last picture doesn't do the frame much justice, I did not get all the sunshine and light into the room this morning as much as I usually do.


Frame: Bought from Target - basic offwhite - 5" x 7".
Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs.
Inks: Dark aqua, bright red, deep purple, fresh green, and onyx black.
Flowers and brads: Darcine and Making Memories.
Papers: Rust, Dark Aqua, and Eggplant.

Enjoy! I'll be back later on with a fun story about my Girls Day Out....always fun to have one of those from time to time!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Preserving the memories...

Can you guess who these two little kids are? Who is this cute guy? He's so handsome...and her?

Hmmmm....sometimes, it's really fun to dig up old memories and re-live the past - imagine these two little kids meeting each other - way, way down the road of life and end up together. Then they have their own little miracle of joy...and it is this joy that fulfills me each day.....I hope that when Christopher is much older, he will also be able to look back at younger pictures and scrapbook memorabilia of his and appreciate the priceless sentiment that it holds.

And I think he will, and he'll say to me, "Mom, did I really look like that and really do all of those things?" what he doesn't realize is that what he looks like now and everything that he does, is just so precious to his parents! We will love you always, Chris! I will continue to enjoy all the adventures in your life that has yet to come and can't wait to further build my memory collage of you throughout the years...

Icecream and Playdough

Here is a pic of Christopher in school today. Hmmm....wonder what he is making. I think he's going to be a very creative and 'crafty', uh hum, boy! Can you see those eyelashes of his? Aren't you jealous? I am..... I also lovey, lovey those colorful chairs in the background!

They also made icecream today! The teacher said that all this week, they've been concentrating on the letter 'i'. I think they do one letter of the alphabet for a whole week. And since 'i' is the special letter, it was a perfect idea to make icecream! Old fashioned icecream - I bet it was a lot of fun!!! He came home with kind of a mess on his shirt, looked so cute! Had some sprinkly things on his hair and his mouth was all orangey - must have had spaghetti for lunch and then the icecream for!

I'll be working on some new projects soon that will involve a picture frame and some Stamping Bella fun! I'll get those posted this weekend and into Monday. I also have a fun surprise for you that has something to do with my hubby...hehe.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Birthday Wish for you Sister-In-Law!

To my sis-in-law, this purse card was made just for you....because every lady should have something pretty on her birthday. :)

Here is the inside of the card:

Here is the closeup of the mini-tag:

And here is a closeup of the birthday wish:

Hope your day tomorrow is great and relaxing! But we all know that women and mommies never relax, right? hehe. Enjoy the card! I will give to you the next time I see you.

Materials used:

Papers and Ribbon: Chick-a-Dee by s.e.i.
Inks: Onyx Black and Orchid.
Stamps: Sketched Sentiments and Celebration Frames Collections from Lizzie Anne Designs.
Flowers and Brad: Making Memories.
Accessories: scallop scissors and large oval scallop punch.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Babies and Birthdays...

Oooh, look at all the yummalicious paper and embellishments...YIPPEE...heart goes pitter patter... yummy, that I got to make this...

...and this.....

and here is the inside of the birthday card above...

Too much excitement to handle! I can't wait to make more Birthday card samples and cute little baby shower cards, and just everything springy! The ideas - they are flowing - my, how in love am I with all of this! Can you just feel my enjoyment?

All papers, ribbons, brads, monogram die-cuts and cardstock die-cuts by s.e.i.
Stamps by Lizzie Anne Designs and Papertrey Ink.
Inks: Orchid, Onyx Black.
Flowers: Prima.
Accessories: Round corner punch, large scallop circle punch, scallop scissors, and a medium scalloped square punch.
Yesterday was soooo, so very busy and I didn't do much blogging but I did have a surprise card that I made for someone in my I didn't post it - have to keep it a secret for now.

Monday, April 14, 2008

So what do you think happens...

...when your kid gets to sleep in late everyday, for 9 straight days due to Spring Break.....

...and then has to wake up today at 6:30 a.m. for his first day back to school....what do you predict will happen to him after I pick him up and bring him home?

THIS is what happened -


He's so tired, poor thing, he's currently been asleep for 3 hours now - and counting! He somehow managed to climb on me while I was sitting on the lazy boy with the laptop - now he's lying sideways on my stomach and I am literally typing this post with one hand! LOL....gotta love kids!

Zoo Keepsake

I wanted to have a scrap booking page from Christopher's recent trip to the zoo. I had yet to do a layout of the photos that I captured during our visit there. I looked online for very specific 'zoo' themed paper and embellishments.

I got this great looking paper from Moxxie's Zoo Fun Collection. Isn't it just so colorful? And so perfect for this layout. The cardstock itself is very thick and designed on both sides so you can choose whichever colors you're going for. The small imprints on the background are words such as: giraffe, lions, tigers, elephant, zebra, and monkey. I'm lovin' it!

I used some animal stick-on embellishments that I can't remember where I got them from and all the little paper flowers are by Prima. Small and large brads are from Bo Bunny.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

The one I've chosen...

So after a few different card styles and themes, I finally chose this one to actually present to my mom. I hope she likes it! It really came out beautiful..I love every element that is in it including the lavendar paper.

I used four different stamps from Lizzie Anne Designs, to include the Far East fans, the leaf stem and asian inspired ornament, and the simply singles sentiment that says, "for a wonderful Mother".

The paper is from Bo Bunny's Shabby Princess collection. Really cute stuff! I used fresh green and lavendar ink. My accessories include coordinating 1/4" satin ribbon and a scallop scissor for trimming the edge of the paper.

For the fans, after I stamped the image, I let dry and then cut them out into single pieces. I used double-sided adhesive foam to make the fans pop-out off the card.

It's a simple, yet elegant look! I hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow is back to school for Christopher after a long week of Spring Break! YES, YES! Can you hear my excitement? I'm so happy he's going back to school...he really misses it! He really does love school and as a parent of a little pre-schooler, I really do enjoy a little time to myself when he is there. It helps for me to have that time to myself to get things done! I think every parent can admit to's kind of like our time that we really need to have!

I'm getting ready for another fun week of new ideas and brand new spring time papers that I will be using soon. Don't you just love new stuff?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun moments of Chris and a brand new Mother's Day Card coming....

I took these quick photos of Chris early Friday morning and in the evening - this one is right after his bath, all fresh and clean, hair is still kinda wet - I love it like that, and daddy gently parted his hair to the side....too cute...he's so handsome!

Then his hair dries very quickly and throughout the day, his bangs just naturally flows's enjoying this cookie, don't you think? Love all the chocolate around the mouth...

Can mommy have some of your cookie? He's probably thinking, "Why does she always point that thing in front of me?" He hates the camera and being photographed. I think it's cute...I love my camera...

So I stayed up late Friday night and into Saturday morning, it is officially almost 1:00 a.m. Saturday. I finished another Mother's Day card - I wanted to experiment with some more to see which one I like the best....and the best one in my opinion will be the one that I present to my mom! It's so exciting....this card turned out really well and I can't wait to share it with you. The colors, once again, are lavendar and a little bit of fresh green. I'll post very soon!
In the meantime, I have a family gathering I'll be going to later on today. Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008

From a little decorative...

So here are the organizing boxes that I got from Target yesterday, very simple and very functional! That's my main need is for everything to be functional and made out of plastic - lol! Can't have any glass around a 3-year-old.

I took one of the boxes that I used for storing all of my wonderful flowers and decorated it. I eventually took up three boxes just for florals!

This is the view I'll be storing them inside the closet space, the shorter width facing outwards so I can see what I'm looking for:

I did find a beautiful shelving unit that's made out of light maple and has coordinating woven baskets as the storage containers - Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful - I love them - there were 3 stands left and each one was $70. Phew, a little expensive but maybe someday when my closet space grows or I have my dream studio! That would be lovely!
I've finished all the organizing and everything is neatly placed in my containers. I've vowed never to get it messy's a promise that I must put down into a contract for it to actually happen! Everything looks great and I'm so pleased with the work. Nothing like hard work that's been accomplished and it's just a great feeling to have gotten it out of the onto other places in the house - ugh!
Hope to get to some more crafting soon. Today, my hubby has a day off and we're all going out and spending some quality time together. Have fun!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Dill Blossom card and lots of spring cleaning!

I got to play with yet another SEI product. This is also a new line called Dill Blossom - an orange and moss green combination -

Here's a close-up of the sentiment tag, I really liked how it looks overall on the card.

Materials used:
Paper: Dill Blossom by s.e.i.
Florals: Prima.
Inks: Moss green and orange.
Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs.
Accessories: large scallop scissors and large scalloped rectangle punch.
So last night, I went ahead and stopped procrastinating - finally cleaned out my master bedroom, walk-in closet. My goodness, it was such a mess. The cabinet within the closet itself was total chaos! Everything you can possibly imagine that I have acquired since I've been married! Everything from my crafting supplies, to old 1980's gift wrap paper, to cleaning and kitchen supplies (what the heck?), and even silly things like just empty plastic bags that were sitting around! I mean, why in the world would I put back an empty bag instead of just throwing it out? I mean, I'm sooo good at throwing things away - claims my husband. It's scary but I really have a knack for throwing away instead of keeping - so why it took so long to clean out the closet - I'm not really sure!
But I did it! I conquered!!! Yay! It took 4 hours to complete and then I even was crazy enough to make that card that I just posted. So now that I have everything cleaned out - I need matching storage containers to organize everything. All my stuff is still in boxes but not entirely separated the way that I want. So it's off to the store to buy some fun containers - ooooh, this is the part that I can't wait for. Some clean, simple, but still fun looking storage boxes that will hold everything nicely!
I'll try Target first and then move on from there if Target doesn't work out - they usually have some pretty cute ideas!
It's almost the weekend - have a great day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chick-a-doo fun!

I'm loving Spring - it's a great excuse for me to experiment with brand new papers, ribbons, brand new everything....especially this fun little birdie and floral design called Chick-a-Doo:

I love the aqua and green color scheme. Click on the images for a more detailed look at the papers, it's really gorgeous! On the card, I wanted to do something different as far as finding a floral for the stem. So I cut out a heart-shaped floral from a white doily! Isn't it cute? I would have never thought of that....I cut my own stem using the backside of the Chick-a-doo paper and tied coordinating grass green ribbon around the stems to make it appear as the leaves.

For the round jewelry box, I used the same paper to wrap around the box and a different paper from Daisy Bucket Designs for the top of the lid. I'm in love with that ribbon with all the little chicks streaming across - too cute. This has gotta be one of my favorite NEW lines of paper and embellishments. :) The finishing touch was a bird stamp from LAD's L'amour collection.
Enjoy and have a wonderful day, as always!
Material used:
Papers: Doodlebug Designs, Chick-a-Doo by SEI, and Daisy Bucket Designs.
Inks: Medium Cyan.
Stamp: Lizzie Anne Designs.
Ribbons: Chick-a-Doo by SEI.
Accessories: White, heart shaped doily, large scallop punch, large scallop scissors.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

His method of transportation has been upgraded...

...LOL! Don't you just love how your kids grow up and GROW OUT of things so fast? It seems like you are buying them stuff all the time, and I mean all the time - endlessly. Even if it's just a size bigger pair of socks, a shirt, or a pair of shoes, it seems like my Chris needs something new constantly because he either wears out totally his old stuff or just gets bored!

As with all things, he is also tired of his Little Tykes bike, you know, the kind with 3 huge plastic wheels and it's all made out of plastic? Very bright colors with big handles and wheels and a huge plastic chair attached. Cute little thing - he would probably still ride it but he's outgrown it a little. His legs are long now and we've tried looking at a lot of different bikes for awhile now, and some are just too small or too big!

So today I was at Walmart, not even thinking about buying anything in particular - just wanted to browse - look for bargains and let Chris play in the toy section. Always, always let him play in the toy section anywhere I go, it's a must. Keeps him busy and tires him out. So anyway, as he was over in the toy area, the bike section is just nearby...naturally, he wandered over there and started riding different ones around two different aisles. Then he saw this one! The one in the picture. And he took it for a spun several times down multiple aisles - and then he proceeded down almost the entire store...bumped into a few people - made them mad, others thought it was funny and cute. I did my thoughtful apologies as he went along...sigh....but he loved the thing....I mean, I guess you really know when your child is suited for a bike, when he really sits and rides in it for a lengthy amount of time - and it fits him perfectly! It's colorful, has the two training wheels that he still needs and is very tough and sturdy.

So there we have it, walk into a store thinking you'll walk out without anything - and instead I'm holding him in one hand and hauling a 50? lb. bike?

But the boy is happy and that makes mommy exhuberant! We'll be bike riding a lot this coming spring and summer as soon as the weather warms up a tad. It will be fun and he will have a blast - a new bike is just such a big deal for little ones. The joy on their faces - absolutely priceless!

I'm hoping to get back to another crafting project soon. My schedule has been thrown off a little this week. I promised myself I would even take some time just to clean out my closet that contains all of my crafting supplies - quite a chore but I've got to get on that soon!

Monday, April 7, 2008

At play...

Some random photo shoots of Chris playing at the mall this weekend. He loves all the rides that they have...he even knows how many coins go into each ride and where to get the coins...hmmm...straight out of mommy's are just TOO darn's scaring me...

I especially love this one....look at that 'hair toss'....too cute, I love his hair, he has soo much hair!

This one he is pretending to be a sailor on the little tug boat, he's a pro at maneuvering and steering the wheel.

My baby is just too cute...he is still asleep right now - he must know that it's Spring break for day of Spring break and sleeping in already...ah, the life of a little one!