Monday, August 25, 2008

Pure madness....crisis averted...

I've been going every which way the last few days.....Today, however, is just going to be a beautiful day....I am going to ramble a lot today and get my thoughts out...only because it was almost NOT going to be a beautiful day! I always feel it is calming to write everything down so that it makes me feel better....this whole blogging's a great electronic journaling device....a place to vent...verbalize your innermost thoughts into words....

So you know that I've been anxiously awaiting the start of the new Fall Semester for Chris. Over the weekend, I received the usual letter stating where he will be placed, the days and times he'll be going to school.....well, this letter that I opened and read to my complete dismay...was not the letter I was expecting!

I knew something was terribly know how you have your instincts? And you just have to trust them sometimes.....the letter stated that my child was enrolled at a school that was clearly too far away from my home, not even within the district, and that he was only going to go 2 days out of the week!!! The time scheduling also did not look correct. What?? I wasn't sure what to think! I pondered and pranced back and forth thinking this just had to be a huge mistake!

Unfortunately, nothing I could do to resolve my worries until Monday morning. So this morning I called the district and told them my concerns. The lady who assisted me looked up his name on the roster, and indeed, the letter was wrong....he is enrolled at another school that sounds a lot more familiar to me and it will be 5 consecutive days in the week! PHEW! Big sigh of relief! I asked the representative what had happened - she stated that this was a completely new 'mail' merger system that just went out to all the students....whoa....and that she would have to double check once again exactly what info was sent out to which's very possible that all the letters were completely wrong.....can you imagine how many went out and how many parents and students have been affected?

I'm so glad things have been resolved and I'm taking him into the 'correct' school to get officially enrolled today.....I can rest easy now and get back to crafting...yay! What a relief! It's just a tremendous amount of stress know. If you're a parent and you've gone through this....I can't even imagine!

Thanks for listening! I'll be back with a project a little later!

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