Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A touch of Thanksgiving.....and...it's meet and greet the teacher day!

So much to share and ramble about today, but let's get right to my projects first:

I love the color scheme for this entire set of papers from Chatterbox. It just really pops! The colors are so bright...I just love it! It is the Happy Day Collection featuring bright orange, yellow, and green hues. Normally, I would not think to use this set for a fall project, but I really like the colors and they went well with the stamp I chose.

Here is a closeup of the stamps:

My next Thanksgiving card features this adorable little pilgrim boy:

This stamp is from Stampin' Up:

So I have a ton of things going on this week, isn't it funny how things get really busy as the end of the year approaches? Today, I get to meet Chris' teacher for the first time...yay! I have not had the opportunity to do so since he started school this year. I finally get to see his little classroom, I'm sure it's cute as can be.....pre-school classes always are! It's just a little parent/teacher conference....imagine that.....remember how when you were a little kid and you dreaded those conferences? I know I did! I always worried what my teachers would say to my parents about how I was doing in my courses and my behavior at school! Now.....some 30 years later...and I'm the parent going to these meetings for my own child! Bizarre.....I am still in utter dismay at times when I look at myself and think, "Wow, I'm really a parent myself now!"

It is just the strangest feeling because now I'm doing all the stuff that my parents did when I was in school.

Thursday is Chris' picture day......lol.....he's definitely getting a head start on the whole picture thing.....my mom laughs at me because she knows I will try to dress him up and be all giddy about it....it's such a tradition though, isn't it? We all want our kids to look their best on that day! ;) It will be fun....I can't wait...and he will hate the process I'm sure....he'd rather mom dress him in just a t-shirt and jeans.

Friday, ofcourse, is the big day.....Halloween.....and pending everyone's health, and I always have to say that cautiously.....we hope to have lots of fun that night!

In other news, I went ahead and changed my banner slightly early......I just have way too much to do this week, and since I had the banner completed.....I have no reason to delay. Like I said previously, do what you can and do it now....especially when things are going good and you're healthy....because there's no waiting anymore for me!

Enjoy your day!

Material used for cards:

Papers: Happy Day Collection from Chatterbox. Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater by Piggy Tales.

Ribbons: Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater.

Stamps: Gina K. Designs and Stampin' Up.

Felt leaves: Queen & Co.

Accessories: Giga Rectangle scallop punch, ladybug scallop scissors, giga circle scallop punch, and marvy circle punch.

Inks: Red, black, tangerine, purple, aqua, brown, and dark brown.

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