Friday, September 12, 2008

A Poem to share...

Today is a day of resting I mean I take a day off from my arts & crafts projects. It was still a very busy and full day of cleaning, laundry, other household chores, and running errands!

I was also able to clean out some of my older files and photos...quite a task sometimes when you let it pile up. While I was cleaning out the files, I came across something was a tiny little....long lost poem of mine....funny how things get put away and sort of takes a back seat in your life until you re-visit it again. :)

As some of you might not my spare time, I love to write! When I was much, much younger, I would write endlessly...everything from short stories to poetry. It was very much a passion of mine just like paper crafting is nowadays....I wrote with much vigor.....from day to night, often times with no regard as to what time of the day it was...often forgetting to do the very simplest of life's daily tasks, such as eating and sleeping.

Poetry was definitely a favorite because it didn't have to be as long as a short story...a little more flexibility to work with. Here is the little poem that I came across....and almost forgot can view it HERE.

Hope you enjoy it....I have not actually had time to really sit down and write some good poetry for many years has just gotten sooo busy! But, someday, I will resume that once passionate dream and fervor of mine to become an incredibly talented novelist...never let that dream die, I say!

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