Friday, August 15, 2008

"Rocket soooo cool!"

My latest layout of Chris and I can't believe summer is almost over:

Chris loves airplanes, fast cars and race tracks, boats, trains....pretty much anything with wheels, a driver's side seat, and it almost always has to be loud and go vroom, vroom or whooosh....

I was so fortunate to take a photo of this rocket spaceship that you see above. He's very into rockets now!! He doesn't say the word 'airplane' very well....but he is able to pronounce the word 'rocket' with much ease and delight! So everytime he sees a flying object that speeds by really fast and in the air, he will automatically say, "Rocket sooo cool!" With the emphasis being on the word 'so'! Just the CUTEST 3 little words coming out of his mouth right now....too just have to be here to see it!

Here is a close-up of this embellisment that is just so perfect for all you fellow scrapbookers who have a youngster:

This one depicts a childs day so well...doesn't it?

We still have an abundance of places that we are taking Chris for the summer before the season ends, and it's back-to-school again. I'm in a mad rush to get caught up with all of my photos as of late....trying to get them posted in albums for you to view and also getting them on paper for my hard bound collections! It is non-stop! But so much fun and worth it!

Enjoy the layout and I'll post the rest of Chris' photos in his album (you know where). :)

Materials used:

Papers: Doodlebug Designs, Creative Imaginations/Narratives.

Cheeky Board clips and metal rim tags by Making Memories.

Word embellishments by Me & My Big Ideas.

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