Monday, September 22, 2008

My insight into THE purse....

The inspiration for this card came from the colors of this purse:

Here is my card:

A funny thing about purses....if you will follow me for just a bit, let me know if this has happened to you or you have gone through it in some similar fashion such as I have...or you went through a totally different experience! So let's see....when you first have a notice that the diaper bag is the most essential bag you can possibly have! The diaper bag BECOMES your purse! It contains everything that is vital to support the life of this newborn baby that has come into your life, and it can still contain a majority of your own belongings.

The diaper bag is with you 24 hours a day, it takes you everywhere imaginable, it becomes a part of you! Then the baby gets a bit older......the milk bottles and little teething toys, and pacifier kind of go away...thankfully.....and all of a sudden, your diaper bag is still's STILL your purse...but it's just a tad lighter! Yay! You rejoice in this remarkable is a triumph!

Then, the child gets even older, and yes, they still need the diapers or pull-ups and the packed snacks, but all of a sudden, the child starts school, and the diaper bag can be downgraded a little....or you upgrade to what's known as a backpack......ooohhh....the cooler side of a diaper!

The backpack also becomes your purse, but not so much. You actually get to resume using your 'normal' purse that has been stowed away in your closet for years now. So you take it out and start using it and you decide...hmmmm....I think I need a smaller purse now just for convenience sakes....and all of us mom's love convenience in some form or another!

But then when you get the smaller purse, you realize that it just didn't work out! Things that you need to fit inside of it are still too big and there are essentials that you just can't leave home without! So then you go back to the BIG purse....and that's where you kind of stay at for awhile!

Did this make any sense? I think I'm finally at a point where I have the purse that is big but not too big and it could never get any smaller for me. :)

Enjoy the card! I'll be back a little later with a sweet baby card that I need to make.

Materials used:

Paper and leaf tag by Me & My Big Ideas.

Rub-ons (pumpkin, cone, 'FALL' word, and borders).

Ribbon and oval frame by SEI's Windsor Collection.

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