Thursday, July 10, 2008

What kind of tie suits your guy?

Does your guy like to wear ties? Or maybe he has to? For his job...if he does, what kind is he into?

Perhaps he's into the 'solid' kind - silver, golden, and red:

Or maybe he likes patterned designs - blue green swirls, green multi stripes, and alphabet letters:

Then, ofcourse, there always classics like brown and green argyle, fun polka dots, and orange damask:

My guy - he doesn't like or wear ties! And that's perfectly fine. Sometimes you are just not in the occupation that requires wearing a tie, or you just simply don't feel comfortable in one! He only wears ties on special occasions - note ~ family photo, and any celebrations such as Christmas or weddings.

He LOVES t-shirts, polo shirts, and a nice pair of comfy levi jeans! That's MY guy! :)


Materials used:

Assorted papers to include Bazzill, Doodlebug, and K & Company.

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