Friday, August 1, 2008

Some pics of his last day of school...

Here are some pics I got to take of Chris and the bus driver once he dropped him off - ending the official last day of summer school!

The wonderful bus driver who took care of my kid:

Chris looks a wee bit tired - he's not angry just tired, they had a party with lots of cake and chocolate, there is a ring of chocolate around his mouth. I think he is sleepy too:

Here he is walking away from the bus and looking back, he always does that...always looks back at the driver and says goodbye:

Walking back to our house, wow, he looks a little dirty and exhausted:

Here is his official certificate of summer school completion...yay!

Each kid, ofcourse, got their little goody bags....I just knew they would! Each bag was filled with candy and other assorted snacks, and a scholastic reading book:

All in all, I must say the greatest accomplishment for Chris this past month was riding the school bus and I AM SO PROUD OF MY BOY!! That was really something new and scary for him (and me too) and I'm so happy he did it! It's a great feat! We're all so proud of him! He's an amazing kid. He has taken great strides and progress since he's started school.....

We're already set to go to another summer class starting on Saturday....yep...already got him doing something's great for these little ones to keep busy though!

Enjoy the photos! I wish I was able to take some photos at his school but I never interacted much with the school since I never had to drive him there.

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