Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home for the Holidays....

This design was hand cut completely from scratch, I didn't use any measuring tools....pretty much just eye balled everything:

What I was trying to do with my House Shaped card was to utilize my stamps in a way that I never have before....especially on a card. I knew exactly what stamp set I was going to use but I wanted to place them on the card in a more creative I thought it would be fun to first, design the house....then stamp each individual image....trim them, and place them, in this case.... 'on top', 'inside', and on the 'front' of the home!

I did quite a bit of brainstorming to see what I could come up with! It was so much fun working with this one!

Below, I placed 4 different images on top of the roof...Santa, two gift boxes, and a candy cane. Santa is definitely ready to slide down that chimney at any moment with his bag of goodies:

I used the Christmas tree stamp, the fireplace, rocking horse, doll, and teddy bear stamp, to place them inside the window....thus, to make it look real from the outside, I made up some window sills:

I think my inspiration for this project comes from my childhood....I remember always driving around our neighborhood with my parents, and during the holidays it was just too fun to pass each house and 'peek' inside their front window....especially homes that had their curtains wide open.....and you could just see all the warmth and glow of their decorations....everything that is so inviting about the Christmas season! I don't think I ever saw Santa on top of anyone's rooftop...hehe....but it certainly was always a dream to see the real Santa, wasn't it? lol. Definitely something very different for me to make....I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great Saturday!

Materials used:

Stamps: Rockin Holiday and Christmas in the City by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: pretty much every ink colored marker I have.

Papers: Crate Papers Prudence Collection.

Brad: Chatterbox' artsylicious collection.

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