Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We all have them....tiny, odd sized pieces of paper, ribbons, die-cuts, stickers, and other embellishments that aren't big enough for more intricate projects, yet we have enough of them that we don't want to throw away....

So to use up all of my leftover scraps, I think SMALL! I thought it would be fun to use all these little bits and pieces to make miniature goodie bags for Chris' classmates this Friday....we'll see if I finish them all in time!

They are great to use for small projects like this because you can get rid of them fast and you know you're eventually be giving them away.

These tiny boxes make great Halloween favors for little pre-schoolers because they fit right into their little hands. They're perfect in size so you don't have to have the 'guilt' factor associated with giving kids too much candy!

Very simple to decorate and mix and match the colors and patterns!


Yesterday's meeting with Chris' teacher went well! We all met in the conference room, so I actually didn't get to see his classroom...bummer....that's ok, I'll have plenty of time later on to re-visit the school. His teacher is so nice! I even got to meet the principal! He's doing very well and progressing so can really tell they have such a love for these kids....and such a passion for what they do!

I came right at the time they were having a practice fire drill! lol....boy did that bring back school memories...geesh! Fun stuff!

I saw pencil machines and all sorts of stuff that I've been way out of the loop on for years now! I mean really, pencils....I don't even use or own a pencil! But I remember hoarding them as a kid. Memories....truly!!

I need to get a candy bag holder for Chris....two days before Halloween and I don't even have the essential for all trick-or-treaters....maybe I'll get some creativeness in me and make a sturdy hand made! We'll see.

Materials used:

Papers: SEI's Eerie Alley and Me & My Big Ideas.

Martha Stewart vintage stickers.

Crystal gems by Me & My Big Ideas.

Papaya satin ribbon.

Polka dotted adhesive tape.

Die cut shapes by SEI.

Black bat adhesive tape.

Plain, white favor boxes.

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