Monday, December 15, 2008

Seasonal Celebrations!

It's that time of the year....almost....where I have plenty of wonderful friends and family members with BIRTHDAY's! And when it comes to birthday's, sweet treats and really cute stamps come in this one:

I adore this cake stamp from Hero Arts....delicious! I, ofcourse, had to make it with chocolate frosting on top....for those of you who know me and my weaknesses...chocolate is definitely one of them!!! Don't you just love that cake?

And some more stamps here that I haven't used yet....I was just simply thinking about my mom and decided to make this card below!

Today is a rainy day, and I didn't have natural sunlight for my photos....but hope these will do....

And amuse you just a tad.....I just want to say that it is quite remarkable the differences between Chris and I......son and mother! The things I've come to notice on a daily basis!

Let's take for instance, this morning - raining quite hard as I mentioned! As I was opening the front door and getting ready to take him out to the bus first initial reaction towards the rain was.....yucky! I'm not a fan of rain, dirt, wet, snow, sleet, cold, and did I mention DIRT? So as I'm glancing outside, a little frown parts my lips and I wince with vivid pain just at the thought of getting wet......painfully, so not amusing for me....hehe.

Chris, on the other hand, perks his head up and looks at me - parts a HUGE, almost devilish smile.....and I ALREADY know what he's thinking and about to do....and all I can do is smile with him as he feasted his eyes on this delightful scenery that lies before us......ahh yes....rain......he ultimate 'jumping in the puddles' bonanza!!!

He is in love with this element that pours down on us - the element that Mother Nature has created for the likes of which a young child joyfully indulges in.....and didn't I for a moment...remember how fascinating it all was to me when I was a child? The fun of running thru the muddy puddles, feeling the water soaking through our socks and seeping into our feet.....aahhh....a child's pure fascination with such.....I let him have his fun for I know that just moments away, he will be rushed upon the is just a thought I'm having right now as I write.....the differences in him and I....

Enjoy the cards...

Materials used:

Papers, stamps, and crystal gems by Hero Arts.

Small white flowers by Making Memories.

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