Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alas....the storm has passed....

...and I'm thankful....thankful for so many things:

I can't tell you how trying the last few days have been with all of us being, it was bad...really bad! I won't go into detail but let's just say I've never seen it that bad! First, Chris got sick...the stomach flu...has missed 3 days of school.....then he slowly got better and then he gave it to me...then I gave it to my husband. And it turned out that I had totally different symptoms from them both...very weird!

So finally, it is late Thursday afternoon, and we have all recovered somewhat, and by that I mean we are about 85% better, not 100% but I think 85 is still a pretty darn good number! :) And as I sit here typing, I realize that the recovery phase of any illness is really the 'thankful' be thankful that we have the means and capacity to get better and be healthy once again! And isn't that just the greatest feeling?

Here's a closeup of the frame, photo, and the sentiment:

It may be hard to see it here, but I rubbed on these letters directly onto the frame, it turned out nicely on the actual page:

I'll be catching up with some of my projects...a little behind now but I have some Thanksgiving cards to show you too...have a great day!

Materials used:

Papers, ribbons, fall rub-ons, and alpha letters by Piggy Tales' Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Collection.

Star diecut and frame by Chatterbox's Happy Day Collection.

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