Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time to divert...

For the past few weeks, I've been cranking out a lot of fun Thanksgiving and Christmas I think I'll take just a couple of days off from making holiday themed cards and gift ideas. Actually, I think all week long I'll be making NON-Christmas this one:

I'll definitely be back for some last minute Christmas gift ideas soon! But for now, I'm in the mood for some fun flowers and especially Valentines! I already have some great ideas for Valentine's coming up all week too.....get ready to see little hearts flying everywhere!!

All the stamps used on these cards are from Lizzie Anne Designs:

I know you could always use a card with cute daisies! :)

Materials used:

Stamps: Pupcat Alphabet, Circle Sentiments, and Far East by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Papers: Martha Stewart and Hero Arts.

Daisies and ribbons by Martha Stewart.

White floral, buttons, and heart gems by Hero Arts.

Inks: Lavender, black, pink, crimson, and aqua.

Yellow twine.

Lavender ric rac.

Friday, November 28, 2008


A new layout to share with you tonight:

I'm still eating....had lots of turkey today....had some pumpkin pie and a raspberry cheesecake....and I still have more to put in my tummy't holidays great? Love it!

Materials for LO:

Papers: Piggy Tales' Ba Ba Black Sheep collection. Jenni Bowlin.

Hero Arts: flourishes, butterfly, frame, and number 4 stamps. Neutral flowers, and pearl gems.

Large flower and heart journaling tags by Jenni Bowlin.

Inks: Crimson and light brown.


Here's a bright colored card that I made earlier in the week...just haven't posted it yet:

Are you going shopping today? Not us, we always avoid the Friday after, always! I don't like the traffic, parking, and being trampled over by rude people....I's tradition and I used to do it all the time when I was younger...I was very much into tradition and all the crowds....but now that I have a little toddler, I'm much more cautious. I wait and then I hit the stores later in the weekend.

Hope your Thanksgiving festivities are still continuing throughout the week! Enjoy!

Materials used for card:

Hero Arts stamps: Gratitude Script, Frames and Messages, Flower Paisley Background, Many Hearts, and Share Laughter.

Papers and pearl gem: Hero Arts.

Inks: tangerine, moss green, and black.

Scalloped edge punch.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The three of us

More to be thankful for....

Chris didn't want to sit still in this photo....he's still my cutie:

Are you enjoying your holiday so far? Hopefully eaten a lot and are stuffed! ;)


...for so many things.

What makes your life blessed? There are so many reasons to be thankful for....they can be big, important things...or just simply small, everyday things that keep us going....

Here are a few things I'm thankful for:

My health.

My hands and eyes...because without them, I could not enjoy creating.

My family.

Friends I can always count on.

Good eats.

My camera!

My son telling me he loves me.

My car to drive from point A to point B.

A roof over my head.

And the list could go on forever, as yours could too! Wishing all of you who are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday a safe and joyous weekend!

Materials used for card:

Stamps by Hero Arts.

Papers by Martha Stewart and Chatterbox's Happy Day Collection.

Inks: tangerine, dark brown, cranberry, moss green, and light brown.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let it snow...let it snow.....

Wish there was some beautiful snow here where I live just so I could photograph it.....but these little snowflakes below will have to do for now. ;)

Join me tomorrow as I share with you some Thanksgiving thoughts and a special card I made for the occasion! Today, Chris is officially out of school for the holiday - so we're headed to visit his grandma....oooh, how she misses him and he loves his grandma!

Oh, and before I forget, I will also list the materials I used for my new Dec. banner below.

Have a great day everyone!

Materials used for cards:

Stamps, papers, felt snowflakes, and gems by Hero Arts.

Gingerbread paper by Martha Stewart.

Inks: red, orange, light blue, and black.

Materials used for December banner:

SEI holiday rub-ons.

Martha Stewart Papers.

Stampin' up rub-ons.

Felt snowflake by Hero Arts.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An extra treat for today....

It's party time! How about some yummy cupcakes for a Birthday Boy? I loved making these fun party tags:

Party tags are great but can be time consuming if you have to make a lot of them for multiple amounts of favor bags or for decorating food items. You can still make a mass quantity....just keep it simple....and they can still look very festive and inviting!

Here is a close-up of the tag I made, I wanted to keep it simple because the amount of stamps I wanted to use had to fit on just one small area:

And I knew I just had to add a close-up of these cupcakes alone....delish:

I'm getting a headache just from thinking about all the sugar alone!

Materials used:

Papers and stamps by Hero Arts.

White and blue polka dotted ribbon.

Rectangle scallop punch.

Single hole punch.

Inks: Aqua, red, orange, and forest green.

White lollipop sticks.

A flower for you....

What is a girl to do without her daily dose of flowers?

Hope you have a great day!

Materials used:

Papers, stamps, and button: Hero Arts.

Plum twine.

Inks: Bubblegum pink, black, dark teal, and fresh green.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

I have lots of fun things to share with you, so I hope you'll join me all this week as I post one, new creation each day. ;) I've been having a card frenzy lately....enjoy this one:

Here's a close-up:

Materials used:

All papers, gems, stamps, and florals by Hero Arts.

Light orange twine.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas in Pink

Just another fun card for today:

I'm mixing in a lot of pink colors to some of my Christmas of my favorite's just nice to use different colors and mixing them in with the traditional holiday colors of red, green, and blue.

How are you coming along with all of your holiday plans? Chris is only going to school for 2 days next week...and that's it...he's off for 6 days straight until Dec. 2.

Last night was wild...Chris woke up at 2 a.m. and decided to stay up all the way until 8:30 this morning. He then crashed on the couch for about 4 hours and was up again....very strange. I think I have to accept the fact that my boy is getting older and that he isn't always going to nap like he used to or sleep all through the night like back then. It's a major change and adjustment! I'm definitely dealing with the changes of his sleeping habits and eating habits...he's currently eating like! Whatever worries I had about him not eating enough when he was more! He is cleaning house!

Thanks for visiting!

Materials used:

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Papers: Martha Stewart.

Pink gems: Martha Stewart.

Bubblegum pink ribbon.

Inks: black, bubblegum pink, and teal.

Little Birdie House

Hi all! Happy Saturday.....enjoy my new holiday card:

I have to go so I'm keeping this really short....hope your day is wonderful!

Materials used:

Hero Arts: birdhouse stamp, leaves stamp, straw ribbon, florals, pearl gems, and sentiment.

Tree branch stamp by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Papers: Martha Stewart.

Inks: bright red, chestnut, fresh green, deep red, moss green, and orange.

Brad by Chatterbox.

Round corner punch.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Wonder

So I'm back again today with a brand new layout of Chris:

I've been busy making projects and keeping Chris entertained this Friday afternoon. It's been took me several hours to complete this! I'm going to submit this layout into the Hero Arts 2008 Holiday Contest! Have you heard about it? You can check out all the details and complete entry rules HERE. It's going to be a lot of fun, I can't wait to make a few more projects to submit. It's easy and if you're interested, all you need to do is go to their website and obtain the instructions! Hope you enter and have fun! It's a great way to get some Hero Arts goodies too! ;)

Here's a close-up of some of the stamps I used to include flourishes, leaves and snowflakes:

There's a little story behind this layout, you see....Chris loves, loves summer time! He cherishes the opportunity to play outside in the sun, with plenty of water, water, and more water! So when winter time hits and I start pulling out all the heavy clothing, coats, mittens, and hats....ay yay yay....he knows that 'cold' is no fun....oh yes, he's definitely a summer kid! Don't worry sweetie, summer will be just around the corner again!


Materials used:

Papers: Bazzill and Hero Arts.

Stamps: Hero Arts.

Alpha Stamps: Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: fresh green, black, brown, red, orange, and frost white.

Felt snowflakes by Hero Arts.

Easy as 1-2-3

I'm not sure why...but I'm really in the mood for Valentine's....anything red, pink, and yummy chocolate just sounds fun right about some mini valentine enclosure cards...I whipped up a whole bunch of them last night:

These are really clean, fun, and easy to make! They are really tiny cards - approx. 4" x 2 1/2". They are great for enclosing inside a box of chocolates...for an added treat, tuck a gift card inside of it. Or, surprise your loved one by tucking a card inside their wallet or purse. Write a special little note that will make their day!

Here's a look at these trinket pins from Making Memories that I love so, so much....I seem to use them on everything:

This bird stamp and heart stamp featured below is from Hero Arts.

Cute! I will be back later on with a new layout...yay!

Materials used:

Papers and stamps by Hero Arts.

Floral trinket pin by Making Memories.

Pink and chocolate lined ribbon.

Inks: Black, red, and light brown.

Heart gem by Hero Arts.

Square scalloped punch.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Countdown continues....

11 more days until Chris' big'll probably get tired of hearing me babble about this event until it finally gets here! ;) Here are some fun hats and a birthday card I made for him:

He loves it when I make these hats.....I made some party hats a while ago and he loved putting them on and just fooling around with them. Well now, he can actually wear them on his special day!

Here is a close-up of the fun stamps that I used from Lizzie Anne Designs' Party Animals and Circle Sentiments Collection:

And here is the cutest little dog I've seen in awhile......isn't he just adorable? Also from the Party Animals collection:

So yesterday, I got a wonderful surprise from Chris' backpack when he came home from school....the school portraits came back from the photographers.....and YAY....mommy was THRILLED! They turned out very well. He didn't have a huge, huge smile on him, but he did have enough of a smile that made him look so cute! I couldn't have asked for better portraits from a toddler! Just perfect! I mean, seriously, he did better than me with all of my school pictures since kindergarten all the way until high school - I didn't like any of my school photos - NONE! They were pretty scary looking back!

But I'm happy for the little guy, he will be very photogenic as he gets older....I can just see it. :)

Enjoy todays project!

Materials used:

Papers: Martha Stewart's Botanical patterns.

Stamps: Party Animals and Circle Sentiments by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: Black, yellow, bright green, aqua, and brown.

Hemp cords.

Blue floral and button by Hero Arts.

Giga scallop punch, 1/16" hole punch, round corner punch, and marvy circle punch.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rockin' Roll Santa

Now Santa here is just having way too much fun! Here's a good way to brush up on your coloring skills....stamp your images several times and have a go at it:

I never thought that to this day I would still be coloring! With markers and colored pencils at that! Isn't it amazing how you never thought you would be using skills that you acquired as a child into your adulthood? Even I don't have the best of coloring skills at times....I try very hard definitely takes a lot of patience and re-do's when there are mistakes.

I enjoyed making this Santa card. He's a happy Santa!

Have a great one!

Materials used:

Rockin' Holiday and Holiday Cheer Stamps from Lizzie Anne Designs.

Papers: French Floral Pack by Lizzie Anne Designs. Martha Stewart's Frosty Gingerbread Paper.

Inks: Black, brown, bright red, and frost pink.

Ribbon by Making Memories.

Scalloped edge punch.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little shimmer for your day....

I rarely ever use metallic gold or silver ink on any of my projects because it is so difficult to capture its brilliance on paper especially when you try to take a photo of it, so hopefully, I was able to capture the 'goldness' in this card for you:

It took me a lot longer to make than I had originally planned for this card - over an hour. I don't like to spend that much time on a!

The leaves that I created for the wreath were inked....and then stamped in a circular shape...I actually had to use a smaller leaf stamp to 'fill' in the areas that didn't give me the perfect shape that I wanted. I kept 'filling' in until I liked the shape.

I used a leaf punch and a regular hole punch to create the holly's.


Materials used:

All stamps: Hero Arts.

Papers: Hero Arts and Making Memories.

Heart gem by Hero Arts.

Inks: Metallic gold, black, and frost white.

Ribbon by Making Memories.

Rectangle scalloped punch.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Do we have a Birthday Boy in the house?

The month of November brings us many special things.....the official ringing in of the fall season....the Thanksgiving holiday is just days away and brings together the warmth of family and's a time to be with one another and rejoice and's a time for gratitude....

But November, for me, is especially heartwarming because Christopher was born in this month....the very last day of the month to be exact....and I remember holding him in my arms and thinking how tiny he was....just a mere 6 very little....

And now, he will be turning 4-years-old - the mark of a new milestone. Another milestone that will bring many more surprises for us! To mark the upcoming occasion, I thought I'd make a little something for him that is fun....he will like it! He will probably try to tear it up first! But if I know him better than anyone else, I know what he LOVES the most as far as Birthday cakes!!! I must say CHOCOLATE ranks #1 in his eyes!

So Chris, I present to you your chocolate cake with blue 'frosting':

No, it isn't shaped like Mickey Mouse or Yo Gabba Gabba, or the Backyardigans, or Lightning McQueen, or Go Diego...or any of those cartoon characters that you love.....for that would be some complexity for mommy to muster it is definitely made with you in mind and definitely with your favorite flavor too!

Here is a closeup of the trimming I did at the bottom of the cake, I used a circular border punch to create the faux doily:

Fun, fun! There will be more surprises coming up for his Birthday countdown!

Happy Monday!

Materials used:

Papers: Martha Stewart.

Prima Hybrid florals.

Lily of the Valley leaves.

Circle border punch.

Blue flowers by Hero Arts.

Pearl gems.

Two round gift boxes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Ornament Ensemble

I'm not much of a 'twine' person - although I could easily get addicted to yummy colors of twine....overall, I honestly think I'm much more of a ribbon girl!

Here's a close-up of the card - for the ornament itself, I first stamped the circle shape and then cut out individual pieces of assorted papers. I assembled each piece side by side to make it look like a multi-colored sphere...very fun!

A look at the top of the decorated box:

It's been a busy Sunday! Hope you enjoy the remainder of your day!

Materials used:

Papers: Martha Stewart.
Poinsettia tags: Martha Stewart.

Scalloped edge punch.

Inks: fresh green and black.

'No peeking' rub-on by Stampin' Up.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I played around some more with my stamps from Hero Arts:

I thought for this layout I would combine dark green, turquoise, and light yellow colors. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I think it turned out well!

Here is a closeup:

I'm currently using a temporary photo editor, so I'm not really decisive about how my photos look...what do you think? I'm still experimenting with it....our CPU box on the desktop completely died a couple of days ago....and you know what that means....all downloaded applications are wiped out too! So I lost my Photo Studio Editor...yikes! I'm so used to that editor...I just love it!

So until we get our new computer and new PS software, I'm currently using Windows Photo Gallery - it's ok....doesn't have the best of features but it will do for now - but I'm dying to get back my original photo software!!

Enjoy your Saturday! We're going to try and get out and enjoy our day!

Materials used:

Papers: Buttercream-Suede by Provo Craft. Forest Green Paper.

Stamps and crystal gems: Hero Arts.

Flowers: Prima Hybrid.

Martha Stewart Lily Die-Cut.

Inks: Frost white, black, cyan, and fresh green.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Turtle!'s post #2......I'm in such a silly mood today! I had some extra time to make another fun LAD card:

I wanted to make a very sunny, happy card and there's really nothing like the simplicity of a few delicate floral papers and a white background for this card. I rarely do white backgrounds for any of my projects but now I think I need to do it more often. :)

Materials used:

Papers: SEI's Chick-a-Dee collection.

Stamps: Party Animals by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: bright green, tangerine, bubblegum pink, black, and mauve.

White and orange polka-dotted ribbon.

Scalloped edge punch by Martha Stewart (I'm using this punch way too much!)

Snow globe

I remember as a young child, my utter fascination with these snow globes:

Do you have the same nostalgic feeling? How many did you own and have in your house? I remember always getting upset everytime the snow would stop swirling around the was a silly thing....always thinking why I constantly had to shake it for the snow to continue its little, delicate dance.....

Can you believe it is Friday already? I'm off to start another project....have a good one!

Materials used:

Papers: My Mind's Eye and Making Memories Boho Chic Collection.

Stamps: Build-a-Bauble by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: Cyan, red, crimson, bubblegum pink, turquoise, brown, bright green, teal, yellow, black, tan, and moss green.

Floral brad by Chatterbox's artsylicious collection.

Large white glitter letters by Making Memories.

Scalloped edge punch.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Help decorate Santa's tree....

Here's a project I made for Chris' classroom x-mas tree....

How exciting!! I got word from the teacher that their little classroom will have a tree that is need of some fun decorations from the kids! Oh - and if the parents wanted to chip in and help decorate it, they certainly could too! So when I heard that I could help out with some yummy arts & crafts stuff for his school.....I didn't even hesitate.

Here's a closeup of the stocking:

We can insert photos of our child (I'll be sharing older and newer photos of Chris for the teacher and classmates to see), and any other item that reflects our child's favorite things! It's going to be so much fun! I can't wait to make a few more stockings, maybe some photo cubes, hanging tags, and paper snowflakes....I'm gonna love it!


Materials used:

Papers: Frosty Gingerbread Papers by Martha Stewart.

Making Memories: Fa la la flowers, and large, glittered alpha letter.

Scalloped edge punch.

Brads by Chatterbox's artsylicious collection.

Small flowers and floral gems by Hero Arts.

Stamp: Lizzie Anne Designs.

Ink: Frost white.

Gingham red ribbon.

Scalloped edge diecut.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


That is a little long of a title but it was supposed to be a little jingle from a Wiggles song. If you know the bird song from the infamous Wiggles Band, then you know what I'm talking

Here is a fun glimpse of another holiday card focal point:

Here is the entire card:

Today I wanted to concentrate on a 3-dimensional look and making my point of this case, the bird, stem, and sentiment, really pop out from the card.

Enjoy! I must be quick again....and I hate being quick on my posts, but today is very busy!

Have a wonderful day!

Materials used:

Papers: Hero Arts and Botanical Papers by Martha Stewart.

Heart gems and stamps: Hero Arts.

Scalloped edge punch.

Inks: Black, celadon, bright red, and mauve.

Ribbon by Making Memories.

Giga Scallop punch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Around and around we go......

I love this layout of Chris and his Dad:

I'm going to be really quick with today's post because Chris is home for the Veteran's Day Holiday so no school....that means lots of activities planned for the little guy. Today's project, I wanted to use a lot of stamping, plenty of circles everywhere (I love circles), and rounded corners!

I pretty much took my corner punch and rounded all my corners which is something I rarely do. My main colors are aqua and chocolate. I also used one small strip of green paper for added emphasis to the entire layout.

Have a great day everyone and thanks always for stopping by!

Materials used:

Botanical paper by Martha Stewart.

Stamps: Pupcat Alphabet by Lizzie Anne Designs.
Butterflies, florals, and swirl stamps by Hero Arts.

Martha Stewart scalloped edge punch.

Paper flowers and buttons by Hero Arts.

Inks: Versafine Vintage Sepia and Cyan.

Marvy circle punch, round corner punch, and scallop scissors.
Giga Scallop punch.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh, Sweet Valentine!

2-14-09....We all know what that date is, don't we? ;) Here is the debut of my first Valentine project for '09.

I know, you're thinking that it is not even Christmas yet, but since I've already started rolling on my x-mas projects, (and I'll have more to show you within the coming weeks), I just couldn't help but dig out some of my Valentines Day much fun!

For this layout, I wanted to concentrate on the following elements:

Keep it simple...clean fuss.
Use 2 major colors throughout the design - in this case, raspberry and chocolate...yum!
Use patterned paper to create symmetrical blocks.

I've had this little addiction with rub-ons lately, I'm not sure why! Below, I partially rubbed on these adorable flower stems directly onto the picture:

I'm trying not to be afraid of doing that....I know there's potential for mistakes...and trust me, I do make a lot of mistakes with rub-ons. I'm always afraid if I rub directly onto the photo, that if I mess up, I would have to start over again....but there are easy ways to correct little errors. If you goof up with a rub-on, you can use tape to gently pick at any unwanted pieces. This usually works. If that does not work and you don't want to start all over, try covering up the mistake. You can cleverly hide an error by using small embellishments such as a flower, brad, buttons, and even gems.

For the below photo, I used some new stamps from Stampin' Up:

Enjoy! And have a wonderful Monday!

Materials used:

Papers: Woodland Papers by Martha Stewart.

Rub-ons by Fancy Pants Designs.

Rub-ons by Holidoodles/Imaginesce.

Heart shaped gems by Hero Arts.

Clear Crystal Hearts by Prima.

Scalloped Edge Punch by Martha Stewart.

Love words heart, date stamp, and sentiment by Stampin' Up.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just call me "Mr. Silly"

Are you having a fantastic weekend? Hope so! It has been a brilliant weekend here in Southern Calif. Really comfortable temperatures and lots of sunshine! Here is the last of Chris' newer photos that I haven't used yet....I dub him as being a little silly in these pics:

He likes to do plenty of 'O' shapes with his mouth when he is fascinated or in total wonderment about something. He loves to smirk and tighten his lips in a straight line too. Sometimes, funky little smiles show more of his teeth....just cute!

Enjoy the layout! I'm off to eat breakfast and start my day!

Materials used:

Papers: Happy Day Collection by Chatterbox. Martha Stewart Papers.

Brad: Artsylicious/Chatterbox.

Large metal rim holders by Stampin' Up.

Cheeky clip by Making Memories.

Yellow sunflower by Martha Stewart.

Scalloped edge punch by Martha Stewart.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Home for the Holidays....

This design was hand cut completely from scratch, I didn't use any measuring tools....pretty much just eye balled everything:

What I was trying to do with my House Shaped card was to utilize my stamps in a way that I never have before....especially on a card. I knew exactly what stamp set I was going to use but I wanted to place them on the card in a more creative I thought it would be fun to first, design the house....then stamp each individual image....trim them, and place them, in this case.... 'on top', 'inside', and on the 'front' of the home!

I did quite a bit of brainstorming to see what I could come up with! It was so much fun working with this one!

Below, I placed 4 different images on top of the roof...Santa, two gift boxes, and a candy cane. Santa is definitely ready to slide down that chimney at any moment with his bag of goodies:

I used the Christmas tree stamp, the fireplace, rocking horse, doll, and teddy bear stamp, to place them inside the window....thus, to make it look real from the outside, I made up some window sills:

I think my inspiration for this project comes from my childhood....I remember always driving around our neighborhood with my parents, and during the holidays it was just too fun to pass each house and 'peek' inside their front window....especially homes that had their curtains wide open.....and you could just see all the warmth and glow of their decorations....everything that is so inviting about the Christmas season! I don't think I ever saw Santa on top of anyone's rooftop...hehe....but it certainly was always a dream to see the real Santa, wasn't it? lol. Definitely something very different for me to make....I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great Saturday!

Materials used:

Stamps: Rockin Holiday and Christmas in the City by Lizzie Anne Designs.

Inks: pretty much every ink colored marker I have.

Papers: Crate Papers Prudence Collection.

Brad: Chatterbox' artsylicious collection.