Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little many indecisions...and a camera running wild?

It has surely been one crazy and busy! I really can't remember a time when I was busier than now, at this time in my's a good kind of busy that keeps you on your feet and your mind super charged and thinking though!

I'm going to be extra busy on Labor Day so I thought I'd post some stuff a little early....oh, a funny and short story about the banner....originally, I had planned for a 'back-to-school' theme and it was almost ready to go...until I changed my mind. I changed my mind so many times that I ended up making 4 different banners, 2 of them at the last minute - to which I could not decide what I wanted!! So there you have sorry for any confusion!!! Ughh....I know my sneak peeks went in the direction of back-to-school....

Here is the fun little poster/bulletin board that I made (would like to hang it up somewhere near all of my crafting supplies). It reflects a 'back-to-school' theme, arts & crafts style if you will:

On it, I used embellishments that all of us crafters love to use - ribbons, textured felt, brads, clips, and florals.

On the right hand side of the board, I used Doodlebug chenille paper for the 'note' paper. Fun little letters spell out the word 'quiz' and a 'tuesday' day-of-the-week magnet. Just really fun stuff!

On the left side of the board, I actually printed out 3 random layouts that I made in the past and clipped them onto the board using Making Memories' cheeky clips...too cute.

The 'learning' books I created earlier were entitled, "Card Making", "Scrapbooking", and "Stamping". I am still adding a ton of goodies to this board for the fun of it. Just something very quaint and fun you can make to add to your crafting room. Hang it on the wall and let it remind you that 'creativity' is a way of learning in many processes! I am still learning and having a great time with it!

Here is a secondary version of my banner with a pic of Chris in it....this I actually turned into a layout which has been completely finished but when I took the photos, that's when my camera started having problems on me.....I think my camera is hitting the fan...maybe time for a new one?

I have some troubleshooting to do with the camera soon.

Tomorrow will be filled with running errands, shopping for supplies, and cutting Chris' hair in preparation for school next week - he's grown it out quite long now!

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend...many blessings to you all!

Materials used:

Banner Only (original and alternate):

All materials by Me & My Big Ideas.

Bulletin Board:

Ribbons, brads, small alpha letters, and felt by Heather Bailey.

Doodlebug Loopy Love letters.

Papers: Paper Craft.

Cheeky Board Clips by Making Memories.

Doodlebug Chenille red, blue, and yellow papers.

Flower brads by Making Memories.

Tabs by Creative Imaginations.

Large, white alpha letters by Making Memories.

Large florals by Prima.

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