Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do you ever look back and wonder?

I was making these little wedding placecards....

...and thinking to myself, "What if I had done things differently for my wedding?" I know, we're not supposed to look back on that special day of ours and ask that, are we? The, "What if?" question....but what I mean is, what if I had decided to hand make all of my wedding favors instead of buying them? Had I enough time to actually sit down and craft back then? Over 5 years ago? Interesting.....It was just a different world back then...didn't craft much and didn't even know this thing that existed called 'blogging'!

Would I have been more stressed if I created everything by hand....very likely!! I do remember I hand made all the table placecards....but that was no miraculous feat....I think I had 15 tables. That I could handle.

But to create 150 - 200 individual wedding that's something to ponder! ;) Enough yacking are very simple placecards you can make for your own lovely wedding or for a bridal/family shower. I used two coordinating colors...lavender and apple green.

The purple has a wonderful gingham pattern. Here is a close-up:

You can either laser print your table numbers and/or names at the bottom portion of these cards, or you may wish to handwrite like I did. Never be afraid to use your own signature style...handwritten is very important and meaningful!

Saturday is finally's about 7:35 as I write and I'm trying to get in this post before the boys wake up....I think I hear Christopher making some silly noises!

I want to go to a pumpkin patch today and look for some real pumpkins....last weeks pumpkin adventure utilized a fun plastic one....maybe get Chris to pick out one that he likes for our decorating!

Materials used:

Floral and butterfly stamp by Stampin' Up.

Papers: Martha Stewart.

Ladybug scallop scissors.

Inks: purple, black, and eggplant.

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